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Notes for summary:

1. "Full Metal Panic!" will be abbreviated as "FMP!"
2. "Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu" will be abbreviated as "FMP? Fumoffu"
3. References to "FMP:Fumoffu" anime episodes will use the listing on the DVD version
4. When making references to the 15 minute episodes of "FMP? Fumoffu," The first half with called "Part A," and the second half as "Part B."
5. "Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid" will be abbreviated as "FMP! TSR"
6. The two volumes that make up "Owaru Day By Day" and its anime counterpart "FMP! TSR" has slight differences. See above.

__________________________________________________ _____________

Copyright: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, Gatoh Shoji, Shiki Doji

VOLUME 1: "Tatakau Boy Meets Girl"
Original publishing date: 1998.09.25
Category: Main Plot

"FMP!" episodes 01-07 covers this volume.

Sagara Sousuke is a sergeant of an elite mercenary force named Mithril. His life in the military comes to a weird turn when he is sent to Jindai High School to protect a girl named Chidori Kaname from a possible kidnapping attempt by the KGB. Can he adapt to normal school life? Who are the people targeting Chidori, and why?
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