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Originally Posted by sa547 View Post
Okay, I'm in need of expiration dates for those two (July 21 or 22 might be plausible, as there's no date displayed on this episode).

綾野 綾 Ayano Akane X car accident, parents died in car accident
小椋 由美 Ogura Yumi brother died in home incident
I read it up in the novel and there Ogura Atsushi (小椋 敦志) died on July 30th (the same day that the protagonists went into the school)...but of course I can't prove that the anime is using the exact same dates as the novel did. But considering that the school trip was announced as starting on August 8th in the anime as well, at least as far as I remember, it would make it likely that we have already advanced to the end of July.
There is also the point that it had to have been a few days between them returning from their trip and the autopsy results being passed over to Chibiki. That plus 2 or 3 days makes it likely.

Oh yes, one other thing. You should probably decide whether you would want to use the surname or given name on that chart. You used Mizuno Sanae, Sakuragi Yukari (btw. her mothers name is Mieko) and Ayano Aya (yes, it's Aya I...overlooked her name in the novel before), but then again Fujioka Misaki, Nakao Junta and Takabayashi Ikuo. Though I think that was because the anime never gave us their full names

I added the class roster a little to make it a little more informational and corrected some names that I missed while searching through the novel
Spoiler for class roster 1998:

Originally Posted by sa547 View Post
Thanks for the added info, am doing corrections right now. Didn't want to bother reading the manga or the book unless I first finish watching the whole show.
No problem at all. Just make sure you use the corrected list...I apparently skipped some of the names yesterday.

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