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Mami Lives Chapter 10
Mami Romance Chain

“Where are you going?”

That's what my mama asked me as I left home around 6:30 PM this evening.

“Oh, just to visit my girlfriend!” I cheerfully replied to her.

If you choose A for M Opportunity Choice 3, read Section Paying Homura a Visit. Otherwise, read Section Paying Mami a Visit.

Spoiler for Paying Homura a Visit:

Spoiler for Paying Mami a Visit:

It was close to 10 PM by the time I arrived home. I quickly apologized to mom for breaking curfew, but mom could thankfully tell how physically exhausted I was, so she just let me be.

This Monday had proved to be a tremendously terrific thrilling day! So much had happened during this day. While it raised a lot of new challenges for me, it also gave me a lot to be excited about. I could only hope that I would handle those challenges well in the days and weeks to come.

__________________________________________________ ___________

Sayaka Romance Chain

It was now Thursday morning. Almost a week had passed since I had accepted Sayaka's romantic confession to me, and ten days had passed since I had first met Homura and Mami. It was amazing to think of how dramatically my life had changed in such a short time!

But in spite of this, I didn't feel disoriented or unhinged about any of these changes in my life. It all felt perfectly natural to me. Becoming friends with Mami was easy since she was such a warm and generous person, and Sayaka had adjusted so quickly to being my girlfriend that I felt that I should do the same as well.

But I think something else might have helped me here. I saw Mami come so breathtakingly close to losing her life against a witch, and my romantic partnership with Sayaka had already been challenged by the strong objections of her mother. Perhaps you quickly take hold and value that which is important to you when they are most clearly threatened. Perhaps that helps to ensure that you never take things for granted.

This thought breezed through my mind while a gentle wind breezed through my air while Sayaka and I walked to school together, holding hands.

Hitomi had text me last night about how she'd be arriving a bit late to school this morning, due to certain family responsibilities. So that thankfully gave Sayaka and I some privacy this morning, allowing Sayaka to talk more easily and openly about certain things.

“Madoka, there's some good news I have to share with you.” Sayaka said to me with a warm smile.

“What's that?” I asked.

“I confronted my dad yesterday evening.” Sayaka began in answer, “I asked him to support the relationship that you and I now have, and to also try to convince my mom to accept it.”

“Wow, that was pretty bold of you, Sayaka!” I exclaimed in reply, “I don't know if I could ever confront my parents like that...”

“Well, I felt I had to do it for our sake, Madoka.” Sayaka said to me.

“Besides, there were other issues I wanted to raise to dad.” Sayaka continued, while suddenly skipping ahead of me, and grinning playfully at me after releasing my hand, “Anyway, the main thing is that he's agreed to support our relationship, and to try to convince my mom to accept it!”

“Oh really?” I asked, perking up in surprise over this.

“Yeah, really!” Sayaka confirmed, amidst a proud chuckle.

“That's great news.” I said, as I placed one hand over my heart, “I really hope that your dad is successful here!”

“Me too.” Sayaka, replied in a smile, “But for now, we'll have to make use of Mami's apartment. And speaking of Mami's apartment...”

Sayaka then placed her hands on her hips and leaned forward to me with a playful grin on her face.

“Mami won't need it today!” Sayaka exclaimed, excitedly finishing off her sentence, “Her, Homura, and that Kyouko she mentioned are all going on a witch-hunt this evening. Mami told me this in an e-mail she sent me late yesterday evening. She said that you and I can make use of her apartment for a couple of hours after school if we'd like to. She intends to leave the door to it unlocked.”

“That... that really is wonderful to hear.” I replied, “It'll be good for us to get to spend some time with each other in private today.”

“Yeah, definitely.” Sayaka replied with a bright, warm, beaming smile towards me, “I'm really looking forward to it, Madoka! But for now, let's just focus on getting through the school day first. I've really fallen behind in my homework lately.”

“Yeah, me too.” I said, while Sayaka chuckled nervously over falling behind in her homework.

Sayaka and I then quickly raced off to school. My heart and spirit felt renewed and uplifted over the excellent news that Sayaka had shared with me this morning! It seemed like everything was going to work out after all.

The school day progressed quickly and without much incident. Sayaka and I had a nice chat while we ate lunch together on the school rooftop. Sayaka told me about some of the plans she made for today. She suggested that before we head to Mami's place later today, that we pick up some ice cream and eat it while enjoying the scenery at the local park. I agreed with that suggestion.

