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Winter 2005/2006 Season

Winter is almost officially here, and thus the winter season of anime is almost upon us. Andrewlb's site has a list of upcoming winter animes and links to their main website, along with fansub groups' potential selections of which shows they will pick up. For some descriptions, this wiki has a synopsis for the majority of the shows, but not all. However, you may fill in the blanks if you wish. Or, you can check out the animes' respective threads here in General Anime forums created by the resident anime scout Neosam yesterday in a frenzy .

So, which shows are you looking forward to and why? As for myself, after taking a glimpse at all the homepages of the animes, and reading through the winter anime season 2005/2006 wiki, these are the shows that has caught my interest. In no particular importance:
  • Fate/Stay Night - This seems like the next "big thing". This title has an aura of rave and anticipation. From the people of Type-Moon. I liked Tsukihime, and hope they will deliver another story and anime of even higher calibre than that.
  • Shinigami no Ballad - After reading its description, it seems like a cross between Jikogu Shoujo and Mushishi, with a different softer theme. I'm definitely intrigued. And there's a loli with a scythe. Can't go wrong with that, right?
  • Kashimashi ~Girl meets Girl~ - Cause...umm...there's cute girls? The manga has been fairly entertaining, and this is another one of those gender identity switching that is ever so amusing.
  • REC - Has an interesting romance premise. I'll give it a shot.

Of course this is not set in stone, because my selections may change as I watch these shows. I'm trying to keep the numbers of shows I'll be following low like the previous season, as my second semester of university will eventually begin and take over my time and life.
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