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Chapter 13
Canon Route Chain

“Oh! Kamijo left the hospital yesterday.”

That's what the nurse said to me after I opened up the door to his hospital room around 7:30 PM on Sunday, and had been surprised to not see Kyousuke there.

“His rehabilitation went pretty well, so we pushed his schedule ahead.” the nurse continued in explanation to me.

“R-Really...” I answered.

I was very glad that Kyousuke was doing well, but at the same time I was a bit upset that neither him or anybody from his family had taken the time to tell me that he had been released from the hospital. But I was only a bit upset, as I guess that Kyousuke probably had to leave the hospital unexpectedly quickly, causing him to forget to call me amidst taking the time to pick up some of his belongings and head home.

And so it was now to Kyousuke's home that I headed. I wanted to visit him this evening, to see how he was doing. I also was considering confessing my feelings to him soon. But before I felt comfortable acting on that, I had to know that Kyousuke was feeling well again. I didn't want to place any burdens on his heart if he wasn't!

I arrived at his home just after the sun had set, and with night beginning to set in. I was about to push the doorbell when I suddenly heard violin music. It was Kyousuke! It was him playing the violin.

The sound of it was so beautiful... so enchanting... that I just wanted to stand there and bask in the uplifting music uninterrupted before I made my presence known.

Unfortunately, it would not be long before it was interrupted for me.

If you chose C for Choice 12, read Section A Startling Meeting and disregard the rest of the chapter.

If you chose B for Choice 12, read Section Kyouko gives Sayaka another chance.

If you chose A for Choice 12, skip over both of these sections.

Spoiler for A Startling Meeting:

I felt the presence of somebody behind me. As I turned around, I was alarmed by who it was! It was the redheaded Puella Magi that I had a confrontation with a couple days ago! Except she was now in normal clothes, a green top and blue jean shorts. She had a proud smirk on her face, as she bit into a crispy snack.

Spoiler for Kyouko gives Sayaka another chance:

“Are you just gonna go home?” she asked me, “But you've been chasing him all day.”

“You...” I replied, as hearing her delve into my personal life angered me.

“This is the kid, right?” she continued in question, “The reason you made a contract with Kyubey. You seriously wasted your one miracle on this crap?”

“You'll never understand!” I shouted at her for daring to question my wish!

“You're the one who doesn't understand!” she shouted back at me, “The point of magic is making your wishes come true. Nothing good happens if you use it for someone else! Didn't Mami Tomoe even tell you that?”

I gritted my teeth at this awful girl's words, as she dishonors Mami's very name by talking about her like this.

“There's an easier way to own your man, anyway.” she said to me, after a tense pause, “Just use that magic you worked so hard for.”

“What?” I asked uneasily, as I didn't like where this was leading.

“Just go in there and break his arms and legs so he'll never be able to use them again.” she answered.

My eyes want wide in complete shock over this girl's horrifically evil words!

“Make him totally helpless without you.” she continued, “Then he'll be totally yours... body and soul.”

I started trembling in the fiercest anger I've ever felt. This girl...!

“I'll do it for you if you don't have the guts.” she continued, “As a favour from one Puella Magi to another. It's easy.”

“I... I can't stand you anymore.” I replied to her, as I could barely contain my anger and extreme displeasure with this wicked Puella Magi, “This time, I'll...”

“Let's go somewhere else, then.” she stated to me, “Someone will see us here.”

I was sitting at my computer desk, thinking a lot over the advice my mama had given me. I was writing out an old poem to try to relax my mind. I find that my thoughts are often the most clear and helpful when I'm in the midst of artistic pursuits. But even with me doing so, my mama's words hung uneasily in my mind. They were clear enough, but how do I apply them practically? But this question would soon be dashed from my mind by the appearance of Kyubey!

'Madoka.' I heard him call out to me telepathically, 'Madoka!'

I then turned my head about to the side to look towards my bedroom window. Kyubey was now perched just outside of it.