So after school, Sayaka and I walked together through much of the park, before we arrived at a bench. Sayaka asked me to wait at the bench for her while she went to get some ice cream for us. I agreed to that, and waited patiently for Sayaka's return, while enjoying the pleasant surroundings on this sunny afternoon.

It thankfully didn't take long for Sayaka to return with the ice cream. But what surprised me was how she only had one cone! She then handed it to me while she had a big, wide grin on her face. It was a big cone that I needed two hands to hold, and I noticed that it had two nice, plump strawberries on top. But still it was only one cone!

“Sayaka, don't you want some ice cream as well?” I asked in a concerned tone, as I hated the thought of her going without while I ate this big ice cream cone all by myself.

“Of course I do, silly!” Sayaka replied gregariously, “That's why I bought a supersize cone with two strawberries on it for us to share. Anyway, you can start eating it now!”

Sayaka then sat down beside me, and used one hand to flick her hair back as she leaned downwards singling that she intended to dig into it at the same time as I did!

“..Heeeeh?!” I stated, as it occurred to me what this would mean, “B-but if you start eating it at the same time, then...”

“We'll kiss?” Sayaka said, in a lightly erotic tone of voice, “That's the idea, Madoka... I thought it would be great to eat ice cream and share a kiss with you at the same time.”

“B-But what if people see us?” I asked.

“I don't care.” Sayaka answered, in that same lightly erotic tone, “Your parents and mine know about us now. So do Hitomi and Mami. Almost all the people really important to us now know that we're girlfriends. So since they now know, I couldn't care less what some random passerby thinks of us.”

“I... well, I see what you're saying, but...” I began in stammering reply.

“Do you care, Madoka?” Sayaka asked me softly, as she leaned her face close to mine.

I could sense the romantic longing in Sayaka's voice, accentuated by how her eyelids were hanging more softly than usual over her eyes. Not exactly in a trance, but betraying an enchanting infatuation.

“Would you be ashamed to have strangers see you and I kissing each other?” Sayaka asked.

“Of-Of course I wouldn't.” I replied in an admittedly whimpering tone, “I could never be ashamed of us being girlfriends...”

“Nor would I.” Sayaka stated, while smiling seductively at me, “Then let's enjoy the ice cream together...”

“...O-Ok.” I finally capitulated.

As Sayaka and I both started eating the ice cream cone at the same time, I could feel her lips brush up against mine, and her tongue glance the side of my face. Mixed in with the scrumptious taste of the ice cream itself, it sent shivers of disorienting pleasure up my spine. As Sayaka and I continued to eat the ice cream, the taste of her lips became intensely intermingled with the taste of the ice cream itself. I became lost in this moment of sweet delicacy...

Whoa, get a load of that!” I overheard a blonde teenage boy say in a loud whisper to his travelling companion.

“You have your camera with you, right?” he asked in whisper, while taking hold of his friend's lapels to thrust him and his friend behind a nearby tree, trying to prevent Sayaka and I from noticing them, but utterly failing at that.

“Why are you asking?” the boy's friend asked him.

Why am I asking?!” he questioned in stunned shout, “That is insanely hot! How often do you see two cute teenage girls locking lips like that? We have to take some pictures of it!”

“Sunohara, you're just going to get us into trouble. You know that right?” the other boy asked after sighing.

“Sayaka...” I whispered to her, after enjoying a ice creamy kiss, “Maybe we should stop, since...”

“Don't worry about those two boys.” Sayaka whispered in reply to me, “In fact, it's kind of flattering, don't you think? Let's make sure they get good pictures, Madoka...”

“O-Ok...” I replied, feeling very hesitant over it, but not wanting to displease Sayaka.

Plus, I have to admit, that eating this ice cream cone with her was one of the most uniquely pleasurable things that I've ever enjoyed. Hearing a few camera clicks from just behind the bushes thankfully didn't take too much away from that...

After I finished eating the ice cream cone along with Sayaka, I took a moment to catch my breath while wiping my face and lips clean. Sayaka did the same.

“So...” she began, oddly a bit blushingly and shyly given what we had just did, “Are you ready to head off to Mami-san's now, Madoka?”

“Sure.” I replied, but while fighting against cold feet, since I had a suspicion of what Sayaka might be planning to do after we arrived at Mami's place.

