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Mami Lives Chapter 8
Madoka Stands Alone Chain

It was now Wednesday morning, and Sayaka and I were both in good cheer! We were both pretty pumped up at the idea of introducing Hitomi and Mami to one another.

We alluded to that in our chat with Hitomi, after we met at our usual place on the way to school together. Kyubey was perched on Sayaka's shoulder.

“Hitomi, I have to confess that there's a bit of a secret that Madoka and I have been keeping from you.” Sayaka said a bit bashfully, while smiling towards Hitomi.

“Oh?” Hitomi asked, in an oddly playful tone, “And what secret might this be?”

“Well, a little over a week ago, Madoka and I made a new friend when we ran into her at the nearby mall, after we saved her...”

“Pet cat.” I said, quickly finishing Sayaka's sentence for her, so as to not arouse suspicion.

“Right, right.” Sayaka quickly confirmed, “We saved her pet cat. So anyway, the owner of that pet cat ended up being an upperclasswoman from our school!”

“And like Sayaka said, we made friends with her.” I interjected, “So we ended up spending a fair bit of time with her over the past week.”

“So that's what's keeping you two so busy, and me out of the loop?” Hitomi replied, in implicit question and criticism.

“Right, and we're really sorry about that!” Sayaka exclaimed.

“We were just waiting for the right time to introduce you to her.” I quickly added.

“I see.” Hitomi replied, “So do you plan on introducing me to her soon?”

“Yeah.” Sayaka answered with a wide smile, “We plan on introducing her to you after school today. Madoka and I are hoping that the four of us – you, her, Madoka, and I – could all be friends!”

“In fact.” I quickly added once more, “We were thinking that if you and her get along well with each other, that we could all have a sleepover at her place on Friday night!”

My...” Hitomi replied in a slightly sarcastic tone, while turning about suddenly to face Sayaka and I, “You two certainly like planning a lot without my input, don't you? Is there anything else either of you would like to tell me?”

Hitomi playfully smiled towards Sayaka and I as she asked us these two sarcastic questions, but there was something that I found vaguely troubling about her demeanour and tone of voice right now.

“N-No, that's everything!” Sayaka answered with a sheepish grin, while chuckling nervously.

“Again, Hitomi, we're sorry for keeping you out of the loop.” I said to her in a sympathetic tone of voice, “I hope you understand.”

“Don't worry, Madoka, I understand perfectly.” Hitomi replied, “I do look forward to meeting your new friend. May I ask what her name is?”

“Mami Tomoe.” Sayaka answered.

Mami Tomoe. That's a nice name.” Hitomi replied, while she played with her chin with one finger, “Well, I can't wait to meet her!”

Today's classes went by fairly uneventfully, and seemed to drag a bit as Sayaka and I were both excited, and a bit nervous, over the thought of Hitomi and Mami finally getting to meet one another! Well, them finally getting to meet one another with Hitomi not under the influence of a witch's kiss, at least.

While classes were uneventful, Kamijo did seem oddly distracted all morning. I think he kept looking over at Hitomi a lot, even as Sayaka was trying to chat and joke around with him! I wonder what this could mean? Anyway, Hitomi didn't seem to think much of it, so I guess I shouldn't either.

Finally, the school day would end, and I would wait next to Hitomi at our lockers while Sayaka went off to retrieve Mami! It was only a short wait for Hitomi and I until Sayaka had returned with Mami walking closely behind her.

“Hitomi Shizuki.” Mami Tomoe said with a bright smile, while extending out her hand towards her, “Madoka and Sayaka have told me so much about you. It's good to finally meet you in person!”

“I'm glad to make your acquaintance as well, Mami Tomoe.” Hitomi said, while she eagerly and politely accepted Mami's offer of a handshake, “But are you sure we haven't met before? You look vaguely familiar to me.”

“Well, it's possible we've passed by each other at school once or twice before.” Mami answered, “Mitakihara Middle School is a fairly large school, but it's certainly possible that you've at least seen my face before.”

“Speaking of your face, how do you manage to get your curls so nice and perfectly in place like that?” asked Hitomi, “Why, it almost seems like magic to me!”

Sayaka couldn't help but to chuckle over that, while Mami shyly blushed, and I fidgeted a bit.

“Thank you for the compliment.” Mami said with a smile, “But your own hair is quite nice, and no less... magical... than mine.”

Even I couldn't help but to chuckle a bit over how Mami was playing along with the irony in Hitomi's choice of words. But what struck me most was the wide open grin Hitomi made after Mami's latest response to her. There was something about that grin that seemed a bit... worrisome to me.

