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Mami Lives Chapter 7
Mami Romance Chain

“How was your trip to the beach?”

That's what my papa enthusiastically asked me after I walked in through the front door of my home. I had finally arrived home this late Saturday evening, and my papa was reading the newspaper while sitting at the dining room table.

If you Chose A for Choice M4, read Section An Entirely Happy Answer.
If you Chose B for Choice M4, read Section A Carefully Worded Answer.

Spoiler for An Entirely Happy Answer:

Spoiler for A Carefully Worded Answer:

“Thanks” I replied to that.

Papa and I then drank some hot cocoa while sitting across from each other at the table.

“I'm glad that you've found someone special in your life, Madoka.” Papa said, “I think that it's essential to steadily grow and nurture the important relationships in your life, with the same care as I apply when tending to my garden, and that you probably use in your gardening club at school.”

“That's an interesting analogy...” I replied.

“Of course, not all plants are the same. While water and sunlight is important to all plants, they don't all require them in the same amounts.” Papa continued, “People are like that too, you know. Some need more love and attention than others. With this in mind, I have to admit that I'm curious about what Mami's home life is like.”

I started to feel a bit sad upon thinking on that, and I think Papa quickly picked up on it.

“Mami lives alone.” I began in answer.

“She doesn't live with her parents?” Papa asked, finding it a bit surprising that a girl of Mami's age was living by herself.

“...Unfortunately, her parents died in a car accident some time ago.” I answered, “I thought it would be better if Mami herself was the one to eventually tell you and mama that, so that's why I never brought it up to either of you before.”

“She must be awfully lonely...” Papa said, in a low tone, and more to himself than to me I think.

Papa then became a bit lost in thought, and so I did as well. It occurred to me that Mami probably needed more friendship and social interaction in her life. And perhaps a greater sense of family as well. These thoughts filled my mind as I finally went to sleep on Saturday night, after changing into my green pajamas and climbing into my bed.

These thoughts would also come rushing back to me when I received a phone call around 10 AM, Sunday morning.

If you chose A for Choice M4, read Section Happy Mami Call.
If you chose B for Choice M4, read Section Angry Sayaka Call.

Spoiler for Happy Mami Call:

Spoiler for Angry Sayaka Call:

Around 1 PM on Sunday afternoon, I met up with Sayaka at the site of Hitomi's grave. It was a cloudy and relatively cool day outside, but it wasn't raining. Sayaka was wearing a blue leather jacket over an one-piece white dress. I was wearing a pink and white one piece dress. Sayaka and I picked up a wreath of flowers a few days ago when we planned to visit Hitomi's grave this Sunday. So we now laid that wreath of flowers on top of Hitomi's grave, and proceeded to make a quick, silent prayer. We then took some time to think back on Hitomi while we stood at her grave.

“It's such a shame that she didn't live longer.” Sayaka said in a somber tone of voice, “She was a top student, and from a good family. She likely would have had a nice, full life ahead of her.”

“Yeah...” I stated in agreement, “She was also a great friend to both of us. We had some wonderful sleepovers over her place.”

“Right.” Sayaka said in agreement.

After that, there was a tense pause. I think that both Sayaka and I had questions on our minds, painful questions, that we'd like to avoid, but found difficult to. Sayaka had ultimately chosen to heal Kamijo's hand instead of wishing Hitomi back to life. And I had chosen to not become a Puella Magi at all, so I never made a wish for Hitomi's sake when I could have made one.

Sayaka and I could both legitimately criticize the other one for our respective choices, but I think we both realized that it wouldn't be appropriate to do that. We had made our decisions, as tough as they were. I guess that I could always change my mind, and make a wish for Hitomi to be brought back to... No, I have to let it go. Otherwise this may plague me for the rest of my life.

And I wanted to be in a good state of mind for my visit to Mami's place later today, as it was an important one! For her part, Sayaka was intending to visit Kamijo today after we paid our respects to Hitomi. So we wished each other well, after we parted ways.

I was now off to Mami's place!

If you chose A for Choice M4, read Section Meeting the Scarlet Puella Magi .
If you chose B for Choice M4, read Section Chocolatey Confrontations.

Spoiler for Meeting the Scarlet Puella Magi:

Spoiler for Chocolatey Confrontations:

Needless to say, I thought a lot about Mami and Homura as I slowly drifted to sleep in my bed, after a surprisingly eventful Sunday. Tomorrow I planned to speak with Homura, as I felt that would be the most appropriate thing for me to do. I could only hope I would somehow find a way to make everything work out well.

