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Mami Lives Chapter 9
Mami Romance Chain

“Hi, Madoka!”

That's what Mami cheerfully shouted out to me as I walk towards where she's sitting right now in the restaurant. It's about 4 PM on Monday, and I now have a lot to talk to Mami about.

If you chose B for Choice M5 and did not choose A for M Opportunity Choice 3, read Section Breaking the Bad News to Mami. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Breaking the Bad News to Mami:

I was very happy to meet up with Mami right now.

If you choose A for M Opportunity Choice 3, read Section Madoka's Acting Performance. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Madoka's Acting Performance:

“Hello, Mami, how are you doing?!” I exclaimed to her in cheerful question, as I sat down on the side of the table opposite to where Mami was sitting.

“I'm doing fine.” Mami answered, “I'm mostly interested in how you're doing, Madoka.”

If you Chose A for Choice M4, read Section Reporting the Good News.
If you Chose B for Choice M4, read Section Homura Took it a Bit Hard.

Spoiler for Reporting the Good News:

Spoiler for Homura Took it a Bit Hard:

It looked like everything was continuing to go smoothly with Mami. I also now had some big plans for tonight! As I ate Dinner with my family, my mind drifted a bit to how this evening would go for me.

I was certainly eager to find out!

__________________________________________________ ____

Sayaka Romance Chain

On the way home from school on this Wednesday afternoon, Sayaka and I dropped in to Mami's to pay her a visit. After gladly welcoming us at the door, Mami enthusiastically invited us in, and retrieved some tea and cookies for us to drink and eat. We did so while we sat around the triangular transparent table in Mami's living room.

“Thanks for letting Sayaka and I make use of your apartment whenever you're not here, Mami!” I shouted in deep appreciation towards her.

“It's the least I can do to help my two new friends through a difficult situation.” Mami began in reply, “Especially a difficult situation that I can sadly relate to.”

Mami's tone changed from relaxed to regretful with that last line, which was also said beneath her breath. She also took a sip of her tea after saying it.

“What do you mean by that, Mami?” Sayaka asked, having heard what Mami said underneath her breath.

“Well, the truth is that I'm also a lesbian like you and Madoka are.” Mami answered, after drinking some tea, “I went through a difficult situation a few years ago because of that...”

“Really?” I asked, a bit startled by that, and also feeling sorry for Mami given all the other problems she's had to endure.

“Yes, really.” Mami confirmed in answer, “But neither of you need to worry about that now. It's well in the past, and it's my goal to always keep looking forward, while trying to stay positive and strong.”

“I think that's a great attitude to have.” Sayaka stated here, openly admiring Mami in the process, “Madoka and I may not have become magical girls, but we still consider you a great Senior, Mami!”

“Yeah!” I chimed in agreement, “You're always so helpful and mature.”

“Thank you.” Mami replied, blushing slightly, “But I have to admit that I occasionally have doubts about that. There's something else I want to reveal to you both that should help to explain why that is.”

“What do you want to reveal?” Sayaka asked.

“Before I met you and Madoka, I was... friends and Puella Magi partners with a girl named Kyouko Sakura.” Mami began in explanation, “Kyouko and I had a falling out due to philosophical differences on what exactly it means to be a Puella Magi. I've recently met back up with Kyouko, and I'd like to renew my friendship with her but have found that those differences continue to get in the way.”

“That's really sad...” I said.

“Well, at least you have Madoka and I as friends now, Mami!” Sayaka exclaimed, trying to cheer Mami up.

“I know.” Mami replied, “But it's inevitable that as the two of you grow closer together in your romance, you'll have less time for me. I certainly don't say that to place any blame on either of you, or to make you feel guilty about it, but just to state an important and unavoidable fact. I have to admit that I have felt a bit lonely the last few days, almost like how I felt before I met both of you. So I have to admit that part of me has wondered if I wouldn't be better off capitulating to Kyouko's vision of what it means to be a Puella Magi, simply so I could be closer to her.”

Hearing Mami voice these words to Sayaka and I left me feeling a bit guilty. Had Sayaka and I become so caught up in our relationship issues that we had lost sight of Mami, and her sad situation? As Sayaka and I glanced back and forth to each other, contemplating carefully over Mami's words, I think that Sayaka had similar questions at the forefront of her mind. Those weren't the only questions, though.

“This Kyouko...” began Sayaka, in a slightly ominous tone, “What is her vision of what it means to be a Puella Magi?”

“You... probably wouldn't approve.” Mami said sheepishly, with a nervous look on her face, “Let's just say that she thinks that a Puella Magi is very different from a normal human, and so she should live strictly for herself, making it a point to not be concerned about the lives and welfare of other humans.”

“...You're right.” Sayaka stated sternly after a tense pause, “I don't approve.”

