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Mami Lives Chapter 8
Mami Romance Chain

“You better hurry up, Madoka, or you're going to be late!”

That's what my mama shouts to me as she leaves for work. She probably noticed how slowly I was eating my breakfast. I have to admit that I've been lost in thought most of the morning.

If you Chose A for Choice M4, read Section Helping Homura Heal.
If you Chose B for Choice M4, read Section Decidedly Divided Deep Passions.

Spoiler for Helping Homura Heal:

Spoiler for Decidedly Divided Deep Passions:

On the way to school, I met up with Sayaka. The weather was nice and sunny with only a few clouds in the sky, but it was also a bit chilly out.

Sayaka and I chatted a bit about what each of us we did on Sunday. After Sayaka talked a bit about how her visit to Kamijo's place, she asked me about my visit to Mami's.

If you Chose A for Choice M4, read Section Talking About the DDR Star.
If you Chose B for Choice M4, read Section Talking About Chocolatey Goodness.

Spoiler for Talking About the DDR Star:

Spoiler for Talking About Chocolatey Goodness:

The school day seemed to speed by, probably since it was easy to get lost in my schoolwork. It had been hard these past two weeks to focus on that due to how my life had been turned upside-down by the world of magical girls and witches, not to mention my romance with Mami, and the sad passing of my good friend Hitomi.

So what I desired most now was for my life to become more manageable and stable. So that spurred me on to be decisive today. Such decisiveness would be needed when I met Homura on the pure white rooftop after school.

If you Chose A for Choice M4, read Section A Plea For Friendship.
If you Chose B for Choice M4, read Section The Ultimate Romantic Decision.

Spoiler for A Plea For Friendship:

Spoiler for The Ultimate Romantic Decision:

And so I was now leaving the school, to go meet Mami at a nearby restaurant. I had a lot to talk to her about! Today was proving to be a changing day in my life! I only hope that I had made the right decisions this day.

__________________________________________________ ___

Sayaka Romance Chain

“Man, this just isn't my day.”

Those were the first words out of Kotetsu Miki's mouth after seeing his daughter and I kissing each other. It was a milder response than Sayaka or I had expected!

Kotetsu is a tall and thin man in his 40s, and he also keeps himself in very good shape, as he exercises a lot. Right now he's wearing a green shirt with a white vest on top of it. His hair is short and black but spikes out a bit on the sides. Perhaps his most noticeable feature is his finely groomed goatee, that includes no moustache and looks like two matching bat symbols on his chin!

Mr. Miki is usually in a gregarious, upbeat mood with a real vitality to him. But right now, his shoulders were hunched over, and he seemed to be very depressed. It was almost enough to make Sayaka and I forget about the main issue right now!

“I-I can explain!” Sayaka shouted, as she quickly rose to her feet after her and I pulled ourselves apart.

“What's there to explain?” Mr. Miki asked in reply, as he went to the fridge to grab something to drink, “I think it's pretty obvious, don't you?”

“...You're not mad?” Sayaka asked, surprised by her father's nonchalant response to seeing her and I kiss each other.

“The situation between you and Madoka isn't the worst news I've gotten today, that's for sure.” Mr. Miki said, as he returned to the living room holding a glass of strong sake.

“It adds on to the earful your mother is probably going to give me later today, that's about it's only immediate impact on me.” he continued, while he slouched down into a chair opposite from the couch where Sayaka and I had been sitting.

Mr. Miki then downed his glass of sake in one huge gulp, leaving both Sayaka and I a bit worried.

“What's the worst news you've received today?” Sayaka asked, genuinely concerned about her father.

“I've been laid off from work, Sayaka.” he answered, “Your mother is going to be in for two nasty surprises when she gets home.”

I couldn't help but feel a bit guilty now. It angered me a bit that Sayaka's parents might not accept her and I being girlfriends together, but at the same time I didn't like how Sayaka and I might inadvertently cause Mr. Miki's already bad day to get worst.

As Sayaka and I glanced back and forth at each other, I could tell by the look on her face and in her eyes that she felt the same way that I did here.

“Do you have to tell mom about it?” Sayaka asked, “I mean, you losing your job is the most important thing right now!”

“I'd rather your mother hear about it from me than have to find out about it the way I just did.” Mr. Miki replied.

Mr. Miki then turned his attention to me.

“Madoka.” he began, while looking towards me.

“Y-Yes?” I asked nervously.

“Look, don't worry.” he said, “I'm not mad with you or anything like that. You've been Sayaka's best friend for a long time now, and I'm grateful for that. If it was up to just me, I'd probably roll with it, you know? But Nanami... she's probably not going to take it well.”