__________________________________________________ _______________

Sayaka Romance Chain

During afternoon classes, I was a bit surprised by how distracted and quiet Hitomi was. She seemed to have an awful lot on her mind, making me really wonder what her and Sayaka had talked about. Still, once the school day was over, Hitomi was very polite towards me. She said that she hoped Sayaka and I would enjoy our time together today, and that she looked forward to seeing us both at our usual spot tomorrow morning. There was something about the way Hitomi said that which worried me, though. When I made a concerned look towards Sayaka, all Sayaka did was scratch the back of her head and laugh a bit nervously. I wonder what this all could mean!

Anyway, that all could wait, as Sayaka and I finally left school for the day, heading to her place. Once we were out of sight of any other students, Sayaka carefully took told of my hand. Every time Sayaka had did that in recent days, it made me feel so safe, secure, and comforted. That was likely essential today, for what Sayaka revealed to me next was something that truly took me by surprise!

“I could tell that Hitomi seemed a bit weird to you during afternoon classes.” Sayaka said, “Just so you know, that's probably due to me. I... I told Hitomi about how you and I are girlfriends now.”

My eyes went wide, and my chest felt a bit tight, over hearing this!

“...But why?” I asked Sayaka.

“Well, Hitomi had her own big secret to reveal to me.” Sayaka began in answer, “Since Hitomi entrusted me with that secret, I felt it wouldn't be fair if I kept the relationship that you and I now have hidden from her.”

“I see.” I replied, after a brief pause, as I could easily respect and understand Sayaka's decision here, “What was the secret that Hitomi had been hiding from you?”

“Hearing this should relieve you a bit, Madoka.” Sayaka said, while she smiled sweetly towards me, “Hitomi is in love with Kyousuke, and she wanted me to know that.”

“Oh. Wow.” I replied in shock, “If you and I weren't...”

“Right.” Sayaka interjected, “That's how I felt too. Which is another reason why I'm very glad that we're girlfriends now, Madoka.”

“How did Hitomi take the news of that?” I asked.

“Better than I expected, honestly.” Sayaka answered, “If what she said to me was sincere, then I don't think we have anything to worry about as far as Hitomi is concerned.”

“That's a big relief!” I exclaimed with a big smile, while looking sideways and slightly upwards at Sayaka's face.

“Right.” Sayaka said, while she looked back at me, flashing me a serene smile.

Sayaka and I primarily engaged in casual chit-chat the rest of the way to her home. But after we went inside her home, I would at last reveal to her what it was that I had planned and prepared for today.

“...A bento?” Sayaka asked with a shocked look on her face, after I revealed it to her, and as we sat close to each other on a couch in the living room of Sayaka's home.

“Yeah.” I confirmed, but while looking a bit sad, and placing the bento into Sayaka's hands, “You bought me such a gorgeous and expensive outfit yesterday, and I felt so guilty over not trusting you as much as I should have, so I felt compelled to do something to make it up to you. So I thought it would be nice if I made a bento for you. Unfortunately, Hitomi wanting to talk with you got in the way of me giving it to you for lunch...”

Sayaka started to snicker a bit, and in a few moments she would be laughing loudly!

“W-What's so funny?!” I asked.

“Oh, you're so amazingly adorable, Madoka!” Sayaka exclaimed, while wiping tears away from her eyes, “Almost nobody makes bentos for their romantic partners any more! Being a girl, I certainly didn't think that I'd ever be on the receiving end of one!”

“I-Is there a problem with it?” I asked, feeling like my gesture here was not having the desired effect.

“No, not at all.” Sayaka said very sweetly, after she recomposed herself, “In fact, it's so perfectly you, Madoka.”

Sayaka then carefully placed the bento on the table near the sofa we were on. She then leaned over to warmly wrap her arms around me. Finally, she nestled her head next to mine.

“I'm so very glad to have somebody as wonderful as you are as my girlfriend, Madoka...” Sayaka said.

“Th-thank you.” I replied, blushing deeply over Sayaka's strong compliment here, “But please don't compliment me that much. I don't really deserve that...”

“That's not true.” Sayaka said, in a firmer tone of voice, while she rose back to a a position of proper sitting posture.

