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I've always thought that letter was a little weird too, but there is another thing to consider:

Even though it doesn't actually say it in the text, the image used there seems to imply that the letter was sealed with the Head's Ring, doesn't it? I don't know why that particular image would have been used for the background otherwise. (Does anyone know if the PS3 version also used the image of the One Wing envelope for this?)

Anyway, regarding Yasu's motive and whether she would be capable of killing, I kind of feel like a lot of people miss a big point about this. The key is in the development of Mariage Sorciere. After Sakutaro's death and Ange's leaving the alliance, Maria wanted Beatrice to come up with magic to get revenge on Rosa, and from that point, Mariage Sorciere became more and more sinister. The imaginary friends based on the servants who worked at the mansion in the past became demons who could turn into stakes and impale people. The friendly rabbit band became highly skilled snipers capable of killing from a distance. And so on. Beatrice was obviously perfectly able to come up with these ideas and it would appear Maria only further contributed to it. As Beatrice became more and more of a 'black witch', and created more and more 'negative magic', she must have grown a desire to USE that negative magic for something. And when Maria suggested to her the idea of carrying out the epitaph ceremony to regain her full power, is it so difficult to think that the 'black witch' Beatrice would be capable of it? I don't think it is, personally.

Here is an excerpt from E4. I really recommend reading it fully. I think people forget about this when considering Yasu's motive, only considering the information in E7, and I don't believe that this is right.

Ange: "...I've finally noticed something. I noticed it just now. ...I did something horrible to Maria onee-chan. ...And to you all and Sakutarou as well, on that day."
Mammon: "..."
Ange: "Whether magic exists, or not. ...That's up to other people to decide. It's up to you yourself. Whether magic exists for Maria onee-chan is a problem for Maria onee-chan to decide, and not for me. ...And yet, when I was young, on that day, I said it. ...By saying that there was no way magic exists...I hurt her. Mariage Sorciere is the witches' alliance Maria onee-chan created. I was invited into that, and told to become a witch with them. Thinking it a new, interesting game, I went along with that for a while. ...But, because of the cruelty of youth, I got tired of it half way through. And...I tore her pure heart apart with sharp words. ...At that time, we must have gotten into a huge fight. I forgot about it right away, but she couldn't forget about it. ...After all, to her, magic was a natural power that certainly existed, and she had believed that she would be able to share that with me. ...To Maria onee-chan, magic is a power that can interpret the world as blessed,, which truly can make everything blessed. She just wanted to share that with me too. The young me tore that feeling apart. ...So when no one would understand magic together with her, she closed herself up in a shell. Onee-chan was young. She still hadn't reached a philosophical viewpoint like Amakusa. ...Yeah, now I understand...why the witches' alliance called Mariage Sorciere was necessary."

-An alliance where each acknowledges that the other is a witch.

"...That's right, I'm pretty sure that was the first article in the agreement of Mariage Sorciere. Witches of the alliance would acknowledge each other and respect each other. That is the deepest and only meaning of the witches' alliance..."

Maria onee-chan wanted to share with me the secret laws to make the world happy, called magic. But I was young. And she was too. ...I hurt her with innocent cruelty.

"On that day, I said it...reckless words. To you all and Sakutarou. I said there was no way you exist."

Even after being slammed by all those words, ...Maria onee-chan's magic, ...made her believe in her mother's love.

Sakutarou, her magic friend, always encouraged her.

...He kept saying that her mother loved her, that she was coming home late because of her work, and that she would definitely bring back a present...Even after Maria learned the fact that it really wasn't because of work, her magic kept her believing that.

So by believing that her mother loved her, by acknowledging herself, she filled her world with love and peace and serenity...and established it perfectly.

Ange: "What happened 12 years ago...what happened to my family...This was not...a journey to search for that."
Mammon: "...Then what is this journey?"
Ange: "It was a apologize to Maria onee-chan for what happened that day."
Mammon: "..."

Ange: "I don't know why, but that's what I think. ...If I hadn't hurt her, ...the incident 12 years ago might not have occurred. ...That's what I think."

I have no basis for it.

I don't have a clue how hurting Onee-chan would connect with a mysterious incident several years later.

But for some reason, I can't imagine that there is no connection.

A witch caused that incident.

And the culprit is the Golden Witch, Beatrice.

And Beatrice was part of the Mariage Sorciere Alliance of Witches.

I had horribly hurt the other witch of that alliance.

I had hurt her with the thought of magic not existing.

So several years later, a crime due to a witch occurred, and that two day period that can't be explained with anything but magic was thrust in my face, thanks to that message bottle.

Ange: "I'm sure that I'm not unrelated. ...I don't get it. It could be chance, it could be fate. ...For some reason, I've started thinking that way on this journey."

If Ange hadn't left Mariage Sorciere, the incident would not have occurred. ...Simply by the existence of the above passages, this level of reasoning is possible for Drifloon. What do you think, everyone?

Now, some passages from a little further on.

The shock of having her beloved stuffed animal torn apart...had left a wound in her heart serious enough to prevent her from summoning her irreplaceable close friend.

In Maria onee-chan's eyes, Sakutarou died.

So even if Sakutarou can exist like this before me, he cannot exist before her.

Sakutarou: "I was always together with Maria...when Maria cried, I was always right beside her, telling her not to cry...But my form, my voice...nothing of me will reach Maria..."

Sakutarou hung his head, looking sad.

Ange: "...After that incident, the nature of Mariage Sorciere rapidly began to change. Before then, the alliance was a peaceful thing. But after the incident, it grew full of shadier things, focusing on how to curse people you hate. ...Onee-chan's diary began to show a clear change."

A diary is a mirror that reflects one's heart as it is.

It probably showed the personality called Maria die, and be reborn as the evil witch personality MARIA.

When she buried her diary in hatred and sadness...her heart was surely not satisfied.

Because it wasn't satisfied, she had to bury it in hatred and sadness.

And while still unsatisfied, she met with death.

If Rosa had not destroyed Sakutarou, the incident would not have occurred. ...Simply by the existence of the above passages, this level of reasoning is possible for Drifloon. What do you think, everyone?

Even if you don't believe that these incidents represent the core cause of the incident, as I do, I hope that I have at least caused you to realise that there is a lot more to this incident than only the conflict of Yasu's three souls, or simply Yasu's insanity.

Ange flat-out says that the incident wouldn't have happened if she didn't leave Mariage Sorciere. These passages are definitely important. Ryukishi didn't write them for no reason. They definitely deserve consideration whenever anyone is discussing the motive for this crime.
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