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what would be the opposite of smell? hearing or eye sight? is kagura color blind? infact are all the guys in altea color blind? remember amata supposedly having blonde hair and yellow eyes or whatever?

so looked up inverted colors cause our leading 4 have a interesting combination.

inversion of red - is green/aqua
inversion of yellow/orange - is purple/blue
how convinient
i am going with the first box in the link above is the first TV series aquarion. combo of blue-red-green, just like the first series sirius-apollo-silvia.
now look at vega's colors the second box the inverted one yellow-aqua-purple/pink

so does this mean zessica is apollon of vega zessica is great apollonius which is why she appears after the book. Accept it you all

i will also guess that all the powers of silvia and apollo are revered and split among mikono-zessica and amata. this is also why the flashback of silvie and apollon is reversed compared to apollonius/celiane. i also think either the 2 girls are split of silvie or split of apollon. or it is a combo of amata-mikono or amata-zessica that are split souls just like the first genesis series.

remember back in episode 5 when the "forbidden lover" splashed on screen and kagura replaced zessica? yeah that a big no no cause zessica and kagura are reverse of each other. also then RBG combine the center is White while if Purple/aqua/yellow combine its darkness.

The reason why kagura is attracted to mikono is because her color is the reverse of silvia's.

we might as well read this as well with souls being split in mind/body/heart

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