After we arrived at Mami's place, it didn't take long for Sayaka to start flirting a bit with me. That soon lead into a very long and steamy kiss, with me wrapping my hands around her waist, and she lovingly stroking my head and hair with her right hand. This kiss was even wetter than the one we just had while eating ice cream together. I could sense such a strong hunger and desire coming from Sayaka as she kissed me right now. It left me so very breathless...

After our kiss finally ended, Sayaka and I gazed deeply into each other's eyes. I was becoming so lost in the moment...

“I love you so much that it almost hurts, Madoka...” Sayaka said to me, “I... I hope I'm not overwhelming you, but it's hard for me to hold myself back right now.”

“It's Ok...” I replied, “I'm enjoying it too... I also love you a lot, Sayaka!”

“Then...” Sayaka began, albeit while looking a bit more nervously than before, “... t-there's something I'd like for us to do together, Madoka.”

I could tell what Sayaka was referring to. Part of me was fearful of that, as it's something I've never experienced before. And Sayaka and I have been girlfriends for only a week or so! But at the same time, we've been best friends for several years. And that's a big part of the reason why I eventually consented to Sayaka's request. She's a very trustworthy friend, and so I knew I could trust her with close intimacy as well. Over the next hour, Sayaka and I would make love to one another.

I felt so incredibly happy and blissful in the aftermath of that, as Sayaka held me in her arms.

“I really do want you to be my wife someday, Madoka...” she said to me.

I cried tears of joy over the thought of that.

But this evening of pure bliss would prove fleeting, as soon a new challenge would arise for Sayaka and I...

I'm glad we were able to defeat that witch quickly.” I said to my two partners this evening, Kyouko Sakura and Homura Akemi.

This was the comment I made as the witch's barrier phased out, and the real world came back into focus.

“Agreed.” Akemi-san replied to my comment, “Her sprouting thistles attacks could have left us with some nasty wounds.”

Kyouko, Akemi, and I were all now standing on the rooftop of one of the buildings in a heavy industrial area. Thankfully, there appeared to be no night-shift workers nearby to take notice of us.

“I would have preferred a bit more of a challenge, really.” Kyouko said, while scratching the side of her head, and chewing some pocky, “But I guess most witches would go down easy to the combined efforts of three magical girls!”

“It's not just that.” Akemi-san said, as she picked up the Grief Seed left behind by the witch, “Our hard and fast victory over this witch shows that our practice is paying off. We're starting to work well as a team.”

“That's no surprise.” I said with a smile, while shifting my eyes towards Kyouko, “After all, Kyouko and I worked as a Puella Magi for a long time. So it felt... comfortingly familiar to fight alongside you again, Kyouko.”

“Yeah, well...” Kyouko began, in a mixture of irritation and bashfulness, “Your fighting style is great, Mami, and it compliments my own. But still, you've gone crazy lately!”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It's one thing to use your Puella Magi powers to hunt down familiars, as much as I disagree with it.” Kyouko exclaimed in response, “But at least familiars are part of our world. It's magic against magic! But while on our way here, Homura and I caught sight of you using your magic to scare away a couple thugs! Damn, girl, we're not some cartoony 'defenders of law and order' here!”

“Those 'thugs' were about to rape a poor defenceless woman.” I replied, “I couldn't turn away from that, Kyouko. Not when I knew that I had the power to stop them. Also, as a good friend of mine once said 'with great power comes great responsibility'.”

“That's a noble sentiment.” Akemi-san interjected, “But we can't afford it right now. Not until Walpurgis Night is defeated. Please conserve your magical energy going forward. Especially since this Grief Seed...”

Akemi-san then briefly paused mid-sentence while throwing the Grief Seed over to Kyouko, which she easily caught.

“...Is half of the payment I'm giving to Kyouko for her help.” Akemi-san finished.

“It's good to know that at least one of us here as our priorities straight!” Kyouko exclaimed with a smug smirk on her face.

“Actually, my dear, there's at least two of us here like that.” I heard a completely unfamiliar adult male voice come out of nowhere.

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” Kyouko and Homura both cried out, as I saw them suddenly light up like Christmas Trees from some unknown source!

“Kyou-AAAGGGHH!” I cried out in alarm, but while simultaneously getting the wind knocked out of me by being punched hard into my midsection.

The next thing I knew, an adult male hand clasped itself around my neck, and lifted me off of my feet. I grunted in pain, and struggled to get free!

