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Where can I find a Mifu Dragon ? It isn't listed in any of my maps, unless its one of those monsters which appear after x turns from the purple portals. Need them to make Serawi's multi-element armor (or it only appears on her route).

Shrine of Flame. You get it eventually (I think ch7?) along with Kohakuren being usable. It is to the north of the spawn point: need someone who can see hidden paths to gain access. Same with most other dragons, attacks are mainly earth base and are weak against wind. Sniping with Elven bow should level your 3 archers very quickly with Aht blocking the dragon's path.


Made a little better
someone edit it into the Kamidori wiki because I am lazy

Still have to farm mirage forest - doing that place last because of all the projectile defense+big HP/SP/FS drain every single turn. Takes 4FS to move a single tile -_-.

I think for newer players the order should go:
Phema Sluicegate: You get anti-charm accessory there. Monsters spawn slowly and some cannot even retaliate range attacks, not too terrible abilities. No need for special movement skill (except teleport to open up the deployment gates). Mobs weak against Earth elements.

Phema Mountains:
You get anti-death accessory there. Every single mob comes with a range 5 spell that have a chance to cause multiple debuffs (so bring a lot of cures). Requires a lot of rubber bracers+flight.
Anti-charm (faithful) accessory and a good selection of fire casters make this place very easy. The NG+ +hit accessory makes it easier to kill the high avoidance hounds but not necessary.
Note that Yuela's and Eukleia's accessories from Valkyrie Falls grants them Forcefield which can trivialize this map as well. Having some teleportation stones on this map helps. This place has the most annoying mobs if you are not prepared.

Valkyrie Falls:
Everything (except trolls) uses death proc attacks with vorpal counter. Having Anti-death accessories make this place very very easy. Mobs are weak vs fire. Bring a few teleportation stones as well.

// These two should probably be done after two runs of Phema Sluicegate to get characters over lv90+ range:
Mirage Forest:
You get +hit accessory by finishing the dungeon. Mobs all have projectile defense and are weak vs Wind. Big HP/SP/FS drain every turn (Earth typed armor on heroines prevent the drain, I believe Aht and Crayanne are unaffected as well - but Crayanne does not melee too well...).
Shield III, Prevail and Cover, Counter on mobs on top of their projectile defense makes them rather durable.

Advent Bay:
Everything beside non-respawning mobs are weak vs Dark. Angels hit hard with undress III+Pervail. They also come with either Forcefield (no ranged attacks), Seal (no attack skill can be used against them), or Projectile Defense. IMO this place drops the most useful accessories (on a 2nd run) and also each boss drops a decently powerful elemental weapon. I would say this place has the most dangerous mobs.

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