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Mami Lives Chapter 7
Mami Lives, Madoka Stands Alone Chain

Kyubey's words were weighing heavily on my mind as I drifted to sleep on Monday evening.

But I decided that I shouldn't make any rash changes in my decision, so I told Kyubey that I needed at least a few days to think more about my decision to not contract with him. This was probably a wise decision, as Tuesday would prove to be more eventful than Monday had been.

On Tuesday morning, at the usual spot where Sayaka, Hitomi, and I meet for school day mornings, I shouted out to them. They both shouted 'Hi!' to me in turn, and we all made our way to school.

If you chose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read section More Upbeat Sayaka. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for More Upbeat Sayaka:

There was a buzz all throughout our class due to the return of Kyousuke Kamijo from the hospital. During the morning, Sayaka spent a lot of time talking with Kamijo, and joking around with him.

During lunch break, at our usual spot on the pure white rooftop of the school, I talked to Sayaka about that.

“It looks like things are going well between you and Kamijo.” I said cheerfully to Sayaka.

“Yes, they thankfully are.” Sayaka replied, “It looks like Mami's advice might pay off!”

“What advice did she give you, by the way?” I asked.

“Mami suggested that right after I wish for Kamijo's hand to be healed, I should go into his hospital room.” Sayaka began in explanation, “Mami said that I should then ask him if I could perform a special healing ritual I recently learned about, in order to try to heal his hand. I decided to follow Mami's suggestion.”

“What happened then?” I asked.

“Kamijo was initially very skeptical of the idea, but after some gentle prodding from me, he conceded to it.” Sayaka answered, “I guess that he realized that there would at least be no harm in me performing that ritual. For this fake ritual, I took hold of Kamijo's hand with both of mine, and did some Latin chanting. Once I was finished, Kamijo was completely floored to find that his hand was now healed!”

“Interesting...” I said, “So Mami's idea should ensure that Kamijo will be thankful to you for healing his hand, while still keeping the world of magical girls and witches hidden from him.”

“Right.” Sayaka replied, “I'm pretty sure Kyousuke thinks that it might all just be a coincidence that his hand was healed around the same time as I performed the fake ritual on it, but just in case it isn't a coincidence, he has shown me a lot of thanks.”

“That's great, Sayaka!” I exclaimed enthusiastically to her, “Do you think this will enable things to work out between Kamijo and you?”

“I certainly hope it will.” Sayaka answered, “But I think I want to take things slowly for now.”

If you chose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read section Painful Recent Memories. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Painful Recent Memories:

“Anyway...” Sayaka continued, after a brief pause, “Mami and I know that you've been left a lot on your own lately, so we thought it might be a good idea if the three of us and Hitomi all did something fun for the weekend!”

“Oh, all four of us?” I asked Sayaka.

“Hitomi hasn't been properly introduced to Mami yet.” Sayaka replied, “But I was hoping that we could do that tomorrow after school. Then if Mami and Hitomi get along with each other, I was thinking that we could have a Friday night sleepover for all four of us at Mami's place!”

“That's a great idea!” I shouted in enthusiastic reply, “Sure, I'd love that.”

“I'm glad you agree.” Sayaka replied, “Well, that's what we'll do tomorrow then! Let's get heading back to class.”

“Right!” I responded cheerfully.

It seemed like my recent loneliness would be alleviated soon.

If you chose B for MH Opportunity Choice 1, read Section And Then There's Homura. Otherwise skip over it.

Spoiler for And Then There's Homura:

I was glad that I had resisted the temptation to become a Puella Magi last night. For the time being, I simply hoped that Sayaka could gain a good boyfriend in Kamijo, and that Mami and Hitomi could end up being friends with one another.

But little did I know then of a major wrench that Kyubey would throw into the works...

It was now Tuesday night. I was lying on my large, plump bed with several bluish-green blankets and a wide assortment of pillows. I had spent most of the last half-hour crying, unable to focus on my studies.

Oh what is going to become of me?!

I loved Kyousuke Kamijo, but so did one of my best friends, Sayaka. I hated the thought of stealing him away from her, but at the same time it hurt my heart to see her grow so close to the man that I loved. I had intended to reveal today the secret I had been keeping from Sayaka and Madoka. But given how close Kyousuke and Sayaka had acted in class throughout the day, I no longer felt like I had any chance at all with him.

