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Chapter 12
Canon Route Chain

“Madoka, I'd like to meet up with you later today.”

These words from Sayaka, during a phone call on Saturday morning, took me a bit by surprise.

If you chose A for Choice 12, Read Section Canon Meeting. Otherwise, skip over it.
If you chose B for Choice 12, Read Section Making Amends. Otherwise, skip over it.
If you chose C for Choice 12, Read Section Thankful Sayaka. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Canon Meeting:

Spoiler for Making Amends:

Spoiler for Thankful Sayaka:

Night finally began to set in on Saturday, after what had been a long day. During Saturday night, I found myself unable to sleep, as a lot of different thoughts plagued my mind. I was worried that Sayaka might be overdoing it, and taking very dangerous risks, in her new role as a Puella Magi. I was wondering what, if anything, I should try to do to help.

Being unable to sleep, I walked downstairs around 1 AM in order to grab a quick snack. After walking down the stairs, I saw my mama sitting at the table, drinking an orange-coloured alcoholic beverage.

I decided to ask her for some advice. I then had a long, leisurely, and pleasant conversation with my mama. She gave me some very interesting advice! I was thankful for it, and for my chat with her. I could only hope that I would manage to put her advice to good use the next time I met up with Sayaka.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Homura/Sayaka Alliance Chain

His laughter reverberates in my ears, while I screech in terror over finding myself suddenly engulfed by a wide area blast of greenish flame! The flame does not burn me or my clothes, but it causes painful muscle spasms to ripple throughout my body as though high voltage electricity was flowing through me. With one vicious and unusual attack, Jinnai has halted my attempt to land a dropkick on him. I come crashing down to the school's rooftop, landing on my side.

I struggle to get back to my feet, as intense pain continues to vex me. At the same time, I hear the sound of Jinnai leaping up into the air and landing behind me.

“Your opening attack wasn't a bad one.” I hear Jinnai say, as he walks towards me from behind, “Against a lesser foe, it would have certainly worked. But how soon you forget that I'm not a mere Magus, but rather a Magus battery! As such, I have a passive and transparent magical energy shield around me at all times. An energy shield capable of absorbing any and all magical energy attacks, including your pinkish arrows of light! But I fear that you won't easily absorb what I do next!”

Jinnai then sprinted towards me, while I struggled to rise to my feet. He delivered a wide-arc kick directly to my midsection, knocking the wind out of me! It hurt so much...

He then continued to rain kicks and stomps down upon me. I started to cry, grunt, and wince in pain.

“How quickly your resolve crumbles in the face of a worthy opponent.” he sneered down towards me, “I almost feel sorry for Akemi Homura, with you being her only chance at freedom.”

His mocking words were intended to demoralize me, but it had the opposite effect. It made me more determined than ever to defeat this monstrously manipulative magus!

I dodged one of his stomps, and then tightly grabbed hold of his leg with both of my arms and hands. With all of the strength that I could muster up, I then hurled him into the air, causing him to shout loudly while cartwheeling through the air.

As he flew through the air, I raced at him while making a battle cry! I then pulled back one arm, before shifting it forward in order to deliver the most devastating punch that I could. Just as he collapsed unto the rooftop upon his backside, his face would become well-acquainted with my fist!

Shimmering pinkish lights and sparks spun about at the point of contact between my fist and his face, as I think my magical abilities were augmenting my physical strength! Jinnai cried in pain while blood spurted out of his nose and he went flying through the air at extremely high velocities. I had knocked him clear off of the school rooftop!

With Jinnai no longer in my immediate way, I turned to one side to see if Homura was where she was before. Yes, she was still being held in the grip of one of Jinnai's androids that were shaped like giant bipedal insects! My magical arrows may not work on Jinnai, but they seemed to work fine on his androids. With that thought, I summoned forth my magical bow once more, and pulled back on it to release an arrow of light directly at the android holding Homura.

The arrow shot straight and true to its target, causing it to drop Homura, be knocked back a few meters, and then explode violently. Thankfully, Homura was far enough away from that explosion to not be hurt by it.

I then leaped up, and cartwheeled through the air, to land neatly next to Homura, on top of Jinnai's immense mechanical flying platform shaped like a gargantuan beetle. I carefully knelt down beside her, and gathered her up into my arms. As I did before for Sayaka, I started applying healing magic to Homura to awaken her and remove her recent bruises and injuries.

“...Ma-Madoka...” Homura managed weakly, “Where are... we?”

