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CHAPTER FOUR: THE ANIME "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid "

Apparently, the author Gotoh Shoji loved the way Kyo-Ani handled "Fumoffu." Fans also seem to have preferred Kyo-Ani's godly sakuga quality over the first GONZO version. Hence, the anime production rights for the next series was handed over to Kyoto Animation once again.

"Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" uses the same staff and director for "Fumoffu." And since Mr. Gotoh himself was impressed for their handling of "Fumoffu," he came in to supervise the slight arrangements that he wanted to do for some of the characters and stories for this series.

Title: "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid"
Airing started: July 13, 2005 on WOWOW BS Satellite
Total number of episodes: 13

New characters (and their seiyuus):
Belfangan Clouseau: Koyama Rikiya
Leonard Testarossa: Namikawa Daisuke
Gaetz: Otsuka Houchuu
Xia Yu Fan: Shinohara Emi
Xia Yu Lan: Sawashiro Miyuki

OP song: Minamikaze
Lyrics & Music: Asada Nobukazu
Arrange: Nishikawa Susumu
Sung by: Shimokawa Mikuni

ED song: Mou Ichido Kimi ni Aitai
Lyrics: Shimokawa Mikuni
Music: Gajin
Arrange: Nishikawa Susumu
Song by: Shimokawa Mikuni

As of October 5, 2005, the aired dates and their titles were:

Episode 01 (2005.07.13 24:00) - "Owaru Hibi"
Episode 02 (2005.07.20 24:00) - "Suimenka no Joukei"
Episode 03 (2005.07.27 24:20) - "Meikyuu to Ryuu"
Episode 04 (2005.08.03 24:00) - "Daylight"
Episode 05 (2005.08.10 24:20) - "Uruwashiki Sicilia"
Episode 06 (2005.08.17 24:10) - "Edge of Heaven"
Episode 07 (2005.08.24 24:20) - "Torinokosarete"
Episode 08 (2005.09.14 24:10) - "Jungle Groove"
Episode 09 (2005.09.21 24:00) - "Kanojo no Mondai"
Episode 10 (2005.09.28 24:30) - "Futatsu no Hong Kong"
Episode 11 (2005.10.05 24:15) - "Kare no Mondai"
Episode 12 (2005.10.12 24:30) - "Moeru Hong Kong"
Episode 13 (2005.10.19 24:15) - "Tsuduku Hibi"

There was a two week blank period between episodes 7 and 8 due to WOWOW's special coverage of the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

__________________________________________________ ______________
Several items to note:
  • The anime "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" is largely based on the novels "Owaru Day By Day - (Upper Vol.)" & "Owaru Day By Day - (Lower Vol.)"
  • Episodes 01-04 are not in the original novel. The scripts for these episodes were re-created by the author himself as he sat down with the anime staff for the anime series. Hence, Mr. Gatoh Shoji's is credited as the main script writer for episodes 01, 03, and 04.
  • Episode 08 is also credited with Mr. Gatoh Shoji as the main script writer
  • The character Gaetz is not in the original novel. He was one of the characters that was re-created by Mr. Gatoh Shoji for this anime.
  • The two twin sisters Xia Yu Fan and Xia Yui Lan were brought in as the anime replacement for the twin brothers Fei Xiu and Fei Won in the original novels.
  • Fans of "FMP!" here in Japan were very excited that Corporal Yan Jun-Kyu finally made an appearance in TSR. Corporal Yan is a SRT member and his Call sign Uruz-9. His specialty is being able to drive anything like a pro, with the exception of an AS. Corporal Yan made his first appearance in the novel "Hashiru One Night Stand" as Mithril's get-away driver against the Behemoth. However, his existence was wiped out in GONZO's "FMP!" anime. However, thanks to Kyoto Animation, Corporal Yan was able to make his anime debut in episode 02 of "FMP! TSR" It was especially surprising that his voice was done by the veteran seiyuu Sasaki Nozomu.

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