'Hurry! Sayaka's in danger!' he stated to me, 'Follow me.'

If you chose B for Choice 12, read Section Unsure Madoka. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Unsure Madoka:

So I decided to follow Kyubey.

I was pumped for a great fight! I gotta say that I love the thrill of using my Puella Magi powers in combat. And using them only against witches can get boring after awhile. This naive blue-haired kid has no real chance of winning against me, but I'm confident that she'll put up an interesting struggle at least.

It's a shame that I'm gonna have to take her out, because she is kinda hot, especially when I manage to get her all upset and flustered. Ah well, she seems to be more into guys anyway.

So here on this bridge above some of the busiest roads in town, I'm gonna put on one helluva show! I just hope that Akemi Homura doesn't get in the way. I know she wanted to handle this discreetly, but where's the fun in that?!

“No holding back up here.” I said to the blue-haired kid.

“Let's put on a good show!” I shouted, as I threw my hand forward, and caused transformation magic to pop outta my ring!

I then transformed into my Puella Magi outfit that was inspired by the old Pirates of the Caribbean classics, and stylish medieval fashions in general! Johnny Depp was one cool actor! Too bad he was before my time.

But as I carefully landed on my feet, all I could think of now was the upcoming fight, especially as my opponent was holding out her Soul Gem, about to transform! Bring it on, girl! Let's see what you're made of!

No! It looked like Sayaka was about to get into another dangerous fight. Kyubey was right to bring me to this bridge, as Sayaka was in danger!

If you chose B for Choice 12, read Section Madoka Makes a Hard Choice. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Madoka Makes a Hard Choice:

“Sayaka, wait!” I shouted out to her, as I raced towards her.

Upon hearing my voice, Sayaka thankfully halted her transformation into a Puella Magi.

“Madoka?!” Sayaka exclaimed in question, “Get out of here! This doesn't concern you!”

“You can't do this!” I shouted at Sayaka, “This just isn't right!”

If you chose B for Choice 12, read Section Kyouko is Impressed. Otherwise, read Section Kyouko Insults Madoka.

Spoiler for Kyouko is Impressed:

Spoiler for Kyouko Insults Madoka:

“Are you saying something about me?” asked Akemi Homura, suddenly appearing beside Kyouko from seemingly out of nowhere!

Kyouko looked as startled by Homura's sudden appearance as Sayaka and I were. Kyouko turned her head about to look at Homura.

“We discussed this.” Homura continued, “You're not supposed to do anything.”

“Your plan's too slow!” Kyouko exclaimed in irritation towards Homura, “Besides, we're all ready to fight!”

“Then I'll fight her.” Homura said, while casually walking pass Kyouko and staring at Sayaka, “Stay put this time.”

“Fine.” Kyouko replied, a bit dejectedly, “You've got until I'm done eating.”

“That's enough.” Homura said to that.

“Are you making fun of me?!” Sayaka asked Homura angrily, while holding out her bluish Soul Gem.

It then occurred to me! What I must do. What would be the right thing... or rather, the wrong thing... to do given mama's advice to me!

“Sayaka, sorry!” I shouted at her, while I raced by her, and grabbed her bluish Soul Gem from out of her outstretched palm.

I then raced to the edge of the bridge, and threw Sayaka's Soul Gem over it! There! Without this Soul Gem, Sayaka won't be able to fight and she'll have no other choice but to make peace with Homura and Kyouko. But then...

Oh no! Sayaka's Soul Gem had landed unto the back of a gigantic 18-wheeler, and it was now being carried away by it.

Homura surprised me by gasping in horror over it.

No! I can't let Sayaka Miki die by Madoka's hands. Madoka will be consumed by guilt if I don't get that Soul Gem back!

Homura then seemed to teleport away while Sayaka gasped in shocked over my actions.

“Madoka!” Sayaka shouted at me, while running over to where I was now, “What have you done?!”

“I had to!” I shouted in reply, trying to explain my actions to Sayaka.