“Anyway, why don't the four of us spend a little bit of time together?” Sayaka asked, wanting to speed things up a bit, “I was thinking we could all go eat out for some ice cream together!”

“That sounds good to me!” I chimed in approvingly.

“And to me as well.” Mami quickly agreed, “How about you, Shizuki-san?”

“Please, call me Hitomi.” she said warmly to Mami, “And yes, I'm fine with that as well. In fact, I'm in the mood for something cold and smooth... so ice cream fits the bill perfectly!”

So Sayaka, Mami, Hitomi, and I all had a nice time enjoying some ice cream at a nearby restaurant. We chatted and joked around a lot. It was great to see Hitomi and Mami really hit it off well!

I know that I should just be happy and relieved about that, but there was something about how Hitomi talked to Mami, in spite of how Mami ought to be a complete stranger to her. Hitomi seemed to display some sort of... gratitude maybe? ... towards Mami.

Oh well, my mind was probably just playing tricks with me. Around 4:30 PM, the four of us would all split up, after we all agreed on having a sleepover at Mami's place on Friday night! Sayaka and I felt really great about how well things seemed to be going now!

Unfortunately, that feeling would not last for long...

It's now 7 PM, Wednesday evening. How different the mood and atmosphere is here, for both Sayaka and myself, then what it was only a few hours ago. The much more serious topic of discussion is no doubt part of the reason why. But I think that no small matter is also the change in company.

Akemi-san is polite, but she lacks the warmth of Madoka. And Kyouko... Kyouko is certainly nothing like Hitomi.

Here we are gathered, along with Sayaka, to discuss the upcoming threat posed by Walpurgis Night, and how best to combat it.

The feel of this room is strange. A pendulum swings overhead, enchantingly but also menacingly. Esoteric images float about the room, all of them going back to one aspect or another of the Puella Magi world. Most are of witches, I believe. Circular colourful seating arrangements are arrayed in a pattern throughout the room, but they're a bit hard to sit on, so I've chosen to remain standing instead.

Kyouko is eating, as usual. At the moment, she's snarfing down some ramen noodles.

Sayaka, to her credit, is very attentive as Homura points to a map situated on top of a small table before us.

“I predict that Walpurgis Night will appear in this area.” Homura stated.

“...The clock tower?!” Sayaka asked, “Why there?”

“Not only that.” chimed in Kyouko, “But I haven't heard of Walpurgis Night appearing in this city before. So how are you so sure about the clock tower?”

Homura maintained quite a poker face over that question from Kyouko.

“You should answer her question.” Sayaka said firmly towards Homura, “No offence, but you're not the most trustworthy person in the world.”

“And you are, Sayaka?” I heard a new voice in the room, a voice that was once unfamiliar to me, but one which I now recognized.

Hitomi...!” Sayaka said in breathless shock, as she turned about to face where Hitomi's voice was coming from.

“Hey!” exclaimed Kyouko angrily towards Akemi, “Isn't this room cut off from normal humans?!”

“It is.” Akemi-san answered, “Thus the only logical conclusion is...”

I'm not a normal human any more.” Hitomi said, finishing Homura's sentence for her, while she walked out of the shaded area of the room and into the light.

Sayaka, Kyouko, Akemi and I were all wearing civilian attire. To be more specific, Sayaka, Akemi, and I were in our student uniforms, while Kyouko was wearing her typical jean shorts and green top. But as for Hitomi...

She was wearing a long, fancy green dress with yellow laces up through the midsection of it, eventually ending in a beautifully bright bold yellow bow situated on top of Hitomi's cleavage. Hitomi also had on metallic gloves and metallic boots that stretched up to her knees, similar to what a medieval knight would wear. Also out of the mists of history was the weapon she was wielding – a halberd! But most telling was the green choker around her neck. Because attached to that was a Green Soul Gem...

“I had my doubts about going along with your little charade earlier today, Sayaka.” Hitomi said with a tone of resentment towards Sayaka, “But it's all worth it to see the look that you have on your face now.”

“Hitomi, what is this about?!” a completely stunned Sayaka asked, as she stood up to face Hitomi.

“I think it should be obvious that I'm now a Puella Magi, like you are.” Hitomi answered, “In spite of your best efforts to keep all of that secret from me, Sayaka.”

“Wait, Hitomi-san...” I said, speaking up in defense of Sayaka, “Please don't be upset with Sayaka! She meant you no...”

“It's truly a pleasure to see you again, Mami.” Hitomi said sweetly towards me, while she walked over to me, “Although I don't approve of you aiding and abetting Madoka and Sayaka in keeping the truth from me, that's very much secondary to what you did do for me. Based on what Kyubey told me, you saved my life! And now, I can finally express my proper gratitude to you for it. I hope that you and I can be good friends.”

