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Mami Lives Chapter 6
Sayaka Romance Chain

I must admit, Kyubey's timing was impeccable. I don't know why he was now in Sayaka's bedroom, or even how he had come to be there, but his presence there at this precise moment begged a much more important question.

'Good day, Madoka!' he conveyed cheerfully to me, through telepathy.

'Good day.' I replied a bit uneasily.

'I trust you just saw how Sayaka Miki reacted to the news of Kyousuke Kamijo's release from the hospital.' Kyubey then conveyed, 'Her heart certainly still seems to be divided. Will you make a wish to end that division?'

MFS Choice 2:

A) “Yes, I will. I wish for Kyousuke Kamijo's hand to be completely healed, restored to how it was before it was badly injured!”

B) “No. I think that Sayaka and Homura would both prefer it if I didn't become a magical girl, so I will not be contracting with you. Sorry.”

If you chose A for MFS Choice 2, read Section MFS2A and disregard the rest of the chapter. Otherwise, skip over Section MFS2A.

Spoiler for Section MFS2A:

'Very well, Madoka.' Kyubey replied telepathically, while closing his eyes, 'I only hope that you don't end up regretting your decision.'

He then somehow faded into the shadows in Sayaka's room, and disappeared from sight. A couple minutes later, Sayaka made it back to her room.

“Sorry about that, Madoka!” I heard Sayaka say, with a slightly nervous look on her face.

“It's Ok.” I replied with a slight smile, “I don't mind.”

“Thanks for being so patient.” Sayaka said with a gregarious look on her face, and her hands on her hips, “Now let me finish up combing your hair!”

Sayaka then finished combing my hair. She then took a few camera pictures of me in the outfit she had bought for me. One such picture was of her sitting next to me on her bed, while she wrapped one arm around me and leaned her head against mine. She gave me a copy of that picture to keep.

I then tied my hair back up in my red hair ribbons, and changed back into my student uniform. I placed the outfit Sayaka bought me into an empty shopping bag. Once I was ready to leave, Sayaka made such a bright smile to me, saying that she looked forward to seeing me at school tomorrow.

I then left to go home for the day. As I walked home, I looked at the picture that Sayaka had given me. She looked pretty happy in it, so maybe my decision to not wish for Kamijo's hand to be healed wouldn't be as problematic as Kyubey had argued it would be.

My mama was not home when I arrived home, so I just briefly said hello to papa and headed to my bedroom. I decided to hide my new outfit away, at least for now. I'd explain it to my parents later. I then slept very soundly, feeling much relief over putting Kyubey's repeated attempts to persuade me to become a magical girl behind me. Even so, I planned to do something tomorrow to show at least some small measure of thanks to Sayaka for buying me such a beautiful and expensive outfit!

The next morning at school, Kamijo made his return. His return was definitely the talk of the class this morning, as many classmates went out of their way to welcome him back and ask him how he was doing. Well, it was mainly the male classmates that did this. Kamijo was now sitting in his seat, while Sayaka, Hitomi, and I were all situated on the opposite side of the classroom. I could tell that both Sayaka and Hitomi were paying close attention to Kamijo.

“You can go over and talk to him if you'd like.” I whispered to Sayaka, while leaning in close to her.

“No, it's fine.” Sayaka whispered back to me while smiling towards me, “He's getting plenty of attention as it is. I wouldn't want to overwhelm him.”

“What are you both whispering about?” Hitomi asked out loud.

“O-Oh, it's nothing!” Sayaka responded sheepishly, before chuckling and scratching her head with one hand.

But after a brief pause, Hitomi addressed Sayaka again.

“There's something I'd like to talk to you in private about over lunch, Sayaka.” Hitomi said, in a very serious tone.

Hitomi's request here startled Sayaka, and was disheartening to me. It effectively ruined one of the plans I had for today. But I didn't want to get in the way of whatever Hitomi wanted to talk to Sayaka about, so I chose to let it go. Still, I asked Sayaka if I could go over to her place after school, since I wanted her to at least know about what I had initially planned and prepared for today. Sayaka eagerly agreed to my request, thankfully.

So what is this about?” I asked Hitomi, while we sat across from each other, during lunch-time in the school cafeteria.

“It's about love.” Hitomi answered, while having a very stern and serious look to her, “I've been keeping a secret from you and Madoka.”

After a short pause, Hitomi continued.

