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Copyright: Fujimi Fantasia Bunko, Gatoh Shoji, Shiki Doji

VOLUME 10: "Dounimo Naranai Gori Muchuu"
Original publishing date: 2001.10.25
Category: Side Story Compilations

Jun de Fujun na Grappler "FMP? Fumoffu" Ep. 6 Part A covers this story
Chidori and Kyoko are running away from some hooligans when a guy saves them with martial arts. The next day, Sousuke and Chidori head to a school clubhouse to persuade their members to leave the premises as it is to be demolished. The head of the martial arts club happens to be the same person who saved Chidori.... Tsubaki Issei makes his first appearance in this story.

Zen'i no Trespass "FMP? Fumoffu" Ep. 6 Part B covers this story
Sousuke and Issei got off to a wrong start, and they have become rivals at school. Everywhere they go, they wreak havoc, causing stress and pain to the school caretaker, Oonuki Zenji. As punishment, Sousuke and Issei are given orders to help out Mr. Oonuki on his daily activities. Things go wrong when they accidentally prepare Mr. Oonuki’s dinner by killing the koi he has taken care of.

Jingi Naki Fancy "FMP? Fumoffu" Ep. 10 covers this story
The Mikihara yakuza clan is on the brink of extinguishment. Their only remaining hope is to hire a military master (Bonta-kun) to help the inept Mikihara clan members to shape up. When Oren-san and Chidori are kidnapped by the rival Ryuujinkai, Sousuke leads a mass army of Bonta-kuns on a rescue mission.

Houkago no Peacekeeper This story has not been animated

Maigo no Old Dog This story has not been animated

Wari to Hima na Sentaichou no Ichi Nichi "FMP! TSR" OVA covers this story
A diary depicting the everyday life of Teletha Testarosssa’s role as a captain of the De Danaan. Journal entries include Tessa being forced to drink alcohol with Mao, getting involved in Kurtz’ usual lecherous antics, being lectured by Commander Mardukas, eating Lt. Commander Kalinin’s dinner which tastes very great except for his borscht, etc. etc…

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