Nanami was the name of Sayaka's mom. It's true that Nanami was very... traditionalist in her views. She had also been strongly supportive of the idea of Sayaka ending up with Kamijo, as she admired Kamijo and his family a great deal. I had always gotten on pretty well with both of Sayaka's parents, but I doubt that would be the same after today.

“Please don't tell her, dad!” Sayaka pleaded once more to her father.

“Now, come on, Sayaka, don't you think your own mother deserves to know this?” Mr. Miki replied, “I hope you don't plan to lie about it when I tell her!”

“No, I won't lie about it.” Sayaka replied tersely, “I don't think I could lie about that.”

Sayaka looked over to me as she said that, with such powerful emotion in her eyes. I could tell how much this situation was bothering her, and how much she wished her and I didn't have to face what would come from her father catching us kissing each other.

“Now, Madoka.” Mr. Miki said, after turning his attentions back to me, “I don't mean to be rude, but you probably should be heading home now. It probably would be better if you're not here when Nanami gets home.”

Part of me wanted to fight against that request, and stand up for Sayaka and I. But ultimately, I saw the logic in Mr. Miki's words, so I decided to comply with his request.

I then rushed over to Sayaka, and gave her a quick hug.

“I'll see you tomorrow at school, Ok?” I asked her.

“Ok.” Sayaka replied with a certain assertiveness, partly for her father's ears as well.

I then left the Miki household, and headed home, deeply worried about what would happen next.

I had considered telling my parents about what had happened, but I just didn't feel prepared for that. So after getting home, I just quietly had Dinner and went to do some homework afterwards. In the late evening, I heard a knock on my door.

“Madoka, we need to talk.”

It was my mama.

“Ok, come in.” I replied.

Mama than opened up the door and walked into my bedroom, while I was sitting in front of my personal computer, completing homework on it.

“I just received a very... interesting phone call from Kotetsu Miki.” she said, “I trust you know what it's about?”

“Yeah.” I replied uneasily.

“Care to tell me why you didn't tell me about it yourself, Madoka?” mama asked me, with a tinge of hurt in her voice.

“Well, Sayaka and I...” I began uneasily, “We've only been girlfriends for a few days, mom! There just wasn't yet a good opportunity for me to tell you about it.”

“Did you think that your father or I would be upset about it?” mama asked me.

“Well, I didn't know for sure, so...” I began in answer.

“Neither of us are upset about you being in that sort of relationship with another girl.” mama said, interrupting me, “Besides, I've had my suspicions. especially as it pertains to you and Sayaka.”

“You did?” I asked, a bit surprised by mama's words here.

“Sayaka and you have always been closer than most pairs of friends are.” mama replied with a smile, “And truth be told, there was a girl I liked that way when I was your age.”

“Really?” I asked, shocked to hear this.

“Yes.” mama replied with a smile, as she sat down on my bed, “Here, come sit next to me. I think it's time we had a good heart-to-heart conversation.”

“Ok.” I replied, as I moved over to sit next to her.

“Madoka, I'm very glad I met your father, because I now have a great family thanks in large part to him.” mama began, “But when I was fourteen, there was an active and sporty girl in my class that I had a crush on. Her name was Ringo. You could say that she was the apple of my eye.”

“That's... a very dry pun, mom.” I said nervously over that joke, but still I couldn't help but to smile at it.

“It's more than just a pun.” mama replied, “I was in love with her, and she with me. But her parents were strongly against their daughter being in that sort of relationship, so it never worked out for her and I. Remind you of anything?”

Hearing mama's story, and the way she presented it, made me feel kinda sad.

“Now, don't get me wrong.” mama continued, “Maybe it'll work out between you and Sayaka. I honestly hope it does, for your sake and her's. And your father and I will support you in that relationship if that's what you truly want, Madoka. I have no doubt that you and Sayaka really do care about each other a lot. But just be prepared...”

“I'm not going to let that happen to Sayaka and me.” I said, surprising even myself with the boldness and strength of my words here, “I... I don't mean you any disrespect, but I'm not...”

Mama then leaned over to hug me.

“If that's your choice, then I'll support you in it, Madoka.” mama said, “But it has to be Sayaka's choice as well. You'll need to determine soon if it is or not. And don't blame her if she doesn't go through with it, given the family issues it's now causing her. Ringo wasn't able to go through with it herself...”

Mama was right. This really wasn't my decision to make. It was Sayaka's. And I didn't know how rough things were for her now. But I would know by tomorrow.