But then... it was like... it was like Sayaka was a life-sized puppet that just had its strings cut. She fell diagonally downwards, with me thankfully being able to catch her with my arms.

“Sayaka-chan?” I asked, very surprised by this.

Kyubey then leaped up on top of the side of the bridge.

“This is bad, Madoka!” he exclaimed to me, “You just threw your friend away! Do something!”

“What?” I asked, completely perplexed by Kyubey's words, as I heard Kyouko running towards me from behind me, “What do you mean?”

Kyouko then grabbed Sayaka by the side of the neck, and lifted her up, out of my arms.

“Stop!” I shouted at Kyouko, as I was really afraid that she was going to hurt Sayaka while Sayaka was in this terribly vulnerable state.

But I was relieved that Kyouko didn't do anything to harm Sayaka. Instead, I think that she was feeling for Sayaka's pulse!

“What the hell is this?” Kyouko asked breathlessly, as I saw nervous beads of sweat appear upon her face, “She's dead!”

I gasped in shock and horror over these words!

Kyouko then laid Sayaka unto the ground. I started trying hard to revive Sayaka!

“Sayaka-chan?” I asked, while I started to shake her body, “Please, Sayaka! Wake up, please!”

“What's happening?” I asked Kyubey in exasperation, “Hey! I didn't mean to! Sayaka-chan!!

“What the hell is going on?” Kyouko asked again, in a low but tense tone of voice.

“Hey!” Kyouko shouted at Kyubey, suspecting that he should know what's going on here.

“Puella Magi can only control their bodies from within 100 meters.” Kyubey stated.

“100 meters?” Kyouko asked, “What the hell does that mean?”

“Usually it's right there with you.” Kyubey answered, “This almost never happens.”

“What are you talking about, Kyubey?!” I asked him, “Help! Don't let Sayaka die!”

“Madoka...” Kyubey replied after a brief pause, “That's not Sayaka. It's just a shell.”

“Huh?” I asked.

“You just threw Sayaka over the rail.” Kyubey continued.

“What are you talking about?” Kyouko asked, while she gestured one hand towards her Soul Gem.

“You can't fight Witches with a regular human body.” Kyubey began in answer, “A Puella Magi's former body is just a big robot. Your soul is in a form that more efficiently uses magic. Since it's smaller, it's also much safer. As the one that forms contracts with Puella Magi, my job is to take out their souls and turn them into Soul Gems.”

Kyubey's explanation left me trembling in open mouth fright! How disgustingly creepy! How horrible!

“You bastard!” cried Kyouko, as she motioned over to roughly pick up Kyubey by his head, “What did you do to us? It's like you've turned us into zombies!”

But Kyubey displayed no remorse over the awful acts he had done to Sayaka and other Puella Magi. I started weeping over the horrific injustice that Kyubey had wrought upon Sayaka, and other Puella Magi!

Homura would thankfully manage to retrieve Sayaka's Soul Gem, and I was deeply relieved that Sayaka would live through this night. But horrific questions had been left in the wake of tonight's revelations. Questions that would plague my mind in the days to come...

__________________________________________________ ___________

Homura/Sayaka Alliance Chain

Homura, Sayaka, and I were now hiding in the nurse's office of Mitakihara Middle School. We were dearly hoping that we would manage to avoid being found by Jinnai's forces. But as the sounds of those androids scurrying about the school became ever louder and nearer, I think that Sayaka was become increasingly antsy.

“We can't stay on the defensive forever.” I overheard Sayaka whispering to Homura, “We have to mount a counter-attack.”

“We will. Eventually.” Homura replied in whisper, “But we need to sit tight and wait for the ideal opportunity to mount it. That opportunity will present itself. Until then...”

“But what if it doesn't?” Sayaka asked in whisper, “I don't like hiding like this. We should fight back!”

Sayaka had been a bit too loud with her last words. I heard some garbled, excited noise coming from just beyond the door to the Nurse's Office. Oh no, it looked like we were going to soon be cornered!

