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To get the ball rolling, here's a tutorial I did about rounded edges.

This tutorial was done in Photoshop.

First of all, select the Rounded Rectangle Tool. Up at the top, be sure to have clicked the Paths button. This step is easy to miss and very important. The Radius box allows you to change how curved you want your edges to be. Play around with different values in that box to get different results.

Spoiler for Step 1:

Next, select what you want inside the rounded edges. After you are satisfied with that, click the paths tab on the pallette at the right, then right click and select make selection.

Spoiler for Step 2:

On the make selection dialogue box, be sure to have the Feathered Radius set to 0 pixels. The outline of the rounded edges should change from a solid to a broken line.

Spoiler for Step 3:

Now press Ctrl + Shift + I to select the inverse. This is going to set you up to trim off the outside edges. If you are satisfied with what you have selected to trim, press the delete key to get rid of the selected bits.

Spoiler for Step 4:

And voila! Rounded edges, Yuiichi Style.

Spoiler for Step 5:

Hope you find this helpful!

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