Sayaka had decided to not meet up with Hitomi and me at our usual spot on the way to school. I could tell that Hitomi wanted to ask me about that, but had decided not to. I'm glad she did, because I didn't really want to talk about it myself.

When I arrived at class for the morning, I saw that Sayaka was already there, sitting at her desk with a somber look on her face. I felt such a great need and desire to reach out to her right now! So I skipped over to her, and put on the biggest smile that I could while I greeted her.

“Good morning!” I shouted to her.

“Hi.” Sayaka replied, forcing a smile.

I could tell that Sayaka was really hurting right now, though.

“Are you Ok?” I asked her with a whisper, as I leaned in close to her.

“As well as can be expected...” she answered weakly, “We'll talk about it lunch-time, Ok?”

“Ok.” I replied.

While I had this brief conversation with Sayaka, I think I saw Homura's eyes fixated on us. That wasn't terribly unusual for Homura, but there was a look in Homura's eyes that suggested to me that maybe she knew about the new romantic relationship between Sayaka and I. But that was a passing concern for me right now. The main thing was helping Sayaka, and doing what I could to ensure that our romance worked out!

With these goals taking precedence for me, I walked alongside Sayaka to our usual spot for lunch-time on school days. Sayaka sat next to me, a bit tense in her posture as she held her knees in her arms, lurched over a bit. I was sitting in a more relaxed posture, though my heart was no less tense.

“Sorry about how my dad called your mom.” Sayaka said, breaking the ice for our conversation, “I tried to talk him out of it, but he didn't listen to me.”

“It's Ok.” I replied, while I smiled reassuringly at Sayaka, “Mama and papa took it really well!”

“That's good at least.” Sayaka replied, “At least your parents won't cause any problems for us, Madoka.”

“And what about your parents, Sayaka?” I asked, in a starkly serious tone, preparing for the worst.

“Well, you heard dad yesterday.” Sayaka began in answer, “I don't think it bothers him that much. He just dislikes the headaches he blames it for, since him, mom, and I all had a big argument over it last night.”

“...And what came of that argument?” I asked.

“Mom was pretty incensed with me.” Sayaka said, “Most of the argument was her and I shouting back and forth at each other, while dad tried to play peacemaker. Mom really had it out with both dad and I. Him for getting laid off, and me for, well, you know.”

“Did anything concrete come from the argument?” I asked.

“You probably should know, Madoka, that mom had intended to forbid me from ever going over to your place again, or ever having you over to my place again.” Sayaka answered, “In fact, I think she wanted me to... to stop even being friends with you. Dad thankfully considered that very extreme, and pushed for a compromise. So I ended up agreeing to not go over to your place anytime soon, in return for mom agreeing to let me have you over to my place, as long as her or dad are there.”

“I see.” I said, in a low and dejected voice, “Of course, Sayaka, if that's how your mom feels about me now, then...”

“I know.” Sayaka replied, while sighing, “It might not be the best idea if you came over to my place anytime soon.”

“...So what are we going to do, Sayaka?” I asked, as I felt deeply concerned, “Are we... are you and I going to have to break...”

No.” Sayaka said firmly, “I'm not going to let it come to that! This is my decision, it's not mom's!”

Tears of hurt and frustration started to rush to Sayaka's eyes as she said that.

“I-I'm sorry, Madoka.” Sayaka said, “It's your decision as well, of course. I meant no disre...”

“I know.” I said, “And my decision is the same as yours, Sayaka! I don't want to lose you either!”

Sayaka and I were both crying now. In a flash, we'd find ourselves hugging each other, trying to take comfort in each other's arms. Attempts to reassure one another was garbled and rendered a bit inaudible by our sobs. But we both knew that we were going to do whatever we could to overcome the trials and turmoils thrown against us and our relationship. We had no intention of giving in to them!

“Madoka, I have an idea.” Sayaka said, while she held my shoulders in her two hands and looked me in the eyes.

“What's that?” I asked.

“Why don't I ask Mami if you and I can meet at her place sometimes?” Sayaka asked me, “That way we can get around the obstacles that's been put in our path.”

“Ok.” I replied, “That's fine with me if it's Ok with you and Mami!”

So during lunch-break, Sayaka called Mami and explained the situation to her, as briefly as possible. Sayaka then asked Mami if we could make use of her home at times when she was out doing Puella Magi-based activities. Mami agreed to it!

That was a big relief to Sayaka and I. At least the two of us would now have a place that we could relax at, other than just various restaurants and stores around town.

I could tell that there would be a lot of challenges facing Sayaka and I as romantic partners. But I was willing to face them alongside of her, with the help of our mutual friends, and my parents!


Madoka Stands Alone Chain

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