Why can't I accept that? Why can't I accept the happiness of one of my best friends? I should be happy for her, but here I am lost in despair... Oh, how I wish that Kyousuke would love me instead!

As this thought crossed my mind, I saw a strangely shaped shadow appear on the bedroom wall closest to my head. The shadow seemed to be one coming from a small animal, like a cat or a dog. But the voice that I now heard in my head spoke clear Japanese!

'Hello, Hitomi Shizuki!' this voice said to me.

In great shock, I turned about on my bed, to determine where this voice might be coming from.

There, standing in front of my bedroom door, was an odd, white cat-like creature that seemed to have ears growing out of his ears!

“My name is Kyubey.” he said to me, this time out loud.

'I... I must be hallucinating again.' I thought to myself, trying to ignore this creature and the voice that came from him, 'This must be just like that collective hallucination that I was caught up in last Thursday night. Am I going crazy?! Have my jealous feelings broken my sanity completely?!'

“No, your sanity is intact.” this Kyubey said to me, “And I'm not a hallucination. I'm real! I'll prove it to you.”

Kyubey than leaped up on to my bed, and started rubbing his body against my legs.

“See?” he asked, “You can feel me, right? So I'm real!”

I was initially in complete disbelief over this creature being real, but now I had to at least consider the possibility that he is real.

“If you're real...” I began, “Then what exactly are you?”

“I'm a simple contractor.” he replied, “I contract with teenage girls, granting them any one wish in return for them agreeing to become magical girls!”

“What do you need with magical girls?” I asked.

“Magical girls fight witches.” Kyubey answered, “Witches like the one that threatened you and a small crowd of people last Thursday night! If magical girls are born from wishes, then witches are born from curses. If magical girls spread hope, then witches scatter despair. Made all the more horrible in that normal humans can't see them, even as they attack humans, just like one attacked you! Witches consume humans with rage and hatred. They sow the seeds of catastrophe throughout the world.”

“That's... that's horrible!” I exclaimed in horror and disbelief.

“Would you like to have the power to fight against that horror, Hitomi Shizuki?” Kyubey asked me, “Would you like to ensure that you can defend yourself the next time you face a witch? If you agree to it, then you will be given great magical power as a magical girl, and you will also gain your heart's desire in the form of any one wish!”

As unbelievable as this all seemed, Kyubey's words were oddly compelling to me. And truth be told, I did have one specific wish... a wish that was truly my heart's desire.

“No...” I replied after a lengthy pause, “I couldn't do that to my friend Sayaka. It just wouldn't be right.”

“Your friend Sayaka Miki?” Kyubey asked, “The same Sayaka Miki that kept the world of magical girls and familiars a secret from you? The same Sayaka Miki that has already made a wish to me in order to gain an advantage over you in your respective pursuits of Kyousuke Kamijo?”

“...What wish did Sayaka make to you?” I asked.

“How do you suppose Kyousuke Kamijo's hand was healed?” Kyubey answered with a question of his own, while his eyes were closed.

That question made everything clear to me. It now all made sense to me! Yes, all of this was truly real! And Sayaka... Sayaka had made use of an unfair advantage she had over me! Well, if that's the case...

“...Very well.” I said, after a tense pause, and frowning in anger over the thought of Sayaka betraying our friendship, “I will become a magical girl! And I do have a wish!”

“Excellent!” Kyubey exclaimed in reply, as his beady red eyes grew larger in excitement, “With what wish would your Soul Gem shine?”

“I wish...” I began in uneasy reply, as it took a moment for me to quash the one lingering bit of hesitation that lay within my heart, “I wish for Kyousuke Kamijo to fall in love with me!

And then it happened. Then I became a Puella Magi!

To Be Continued...


Couple short notes.

One: Green indicates the beginning of Hitomi Shizuki narration and a 1st person perspective from Hitomi.

Two: I've renamed S Opportunity Choice 1 into MS Opportunity Choice 1, to better reflect that it's in a Mami Lives Chain (and also since S Opportunity Choices may be showing up in non-Mami Lives chains soon).

That should be it! Hope everybody enjoys this update.

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