“For a long time, I've been in love with Kyousuke Kamijo.” Hitomi continued.

I gasped in surprise over this. Wow... if not for my current relationship with Madoka, this would have hit me like a ton of bricks! As is, though, this might actually be convenient in a way.

“Really?” I asked Hitomi, just to make sure she wasn't pulling my leg.

The firm and stark look on Hitomi's face made it clear to me that she was entirely serious here.

“I didn't expect that from you.” I continued, speaking very calmly, “Still, I don't mind.”

“Huh?” Hitomi asked, stunned over how I wasn't taking this very hard at all.

“The truth is that Madoka and I have been keeping a secret from you as well.” I replied to her, “And since you showed the courage to reveal your secret to me, it's only fair that I reveal my secret to you.”

“What secret are you referring to?” Hitomi asked, “Have you already confessed to Kyousuke?!”

“No, no, it's nothing like that!” I exclaimed, while waving my hand dismissively, “But it is something that I want you to promise me to keep secret from the rest of the class, at least for now. Do you mind?”

“No, I don't mind.” Hitomi said, after a short pause, “What's your secret?”

“Madoka and I are...” I began in answer, “Well, I think you might have already suspected this. Madoka and I are girlfriends, Hitomi. We're in that kind of relationship.”

Hitomi's eyes went wide over my words.

“Really?” she asked me, “Are you telling me the truth here?”

“Yes.” I answered, in the firmest and most serious tone of voice that I could manage, “You might think of that sort of relationship as 'Forbidden Love', but even so, it's a sincere love that Madoka and I feel for one another. I hope that it's something you can live with, while still being friends with Madoka and I.”

Now it ironically seemed like Hitomi had been hit with a proverbial ton of bricks.

“Anyway.” I continued, as I think she was stunned speechless, “Because of my relationship with Madoka, I don't mind at all if you confess your love to Kyousuke. In fact, I hope it works out for the two of you. If it does work out for the two of you, it would put Madoka's heart much more at ease.”

“...You are telling me the truth here, aren't you?” Hitomi asked me, finally managing to absorb with I was telling her.

“Yes, Hitomi, I am.” I answered her, “If you find it hard to believe me, you can ask Madoka about it. We both know that she values honesty very highly. She's not likely to lie to you.”

“I...” Hitomi began in uneasy reply, before she suddenly arose out of her chair.

“I... have a lot to think about now.” she finally said, “Well, I guess the good news is that my intention to confess my love to Kyousuke won't be an issue for you. As for you and Madoka...”

“...Yes?” I asked, as there was a tense pause in the air after Hitomi had trailed off in her words.

“I wish you and Madoka all the best.” Hitomi said, “I'm sorry for anything I said that might have inadvertently hurt your feelings or hers in the past. You're both precious friends to me, so you can trust me to maintain your secret. I'll see you later on.”

Hitomi then raced off, as I could tell my revelation to her had left her feeling a bit conflicted, and with a lot to think about. As for her revelation to me, that also left quite an impact. I now felt great relief that I had confessed romantic feelings to Madoka when I did!

But I now had a lot to talk about with Madoka at my place after school. I hope she wouldn't mind me choosing to tell Hitomi about the true nature of our current relationship.


Now, a few things to cover:

1. Mami = Orange (Yellow doesn't work), Sayaka = Blue, Homura = Purple, and Madoka = Pink/Magenta. It's very important to keep this in mind when reading this update, as narration voice switches back and forth a lot in this update, as per reader feedback (thanks, Deikan! )

2. Due to the length of these two sections, and overall formatting reasons, "Madoka Stands Alone" is on hiatus this update, but will be back for Mami Lives Chapter 7. Sorry for any disappointment over this. Even as is, I needed two posts to complete this update!

3. I intend to get back to the excellent replies that Sol Falling, Kogetsu Shirogane, and Coldlight made for Chapter 12. That should be made soon.

4. I've done a write-up on the OC Surfing-Witch of the Mami Romance Section. If anybody is interested in reading that write-up, please PM me about it. I will say though that it's kind of a "can't unsee" write-up, lol. It reveals some things that people might prefer to leave to speculation.

Anyway, I hope that Deikan is happy with the "Beach Episode"! I hope that Sol is pleased with the more controversial aspects of it.

Responses from all readers is greatly welcomed and appreciated as always.

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