But much to my surprise and relief, we would soon be saved by a mysterious rescuer!

I heard loud cries, grunts, shouts, and metal screeching like nails on a chalkboard! I also heard the sounds of shattering glass, broken doors, pierced metal, and violent explosions!

“What is causing all of that noise?” I asked Homura nervously.

Homura opened up the door to the nurse's office ever so slightly ajar, in order to peak out through the opening.

“Kyouko Sakura...” Homura said under her breath.

Just a couple minutes later, the door to the nurse's office would be violently swung back by this Kyouko Sakura. She was a spear-wielding redhead girl in a long-flowing reddish dress, just like the one I had seen in one of my dreams! But I would have no time to bring this up given how desperately and quickly Kyouko took action.

“Thank God!” Kyouko exclaimed at the sight of Homura, Sayaka, and I, “I finally found you!”

“You... you're the Puella Magi that Homura and I met yesterday!” Sayaka exclaimed.

“Yes, and like I argued to you both, I have bigger concerns than Walpurgis Night or any measly familiar. Now that you've seen our dear Emperor in action, I'm sure that you agree!” Kyouko exclaimed in reply, “But any disagreements can wait. First I need to get you all outta here!”

“How do you intend to do that?” Homura asked.

“Don't worry!” Kyouko shouted in response, “My illusion magic will see us through to the Chariot of the Crimson Knights!”

I wanted to ask what this 'Chariot of the Crimson Knights' might be, but that question could wait. The most important thing now was getting out of the virtual death-trap that Jinnai had thrown us into, and get to safety!

Homura, Sayaka, and I all sprinted closely behind Kyouko, as she lead us out the back entrance of the school. The four of us had to fight a few androids along the way, but between Kyouko's spear and my arrows we thankfully managed to blitz through them!

We then made a long sprint, shrouded by Kyouko's illusion magic. We eventually arrived at a sewer entrance.

“Eewww...” stated Sayaka, “Do we really have to go down there.”

“Would you rather be left to his deprivations?” Kyouko angrily asked, “There's no time for complaining right now! Besides, we'll soon be on a decently clean underground bullet train!”

Kyouko would prove true to her word!

After Homura, Sayaka, and I had managed to climb down into the sewers, we saw a small, yellowish-coloured submarine-like craft emerge from out of the filthy and slimy waters. The top hatch of it opened up.

“Get down inside the hatch!” Kyouko shouted, “That miniature sub will take us to safety!”

After agreeing to her orders, albeit a bit reluctantly, Homura, Sayaka, and I would be safe and snug inside the sub. Kyouko followed tightly behind us, closing the hatch and fastening it.

“I hope that I didn't keep you waiting, Commander!” a young man in his 20s shouted out to Kyouko, while looking back towards her.

“Not at all, Masato!” Kyouko replied with a smiling shout, “You did good today! Now get us to the Chariot of the Crimson Knights!”

“Right!” he exclaimed.

The past hour seemed like a magnificently mesmerizing mirage of images in my mind. It was all such a blur! The same would be true of the next thirty minutes.

After the sub resurfaced again, we found ourselves next to a hidden and high-tech underground railway. Kyouko then whisked herself, Homura, Sayaka, and I unto the bullet train that was stationed there. The bullet train was scarlet red in colour, and it had some sort of fancy insignia on it. On the bullet train were some young adults and teenagers, two of them male and two of them female. They were all wearing sleek,
crimson-coloured military uniforms, and these uniforms all had the same insignia on them as what was on the exterior of the bullet train itself.

“Just where are you taking us?!” Sayaka asked Kyouko in exapseration.

“To one of the few places that remain beyond the reach of Emperor Jinnai and his imperialist forces.” Kyouko answered, “I'm taking you to the main HQ of the Crimson Knight Resistance!”

The ten minute train ride to that HQ gave Homura, Sayaka, and I a chance to catch our breaths. It also gave Homura and I a chance to transform back into our normal attire.