Sayaka then lovingly ran the fingers of one of her hands through my bangs.

“Madoka, do you remember what I said to you on Saturday?” Sayaka asked, “Do you remember how there's now so much I wanted to say to you?”

“Things that you didn't feel were appropriate for you to say to me when we were just friends?” I asked in turn, to see if I was correct in my answer.

“Right.” Sayaka replied with a smile, and while shifting her hand to cup the side of my face, “Not everybody would have remembered a small detail like that. But you did, Madoka! And that's just one of the many ways that you're so very special to me.”

I tensed up a bit here, as I wasn't sure if my heart was prepared for the compliments that Sayaka was now raining romantically on me.

“Anyway, I think that now would be a good time for me to say some of those things to you.” Sayaka continued, “Because as charming as I find your modesty to be, I also want you to feel better about yourself. That's actually part of the reason I called you a cutie-pie when you were feeling jealous over Hitomi receiving a love letter a little over a week ago.”

“That did make me feel better about myself, to be honest about it...” I interjected in a low tone.

“I'm very glad to hear that.” Sayaka said, “The truth is, Madoka, that I've admired you a lot for a long time now.”

“Eh?” I asked, a bit surprised by this revelation.

“You probably don't see this yourself, but everybody at school likes you.” Sayaka replied, “That's because you're so patient, caring, and kind. I've almost never seen you get truly upset with someone, and you always want to reach out to people in need. Seeing my best friend be like that made me want even more to be that kind of good person myself.”

“Y-You are a very good person!” I exclaimed in reply, “You're very brave and you always try to solve everybody's problems!”

“Thank you.” Sayaka replied warmly, “But I lack your patience, and your peacemaking spirit. That's something about you that I've always wanted to emulate, but I just can't find it in myself to be that way. A good example of this is the different ways that you and I each reacted to Homura. I just couldn't find it in myself to give her the benefit of the doubt like you did. She just seemed too... bizarre and untrustworthy to me.”

Sayaka then paused briefly before continuing.

“But you were probably right to give her the benefit of the doubt.” Sayaka continued, “She hasn't caused us any problems in awhile, and she did save the lives of you, Mami, and I. You... you are so very beautiful, Madoka. Both in your physical appearance, but also when it comes to the person you are on the inside. That's why the thought of anybody ever hurting you causes me great rage. I only hope that I can overcome my own faults to be a fitting girlfriend for you.”

Sayaka then leaned forward, while wrapping her arms around me again, and nestling her head next to mine once more. The compliments Sayaka had made to me left me feeling very warm and deeply loved. It caused tears of joy to rush to my eyes.

“There's nothing you need to worry about.” I replied to her, as I wrapped my arms around her in turn, “I've always admired you, Sayaka. For being so brave, heroic, and strong! You've protected me from bullies on more than just one occasion, and I'll always be thankful for that. I... I hope that you'll continue to always be the comforter and protector in my life...”

Sayaka and I then partially released each other from our embrace. Sayaka and I looked into each other's eyes with such intense and passionate love. No more words were necessary. We both knew what should happen next.

We then kissed, with such intoxicating and enrapturing desire taking hold of our hearts and innermost thoughts. As we kissed, her hands so quickly yet smoothly caressed my arms, shoulders, and back. My hands were a bit more frenzied as I tried to properly reply to Sayaka's physical display of love. I wanted this beautifully blissful breathtaking moment to last forever. Unfortunately, it would soon be interrupted, and in a way that Sayaka and I both dreaded...

While caught up in our kiss, Sayaka and I had not noticed that someone had entered her home through the front door. Nor did we hear the shuffling off of shoes, and the loud masculine sigh.

But what we did notice was the presence of somebody else in the room once he walked in on Sayaka and I. But by the time we noticed that presence, it was too late. Sayaka and I had already been caught kissing and embracing each other. And the person who caught us like that is an important person in Sayaka's life.

My eyes went wide in shock, and Sayaka's eyes went wide in great concern, as we looked sideways at the man that was now in the room with us. Sayaka and I were still holding each other in a tight embrace while we looked at him. .

“D-Dad!” Sayaka exclaimed at the sight of her father.

Kotetsu Miki had seen his daughter and I kissing each other. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of what might happen next...

__________________________________________________ ___________

Mami Lives, Madoka Stands Alone Chain

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