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Umineko Comprehensive EP1-2

I've gone through EP1 and 2 looking for specific clues now that we know The Answer as I outlined in a few posts awhile back. I was looking for places where Yasu, who wrote EP1-2, wrote her thoughts on topics like, "Humans are XXXX" or "When we were children we were ABC, but as we grew into Adults we were XYZ" as opposed to narrative, action or mystery. Of course there's even more hints about the specifics of the murders and so on, but I put those elsewhere as we already kind of know the answers for those. (I suppose I'll post those elsewhere one day.)

First, you should actually read the answer I posted or else nothing will make sense.
Spoiler for Umineko Final Culprit Theory:

The Answer

We've known since the Author Theory that Yasu wrote her thoughts and situation she wanted someone (especially Battler) to figure out right into the text, so this is really just picking through and identifying what's there. I was able to slot everything into two main themes for EP1 and 2, Adults vs. Children and some narrative or hints about Beatrice and Shannon's situation. I want to point out that I'm not really making a 'theory' here; rather, I am simply organizing the two largest themes presented in EP1 and EP2 and letting them speak for themselves. When I looked at the notes, it looked like Shannon and Beatrice's entire story and the solution lay bare, right there, on the page for us.
Spoiler for The quick summary...:
From what I've seen of the text, Umineko is basically solvable with just EP1 and 2 with respect to who the culprit is based on these gathered quotes, so long as you don't completely discard the white text or think the white text is some kind of lie. Basically, read what Beatrice/Shannon have told us in the text not as some kind of delusion or fantasy but read it straight, as in this is how she thinks, despite how unrealistic it may seem.
I've tried my best to summarize each quote without injecting opinion or any theories and stick to confirmed answers. I'll wrap this in several layers of spoilers as there is a huge amount of text. The quotes are taken from the text of EP1 and 2, so it's not like you need to re-read it if you remember the scene in question. They will serve as a refresher and reminder for those of us who haven't gone through EP1-2 again. (I was surprised at how much I've forgotten, or just plain ignored! 8) )

Spoiler for Theme 1: Adult vs. Child:

Spoiler for Theme 2: Beatrice and Shannon:

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