“I...” I began uneasily in reply, as Hitomi held out her hand to me.

“Yes, I'd like that to.” I said to Hitomi as I shook her hand.

“But you should know, Hitomi...” I continued, “That Sayaka and Madoka helped me save your life last Thursday night! They deserve thanks as well.”

“It's not that Madoka and I wanted to keep you in the dark about anything!” Sayaka exclaimed.

“Oh, then what was it, Sayaka?” Hitomi asked, while raising an eyebrow towards her, “Wasn't it you trying to gain an unfair advantage over me?!”

“W-what are you talking about?!” Sayaka asked, truly dumbfounded over Hitomi's words I think.

Psst.” I heard Kyouko whisper to Akemi-san, “Do you intend to regain control of this meeting or not?!”

“Patience.” Akemi replied, “Let's first see how this all plays out. I hope that we have another Puella Magi ally here, but that might not be the case...”

Hitomi then began to address Sayaka's last question to her.

“The contractor Kyubey approached you and Madoka about becoming magical girls, correct?” Hitomi asked Sayaka.

“...Yes, that's true.” Sayaka answered, “I guess you met Kyubey, huh?”

“Yes, I did.” Hitomi answered in turn, “And he told me about how you and Madoka hid the truth of the world of magical girls and witches from me. Even after a witch almost killed me, Sayaka!”

“I... I didn't want to needlessly worry you, Hitomi!” Sayaka exclaimed in defence of herself, “Madoka didn't either. We thought that ignorance would be bliss for you.”

“A convenient excuse, Sayaka.” Hitomi replied, while narrowing her eyes towards Sayaka, “A convenient excuse to justify you taking hold of an unfair advantage over me in the ways of love!”

“... the ways of love?” Sayaka said breathlessly, as I think a troubling truth was starting to dawn on her, as it was dawning on me as well, “Just what did you wish for when you became a Puella Magi?!”

“There's a person we both love that you used a wish on in order to gain his gratitude.” Hitomi began in answer, “That person is Kyousuke Kamijo. And so I turned the tables on that, Sayaka! I wished for Kyousuke Kamijo to fall in love with me!”

Sayaka looked entirely floored by this news!

“Hey now!” Kyouko piped up over hearing Hitomi say this, “You can't go making wishes to change people like that! That's bad...”

You did what?!” Sayaka asked Hitomi angrily, and fiercely, interrupting Kyouko in the process.

“I took advantage of the same system that you did!” Hitomi shouted in reply, “Isn't that only fair, Sayaka?”

Fair?” Sayaka asked, as I could tell that rage was starting to overcome her, “I made a wish to help Kyousuke! For his benefit! You made a selfish wish for your own sake, Hitomi! One that disrespects Kyousuke and his free will!”

“How dare you talk about disrespect to me?!” Hitomi shouted in questioning reply, “We've been good friends for awhile... or at least I thought we were... until you dismissed our friendship entirely when you left me in the dark on this most important hidden reality. A hidden reality that threatened my very life, Sayaka!”

“Ok, that's enough!” I shouted, as I raced over to Hitomi, gently taking hold of her arms from behind her.

“... Mami, Madoka, and I all saved you, Hitomi!” Sayaka exclaimed at her, as tears flew out of her eyes, “So I wasn't dismissing our friendship at all! But you've dismissed our friendship by trying to steal Kyousuke away from me with an evil, selfish wish!”

Calm down, Sayaka!” shouted Kyouko while she raced over to Sayaka to grab her arms from behind her.

“E-evil?!” Hitomi said in reply to Sayaka's last words to her, as I could sense great rage rising up within Hitomi as well, “If that's what you truly think, Sayaka...”

“No, Hitomi, don't!” I cried at her.

“Then let's you and I settle this as two Puella Magi ought to!” Hitomi exclaimed to Sayaka, ignoring my cries, “Let's settle this in battle! Your sword, and my halberd!”

“If that's what you want, then so be it!” Sayaka shouted in reply, “I'll make you pay for what you did to Kyousuke!”

I was using my personal computer, and working on my homework, when Kyubey suddenly appeared just outside my bedroom window!

'Madoka!' he shouted to me telepathically, 'Hurry! Sayaka and Hitomi are both in danger! Follow me!'

And so I raced after Kyubey. And what he would show me truly horrified me!

To Be Continued...


Thanks to everyone for their great feedback!

Based on the feedback I've received, I've decided to go ahead, and write straight through to the conclusion of Mami Lives!

This chapter is one where I admittedly take these characters places that might seem a bit hard to swallow. But hopefully, readers will enjoy it all the same.

I look forward to any and all replies.

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