“Still...” I began, feeling sympathetic over Mami's situation here, “It's understandable at least. Magical girls are aware of a reality that almost nobody else is aware of. They deal with difficulties that nobody else has to face! I guess it only makes sense that they would feel cut off from the rest of world.”

“That's true...” Sayaka replied, a bit uneasily, seeing the logic in my words although it didn't sit well with her, “Still, I think that with great power comes great responsibility. If you have a chance to make a real difference that helps and protects others, shouldn't you take advantage of it?”

“Then why don't you do so?” came a new, but familiar, fourth voice.

It was Kyubey! Sayaka and I, and even Mami to an extent, were startled to hear him suddenly interject himself into our conversation. Kyubey was now seen leaning over the top of the couch in Mami's living room.

“Kyubey, they've already made their decisions on that.” Mami said to him in a slightly cross tone of voice, “Should you not respect that?”

“Of course.” Kyubey answered, “But I've noticed that humans can often change their opinions on their decisions, so I thought it would be beneficial to determine if Madoka and Sayaka's opinion have changed. Sayaka's most recent statements would logically lead to her wanting to become a Puella Magi!”

“Why's that?” Sayaka asked.

“The opportunity for great power lies right in front of you, as you could still contract with me as a magical girl.” Kyubey answered, “That opportunity isn't made to everyone. It's only offered to a select few out of all humans. Given the great opportunity for great power that lies before you, Sayaka, does that not mean that you should act on the great responsibility that comes with that?”

“That's...” Sayaka began in slow answer, while thinking carefully over Kyubey's words, “That's different. Having great power thrust on you is different than having the choice to wield it or not. I don't know if I could handle the great responsibility that goes along with wielding great power... especially now that I have other responsibilities in my life.”

With her last few words, Sayaka had looked over to me with a warm and romantic smile on her face. It was clear to me what Sayaka meant by her words, and that made me smile slightly and blush.

“It is clear that you feel a greater responsibility towards Madoka than before.” Kyubey stated to Sayaka, “Being a Puella Magi could only aid you in fulfilling those responsibilities! Without the magical power that comes with being a Puella Magi, what would happen if you and Madoka were to fall into a witch's barrier without Mami around to help you?”

“That is not something Sayaka needs to be concerned with.” Mami spoke up, “Kyubey, I respect that you wanted Madoka and Sayaka to become magical girls, but they have repeatedly rejected your request there. It is time to honour and respect that rejection.”

“Wouldn't you like to have more Puella Magi allies, Mami?” Kyubey asked her, “Ones that are more compatible with you than Kyouko Sakura is?”

“I won't deny that.” Mami answered, “But I also believe that Madoka and Sayaka have enough to worry about now without the added responsibilities of being a Puella Magi.”

“That's true.” Sayaka stated in replied, “In fact...”

I could tell that the gears were turning in Sayaka's head.

“I think it's time for me to do everything that I can to make sure our relationship works out, Madoka.” Sayaka said to me.

“What do you mean, Sayaka?” I asked her.

“This evening, I'm going to have a chat with my dad.” Sayaka said, “I'm going to do all that I can to gain his support, Madoka! If I can accomplish that, then mom will have no choice but to eventually back down!”

And so after Madoka and I left Mami's place for the day, I headed back to my home, intent on persuading my father to support my romance with Madoka.

After arriving home, I noticed that dad was sitting on a couch in the living room, carefully sifting through job ads in the local paper. I appreciated how dutiful he was in trying to find new work right away, but my dad was also a bit clueless in a way that frequently exasperated me.

“Oh, hi Sayaka.” he said to me, as I walked into the living room, “You're home a bit late. You didn't go over...”

“No, I didn't go over to Madoka's.” I said in a terse interjection, unable to hide my resentment over being barred from visiting the home of my girlfriend and best friend.

“Where were you then?” he asked, while roughly folding up the newspaper and placing it on the table.

“This is odd.” I answered, raising an eyebrow, “You usually don't pay any attention to my daily life. If doing something to displease you and mom was the only way to gain your attention, maybe I should have done that a long time ago.”

“Hey now!” dad piped up, displaying instant hurt over my words as he stood up and turned around to face me, “You know that isn't true. You've always had my attention, Sayaka!”

“Oh?” I asked, a bit sarcastically, “Then where were you on my last birthday? Or when you, mom, and I were planning a long vacation last Summer?”

“Those were busy times at work, Sayaka, you know that.” he answered me, “We had deadlines to meet, people to greet, all that stuff.”

“... Well, was it worth it?” I asked in turn, after a brief pause, “Did you get that promotion you and mom were hoping you would?”

Dad fidgeted nervously with his arms and hands, and sighed gruffly over my words.

“...Geez, Sayaka, isn't that a bit cold?” he asked me.

“It's no more cold than mom wanting me to break up with the person I love with all my heart.” I said, closing my eyes while I said it to hold back any potential tears.

Dad sighed again over these words.

“Look, Sayaka, I know how you feel about her, but...”