The young men and women in uniform all had firm and stern looks to them. They held some long, elaborate high-tech guns in their arms. They remained mostly silent for the entire trip to this Crimson Knight Resistance HQ. They only spoke when Kyouko herself addressed them.

“What is this Crimson Knight Resistance?” Sayaka asked Kyouko, a few minutes into our trip.

“It is a resistance force dedicated to the overthrow of Emperor Jinnai.” Kyouko answered, “It's a resistance that fights for a free and liberated Japan! ...And hopefully, in time, a free world.”

I frowned over Kyouko's words, as it was clear that what she was fighting for would not be necessary if not for my wish. But I would soon learn that my wish had wrought far greater changes than I had initially expected...

The Crimson Knight Resistance's HQ was impressively large and well-structured. This became clear to me as Homura, Sayaka, and I followed close behind Kyouko as she left the bullet train to climb up a steep flight of stairs leading to the base level of the HQ. There were two armed guards standing at every exit and entry point. Hallways were long, wide, and well-lit by overhead lights. But they had a generic feeling to them, as they were a solid bluish grey in colour with a slight metallic sheen, and they were entirely lacking any sort of decoration. But the room that Kyouko lead us into was huge, decidedly spacious, and spherical in formation.

There was some pleasant greenery in the middle of the room which provided a pleasant aroma. The room also had plenty of chairs and tables situated all about it. And almost the entire circumference of the room was adorned with rows upon rows upon rows of books!

“This is the Learning Center of the Crimson Knight Resistance.” Kyouko stated to us, “It is probably the most relaxing part of the HQ, with a decidedly pleasant atmosphere. Here you will find loads of books outlawed by the fascistic government of Emporer Jinnai! Hopefully you will be able to make yourselves comfortable here.”

“Thanks.” Sayaka said.

“Thank you.” Homura and I both added.

“Wait...” I began in wonderment, after finally getting a chance to clear my mind, “What is this all about? Why did you rescue all of us?”

“Isn't that obvious?” Kyouko asked in turn, “It's because you actually managed to hurt the Emperor! I caught a glimpse of him flying and shouting in pain when you socked him one! I knew then and there that I had to recruit you into my Crimson Knights Resistance force!”

Your Crimson Knights Resistance force?” Sayaka asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Right!” Kyouko exclaimed with a proud smile, “I'm the leader of it.”

“This is all... very strange.” Homura said in a low tone, while narrowing her eyes, “Wait, Kyouko, do you have any history books handy?”

“Sure, we have lots of them here!” Kyouko exclaimed in answer, “Feel free to read whatever you want over the next hour. I'll get back to you soon.”

“Where are you going?” I asked Kyouko.

“I have to report back to my immediate subordinates, including the leaders of a couple neighbouring resistance cells.” Kyouko answered, “Don't worry. You're safe here! If you need to go to the washroom or grab a bite to eat, just ask one of the guards situated outside of this room. I'll order them to treat you as honoured guests!”

Kyouko then left the room through two large sliding doors, an exit way different from the one we used to enter this room.

“Man, this is all so bizarre...” Sayaka said, while scratching the back of her head.

“That's why I'm going to read some recent history books.” Homura said, “I have a theory. As disturbing as it is, it is something that I must explore.”

Homura then searched out a couple of books from a section labelled “History and World Geography”. While she did this, I chatted a bit with Sayaka in the hopes that we could calm each other down. Our nerves were still very frenzied given everything that had happened lately. I have to admit that I was also feeling very exhausted given the late hour it now was this Saturday night. I had lost track of time, but it must now be near midnight, if not even later.

A half-hour after beginning her research, Homura called Sayaka and I over to the desk that she was sitting at. I pulled up one chair to the left of Homura, and Sayaka pulled up a chair to the right of her. We then both leaned over a bit to look at a book that Homura was holding open, flat on the table.

“First of all, just take a look at that 2050 World Map.” Homura stated.

