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I miss Haruhi
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Sorry, but i couldn't bear anymore the old feeling that chobits gives: the protagonist is good hearted, yes, be he looks a bit dumb sometimes or perhaps i don't really like his VA; Chi got mecha ears... mecha CAT ears: why jap people have this obsession for cats and cat ears? Add to this that she's a robot (and no matter how the story will turn, she'll still remain a robot in my eyes).

I took again TWGOK and finished the first season; now started the 2nd and just finished ep4: i think that i can now appreciate it more. I realized that it got an awesome artwork, and it kept being funny as i remembered; i liked very much the first heroine of 2nd season.

I think i'll finish it within today.

Btw, as far as underdog is concerned, i see it's still ongoing: if i start reading it, will i get the feeling "holy shit, when will the next volume come out?" or will i be ok after i finish reading what has come out so far? If it's the first, i don't want to approach it, because i would crave for it like mad, the exact thing that happened with Haruhi Suzumiya novels (and to not forget it, i'm still watching some episodes from time to time to keep memory of the plot and do not forget one single thing; one single fucking thing shall not be forgotten)

I'll eventually try out one other of the titles you suggested, in case underdog goes under the 1st category.

Finished the 2nd season of TGWOK and i probably liked it more than the previous one; i don't know why, but i felt like each arc was a little more developed, beside that i liked more the heroines. Anyways, it was a very enjoyable watch, and the artwork was very good all the way, beside being holy funny (The episode 8 was fucking hilarious; i mean, when they had to make the report and it ended up that Keima was making out with Haqua inside that computer thingie, haha i exploded in laughs). It has become one of those anime that you would like to be endless; i heard there isn't going to be a 3rd season tho :/

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