“No, I don't think that you do, dad.” I firmly interrupted him, “How could you? Over the past two years, I'd get to talk to you only a couple times a week, aside from casual good mornings and good nights, if that. You were always busy at work, or busy hanging out with your friends. You hardly ever had time for mom or me.”

“Sayaka, I did that to help provide for you!” he exclaimed to me, “I did that to ensure that you'd have everything you need for a good life.”

“Money is important, but it's not everything.” I replied, “Money alone won't fill a person's heart. I wanted somebody to be close to, and somebody to love. In recent years, you and mom have been cold or distant or both to me.”

“Well, why don't we head off to the nearest unoccupied baseball field!” dad said, perking up with a snapping of his fingers and a flashy grin, “We could play some catch there, and I can also throw you some pitches to swing at! It'll be just like...”

“Four years ago?” I asked, finishing his sentence for him.

“Um, well, yeah.” dad replied a bit sheepishly while scratching his head, as he could tell that I was a bit cynical over the idea.

Dad loves baseball, and it's thanks to him that I developed some love for the sport myself. Dad and I used to play baseball a lot together. To his credit, he cheered me on a lot when I was younger. But then, around when I turned 10, dad became steadily busier and busier at work, until he seemed to never have any time for mom or me. So without dad's support, and with Hitomi and Madoka not being into baseball much, I lost interest in it.

“... I know you mean well.” I said to dad, deciding that maybe I had been a bit too hard on him, “But I'm not a kid anymore. I'm soon going to be a woman. And that's why I should be allowed to make my own relationship choices! If I want to be with another girl, then I should be allowed to!”

At this point, my emotions were starting to get the better of me. I allowed a couple tears to fly forth as I shouted these strongly held beliefs at my father.

“I told you, Sayaka, that if it was up to just me...” he began.

“I'm not looking for you to be passive, dad!” I shouted at him, “Haven't you been passive enough in my life? Don't you care at all about me?!”

“Of course I care about you, Sayaka.” he said, a bit flatly as I think he was taken aback by my accusations here, “How could I not care about you? You're my only daughter after all! And to tell you the truth, that's why I have to admit I'm a bit worried about you and Madoka.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, as dad's words here calmed me down a bit.

“Well, let's just say that your mother isn't the only one who feels the way that she does.” dad began in answer, “There's people out there that might not accept you and Madoka being together like that. Some may even discriminate against you in employment opportunities! Now they probably won't be dumb enough to admit that's the reason why, but that will be the reason.”

“That's not fair!” I shouted, feeling such rage at the thought of being discriminated against like that.

“I know it's not fair, Sayaka, but I don't control that!” dad replied, “We have to be pragmatic here. We can't afford to be idealistic about this. Your future is at stake, Sayaka!”

No.” I said, as I started to get a bit choked up in tears of frustration, “That's not right! I shouldn't have to give up on Madoka just to please society!”

Dad began to reach one hand and arm out to me to try to comfort me, but he pulled back at the sight of how I angrily shifted my head away from him while he did so.

“... If you truly care about me, then you'll support my relationship with Madoka.” I said, as firmly as I could, even as tears poured out of my eyes, “I can handle any other problems related to that as long as you support it, and can convince mom to accept it.”

“... That's a tall order, Sayaka.” dad replied.

Please dad!” I shouted at him.

“... Ok, I'll do what I can.” he stated, “If it means this much to you, Sayaka, then I'll support it. And I'll try to get your mother to accept it.”

“Thanks.” I said in a low tone, “I'm heading to my room now.”

I could sense dad reaching out to me as I walked away, but I wasn't in the mood to feel close to him right now. No, first I wanted him to prove to me that he still cared about me. I haven't felt that from dad in a long, long time.

But at least it sounded as though he was going to support Madoka and me! Now, if he can get through to mom it should be smooth sailing from here.

I'll share the good news with Madoka at school tomorrow. Soon, very soon, I want to take the next step with her. I had initially wanted to take it slowly, but the struggles I've faced have really helped to inflame my passions for Madoka, making me more impatient. I hoped that I'll be able to consummate my romance with her soon. I had no remaining doubts. Madoka was the person for me, and I was going to do everything I could to create a happy romantic partnership for her and I.


And now, an update that I think Dr. Casey in particular will enjoy.

A lot of other readers might find this one a bit of a downer though, lol. But hey, it's just me emulating Vince McMahon Jr. - Anything can happen in Pure Pink Pretty Lovers!

But what isn't happening this update is more "Madoka Stands Alone". Sorry about that, but I've decided to put that on hiatus for this update. It will be back for Mami Lives Chapter 10, though.

Well, we're into the final stretch now! 3 more chapters left for both Mami Romance and Sayaka Romance. Any requests/suggestions you want to make - make them now, or I might not be able to fit them in later.

With or without suggestions, I'd appreciate any and all replies. ^_^

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