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parting shot

the last update of Negima secret files, from MNMRI,

when Yue confesses to Negi, the chapter was released on Shonen Magazine on November 16th (2011), which just happen to be Yue's birthday.

the CD Asuna returns to Misa is Kobayashi Yu's (Setsuna) first album "You & Yu", released on March 26th, 2008. which makes it anarchy.
(OT: Kobayashi Yu is quite talented in many different fields, Ken mentions her often in his posts, as Maria also sings the OP Hanaji for Maria Holic, read her bio on wiki sometimes.)

the two new characters Makoto and Kagehisa are named for characters from the manga Blades of Immortal, of Anotsu Kagehisa and Makoto, Blades of Immortal is also where the name Maki (Maki Tachibana) is from.

What Ken is doing now, in his own words, used to be
98% Negima, 2% J-Comi
right now
8% J-Comi, 2% Apple II, 90% resting.

his drinking and his weight has increased, as Ken does not drink when he is working with a deadline. he obviously has increase his dialogues (twitter traffic) with fellow mangaka now that he has time and J-Comi business to talk to them, two notable mangaka (for me) that he talks to lately are Izumi Matsumoto (KOR) and Yui Toshiki, two of my ero starter from my manga reading beginning.

Ken is moving, and I am assuming he is closing down his studio, (he only moves into a new house 2 years ago.) even when there are still works to be done for BK38, for people who don't know, Ken had rented a posh 10th floor office space in downtown Tokyo Shinjuku to be his studio for the past 9 years, he is giving away books and DVD to assistants who wants them, and his senior assistant MH is giving the run of the empty studio to do his own manga to apply to publishers, with screen tones and copy machine at the ready.

right now the biggest thing that occupied most of Ken's time (at least on twitter) is his fight against publishers, which including Kodansha, in trying to impose a new law by creating "neighboring copyright", for people who are not creator but has a hand in "helping" the creation of the work gets automatic right, meaning editors, researchers, printers, etc. or plain speaking, a power grab by the publishers to take right away from the author, this is something VERY SERIOUS and has long unforeseen consequences if pass through, (the publisher can and will go after second hand creation/dojin without need to ask the permission of the author, etc. (it was one of the state benefits of this law) meaning the end of dojinshi as we know it., or after a serial is over the author can not retain exclusive right to it while the publisher can hold onto to it forever to keep making money for itself, etc.) and Japanese works readers (be it novel or manga) need to pay attention to this development just like the Tokyo Child Protection law,
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