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well, at least raiser didnt try to do the usual "backstab" after being defeated. though I wish he didnt plead when he was going to lose since it made him look pathetic. issei cheated though

all in all, for a ecchi/harem series, it gets an 8/10 only since I wasnt satisfied enough . if we get a 2nd season, maybe give it 9/10 instead for now.

oh and the way OH ended was pretty underwhelming. seemed too much of a deus ex machina plus the whole buildup didnt really feel that much. unlike in H-DXD, it was properly done without feeling too much on random power up/new skill as he did use some old tools(the cross and holy water) to win not just gaining a new form.

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Watch Seikon no Qwaser : it looks as better as High School DxD. Even though it has too much fanservice, you'll know that the MC isn't too pathetic, isn't indesicive, is stronger and really fights for himself. This is one of few harems (including Campione!) when the MC is likeable and stronger.
ah yes, seikon no qwaser is quite a unique and interesting anime for its genre. its also the first one I saw that had an uncensored anyone who's watching it, I recommend the uncensored even if your not too keen on fanservice. the only ones id say not to see the uncensored version is if you hate fanservice, in which point you shouldnt be watching the show in the first place
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