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VOLUME 9: "Owaru Day By Day (Lower Vol.)"
Original publishing date: 2001.03.25
Category: Main Story

"FMP! TSR" episodes 07-13 covers this volume (NOTE: The anime is slightly different from the original novel)

Chidori Kaname becomes worried that Sousuke hasn't returned her calls. As the days progresses, she increasingly becomes paranoid that someone is following her. When she goes to Sousuke's place, she finds his apartment to be empty....

Sousuke is in Hong Kong and meets Gauron...a quadriplegic lying in bed.

"Look at you. You used to be cool. Now that you adapted to civilian life, you became wussy like the rest of them. Guess what? I'll help you return to your kick ass state, Kasim. You know that girl that you have your hearts on? Well, she's dead! Hahaha. I ordered her death!!! Now throw your anger! Lash out at the world! Put a bullet into my head!! Become who you truly are, a ruthless killer!!!"

When Venoms start attacking Hong Kong hoping to instigate a civil war between North and South China (in the FMP world, mainland China is divided between the Communist North and the Nationalist South), Sousuke just stares at the world like he doesn't give a damn. But then, a voice yells at him "Sousuke! What the heck are you just standing there for!!!" He turns around and sees....Chidori Kaname.

New Characters:
Leonard Testarossa - Tessa's brother, aka Mr. Ag (Silver). He steals Chidori Kaname's first kiss
Fei Xiu (飛鷲) & Fei Won (飛鴻) - twin brothers who owe their allegiance to Gauron. Former (older) brother wrecks havoc in Hong Kong with the Venom AS, the latter gets killed in the assasination attempt of Chidori Kaname by Leonard's Astral robot.

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