“Almost all of Europe from Lisbon, Portugal to all of the British Isles to Moscow, Russia is now under the territory of 'Germany'...” I began in breathless shock, “But Italy still has its own country and much of Africa... And almost everything else is listed as one or another territory of 'Greater Japan'!”

“This can't possibly be right.” Sayaka piped up, “Why, this map would lead you to believe that...”

“The Axis Powers won WWII?” Homura asked, finishing Sayaka's sentences, “Yes, and that's because they did.”

“Wait, our country won WWII?!” Sayaka asked in shock.

“I don't know if I want to think of it as 'our country', but you're essentially right.” Homura answered, “Let me flip over to another section of this book to show you a picture.”

After doing so, Homura pointed towards a picture, listed as being from June 25th, 1950. It was a picture of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and former Japanese Prime Minister Hideki Tojo all standing in front of a demolished White House in Washington, America!

“This was the site of the 1950 Washington Conference.” Homura stated, “It's where the leaders of Germany, Japan, and Italy gathered to officially divide up the spoils of war between them.”

“So...” I began, thinking deeply over what all of this meant, “Does this mean that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki tragedies of the 1940s never occurred?!”

“Yes, that's correct.” Homura answered, “But it came at quite a price. Hitler's National Socialists governed Germany, and almost half of the entire Northern Hemisphere, until the 1990s. That's when a worldwide economic recession forced dramatic and violent government changes throughout the globe.”

“Is that when this Emperor Jinnai rose to power?” Sayaka asked.

“Exactly.” Homura answered, “In the midst of this global social upheaval, Jinnai challenged Emperor Hirohito's son for the throne. Jinnai used his Magus powers to completely overwhelm him in combat. Jinnai is now held to be a god among men, and is literally worshipped as the divine leader of Japan. Which now is essentially the same as leader of the entire world.”

“So that's how my wish ended up being implemented.” I stated in a low and contemplative tone.

“After Jinnai's rise to power, he dispatched 'Peacekeeping Forces' to Berlin to bring strict law and order back to an increasingly chaotic Europe, under the auspices of Imperial Japan.” Homura continued, “The Hitlerian Line was severed for good, but the Fuhrer tradition was reinstated under the watchful eye of Tokyo. Germany and Italy's governments are now mere puppets of Japan. Powerful puppets, but puppets nonetheless.”

Incredible...” Sayaka said in a tone of awe, “So this is what Kyouko and her Crimson Knights are rebelling against? About 60 years of continuous Jinnai rule? How is this all possible?!”

“Jinnai likely now has two sets of memories.” Homura stated, “One from before Madoka made her wish, and one from after she did so. And if you carefully check your own memories, you'll find two sets of memories as well.”

Homura... Homura was right! In my memory, I now see a slightly different Mitakihara Middle School. One with more rigid regulations. One where we are required to wear armbands displaying the Imperial Japanese flag during important school events. One where Tojo and Hitler are talked about in decidedly glowing terms during History classes!

“B-but what about all of the wishes by all of the Puella Magi that came between the start of WWII and our present day?” I asked Homura.

“The changes made to history by your wish must not have clashed with them.” stated Homura, “Everything has been carefully rearranged to give Jinnai virtual global governance.”

“What do you think we should do?” Sayaka asked, in deep concern.

“I...” Homura began in uneasily reply, “I don't know. I honestly don't know. But whatever we choose to do about this all, we'll need to make a decision on it soon.”

Homura was right. Very hard and tough decisions would be facing me very soon...

To Be Continued...


Well, this might be my most controversial update yet, lol. I had some very hard decisions to make concerning Homura here, ones that I truly agonized over. I honestly came to the conclusion that this was the most likely way she'd handle her standoff with Sayaka if Madoka had not become involved. Maybe I'm wrong there, but it's the call I went with.

As for Homura/Sayaka Alliance Section... Well, I hope people like the rather large twist, lol.

I eagerly look forward to any and all replies to this update. I'll also try to soon get back to recent replies to Mami Lives Chapter 6.

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