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Lol, tidbits reported from the ACE AKB0048 corner (I'd watch it but region lock...):


Again, approximate translation, do correct me if you can tell I'm wrong and don't blame me if anything ambiguous starts a storm, etc. Surely I don't sound traumatized from a previous experience.

- They wanted to remove Okada Mari from the AKB0048 staff because the production is running late on Aquarion EVOL, and she got really mad. But it sounds like they gave her the AKB0048 job after making the promise that EVOL wouldn't be running late... and it is. Oh man.
- Sounds like she's been struggling to manage to find a way to make 9 songstresses shine as opposed to 1-2 in a series like Macross.
- Kawamori wanted to get all the AKB48 members to get seiyuu gigs here, but the plan fell through.

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