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VOLUME 8: "Owaru Day By Day (Upper Vol.)"
Original publishing date: 2000.11.15
Category: Main Story

"FMP! TSR" episodes 05-07 covers this volume (NOTE: The anime is slightly different from the original novel)

Sagara, Kurtz, and Mao are in Sicily to retrieve a spy named Vincent Bruno - a man who aided Gauron's takeover of De Danaan. When Sagara returns back to Japan, he finds himself starting to adapt to the civilian life. However, things turn around when an order is given to him to be relieved of being Chidori's bodyguard and to return to Melida Island base immediately. His job is to be succeeded by a mysterious man (or woman?) named Wraith. Meanwhile, danger looms above Chidori's life. As she becomes more aware of the peril that seems to follow her steps, she seeks the assurance from Sousuke, but....

New characters:
Wraith - mysterious man (or woman?) from the intelligence division of Mithril
Belfangan Clouseau - new leader and the new Uruz 1 of the SRT who came in place of Gail McCarran (the former leader that was killed during Gauron's takeover of De Danaan).
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