“You're finally free.” I said to her, expressing personal relief while trying to comfort her, “I'll explain more once I rush us to safety!”

There will be no safety for either of you!” I heard a loud and angry voice above me.

I slightly turned my body, while lifting and twisting my head backwards, to try to determine where this voice had come from.

There, flying in the air, was the magus who calls himself Emperor Jinnai!

“I must admit that I never anticipated your new Puella Magi powers to include vastly augmented strength that can even break through my passive magical energy shield!” Jinnai exclaimed, “But that is the one and only time that you'll catch me off-guard. The main reason why is that you're not going to be amongst the living much longer. Behold my ultimate attack! Behold SCORCHED EARTH!!!

While talking to me, Jinnai had caused a humongous ball of fiery greenish energy to form above his head, and seemingly controlled by his two outstretched hands.

The ball of fiery greenish energy then started to spin about wildly, helping to create a sprinkler effect of sorts. Smaller balls of greenish fire started to break off from the larger ball, and they started to rain down all over the school rooftop!

No!” I cried, as I couldn't think of a way to counter this mammoth magical attack!

I'll handle this!” Homura cried, as she took hold of me by one hand, while coming to her feet.

I then heard a quick mechanical whirring sound of sorts. Suddenly, everything seemed to freeze in place, and complete silence was all about me.

“What... what is going on?” I asked, as I was mesmerized by how nothing other than me seemed to be moving.

“There's no time to explain.” Homura replied, “You, Sayaka, and I need to get off of this rooftop now!”

With all of her strength and speed, Homura dragged me behind her as she raced towards Sayaka.

Then, for the briefest of moments, everything seemed to unfreeze, after Homura took hold of Sayaka's arm.

“Homura!” Sayaka cried, “What's...”

“No time to explain.” Homura quickly replied, before everything once more froze in place, although now with two fireballs dangerously close to us, “First I need to get you and Madoka off of this rooftop!”

Homura then raced herself, Sayaka, and I to the rooftop's entrance. We began racing down those stairs. Only a few seconds after we did so, I heard the sound of raging explosions and fires rumble across the entire school rooftop, complimented by Jinnai's haunting laughter! These explosions and fires caused fierce heat and light to rush up behind Homura, Sayaka, and I.

Homura, Sayaka, and I raced away from the school rooftop as fast as our legs could carry us! Within a minute or two, we managed to reach the nurse's office.

We then came to a stop directly in front of it, with all three of us leaning over to catch our breath.

“Sayaka...” Homura began in question, after catching her breath, “What's the last thing you remember before being on that rooftop back there?”

“Just... just you and I talking about the arrangement you made with that other magical girl.” Sayaka answered, “And then... very sharp and sudden pain coursing through my body, before I blacked out. The next thing I remember seeing is Madoka waking me up on the rooftop. And for some reason, Madoka is now dressed like a magical girl!”

“He forced me to make a wish for him in order for you both to be safe!” I cried to both Homura and Sayaka, hoping to quickly explain why I was now a magical girl, “He was going to have his androids shoot at you if I didn't make the wish he wanted me to make!”

“By 'he', you mean that laughing green-haired gargoyle back there?” Sayaka asked.

“Yes, him!” I confirmed in answer.

“I see.” said Homura, “This is tragically unfortunate...”

A look of deep regret washed over Homura's face, causing both Sayaka and I to feel a bit sad about it.

“But there's nothing we can do about it now.” Homura said, “Let us hide and take cover inside of the nurse's office. Let's hope that he thinks that he managed to kill us all with his last attack!”

“Right!” Sayaka and I both exclaimed in firm agreement.

Homura then pulled out a gun, and shot the keyhole under the handle to the door to the nurse's office. With that, Homura then pushed back the door, and her, Sayaka, and I all raced inside of it.

We were hoping that we could manage to hide out from Emperor Jinnai here. But it wouldn't be long until we heard several dozen androids scurrying about the halls and rooms of Mitakihara Middle School. Would Homura, Sayaka, and I manage to avoid being caught? Or would we soon have to face Emperor Jinnai anew?!

To Be Continued...


It might be a little bit subpar, but I hope it's Ok at least. I'll try to get to everybody's recent replies soon.

In the meantime, I want to comment a bit on Kimidori's excellent artwork. Great job, Kimidori!

My only suggestion is similar to Coldlight's. If you could make the necks a bit wider, that would be good. But it's no big deal if you can't. It's still lovely work.

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