“Unfortunately, I only had two SSS-bots with me.” my assailant said to me, “So that means, crime-fighter, that I'll need to take care of you myself!”

I continued to struggle, albeit in vain, to free myself from this man. I found it hard to breath with his fingers pressing against my neck, and that also served to sap my vitality from me. So I summoned forth some magical yellow strands, and tried to wrap them around this man's legs. But for some reason, those strands seemed to instantly disintegrate once contact was made with his legs. It's as though he has some sort of magic-absorbing shield around him!

I was starting to panic. To try to calm myself, I focused squarely on my assailant.

He had bright green hair and eyebrows. His facial features were sharp and angular. His eyes were beady. He wore a purple business suit with a white shirt underneath. Most notably, he wore a large, green, malleable Soul Gem in the shape of a necktie, around his neck! B-but men can't have Soul Gems... can they?

“Shocked, aren't you?” he asked me with a saucy grin on his face, “But don't worry. If your friend, Madoka, agrees to the ransom demand I'll be sending her, you'll soon get all the answers to all the questions currently running through your head. Until then... good night.”

AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!” I cried, as my body was completely overwhelmed by a greenish blast of magical energy surging forth from this man, rendering me unconscious...

Aaahhh...” the green-haired man said, with a quick release of supreme satisfaction, “I always love it when a good plan works as it was intended to! Speaking of which, Incubator, are those other two magical girls also unconscious but alive?”

“Yes!” Kyubey confirmed in answer, “Our plan does indeed seem to be working as intended, Emperor Jinnai!”

“So the key then is this Kaname Madoka.” Jinnai stated, “You're confident, Incubator, that she'll agree to make any wish for me in return for the promise of these three magical girls being released?”

“Madoka doesn't know Kyouko Sakura, but she does know Akemi Homura, and she's very good friends with Mami Tomoe.” Kyubey replied, “So as payment for the safe return of all three of these girls, Madoka will make almost any ransom wish that you could desire!”

Excellent.” Jinnai said, as a devious grin washed across his face, “I think, Incubator, that this city deserves a better class of criminal. And I'm going to give it to them! Bwa-ha-ha-Ha-Ah-Ha-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

To Be Continued...


Ok, in addition to this update, there's a lot I have to state here.

To start off, for the Sayaka section, I've linked to a couple pictures that inspired specific scenes in that section. I hope that fans of this section enjoy those pics as I did.

Next, Deikan, your comment on lack of depth is heard loud and clear. Let me address that in a few ways.

I'll be honest here - This fanfic project has only been possible due to how I've had a relatively high amount of free time the past few months. That may well end soon (within a month or so). So just in case I won't have the free time to keep writing this fanfic as much as I'd like to, I want to have at least a satisfying conclusion to it done before life gets busier for me (the last thing I want is for this to be left unfinished).

Now, that being said... You know how complete anime shows sometimes have special OVA follow-ups? Well, if I have some extra free-time after I'm completed this fanfic, you might see Epilogues or Spin-Offs similar to that. With those, I wouldn't have to balance established lore (Walpurgis Night having to be dealt with, for example) with drama/action with romance. The Epilogues/Spin-Offs could focus squarely on romance/character development, and maybe flesh things out a bit more. For example, I might have one that focuses a lot on Mami and ClariS.

Still, another issue has been how Mami Lives now has three Chains going on. I fear that balancing them all is making it harder for me to do justice to either of them.

So, my next update on this thread will be all Madoka Stands Alone, where I intend to have a lot of depth, and I also hope to have that up by the end of the week at the latest. One update for that section and that section alone.

Then I'll get back to Mami Romance/Sayaka Romance (and the next update for that will be long/detailed, I can assure you).

Now, for those wondering about why Jinnai is showing up here now. Well, for my plans for Mami Lives, Sayaka Romance to work out, I needed a villain. I needed a villain that poses a direct physical threat and has a discernible personality (the first criteria ruling out Kyubey, the second ruling out a witch). Instead of creating yet another OC, I figured it would be better to just use Jinnai again. Don't worry, he won't play as large a role in this chain as he does in the Homura/Sayaka Alliance chain.

And I think that's everything. Oh, wait, no - Slight error correction.

Mami Lives Chapter 9, Sayaka Romance Section was actually on a Wednesday, not a Tuesday, going by in-canon chronology.

And now that's all, I think.

I eagerly await any and all replies, and I thank Dr. Casey, Deikan, and Coldlight for their latest reviews!

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