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IT'S ME! good ol' dragonwingz

I will be teaching everyone the good tool called: Pen Tool and how to use it for extraction since beginners and intermediate personals with photoshop doesn't know how. i highly recommend this technique to everyone. I personally dont find it hard or too difficult just watch (hopes everyone likes ichigo from bleach):

First off, we'll start off with this. Selecting the pen tool:

Then this, the settings for it:

make a new transparent layer below the image you want to extract:

Now we'll start our tracing. just like the polygonal tool you go around the scan/picture with a straight line, but with the pen tool you can curve the lines: *zoom till you can see, but not all the way (100 or 200 is good enough)*

This would be what you usually would do with the polygonal tool:

This is the pen tool:

*To curve the lines: click your left mouse button and hold on to it, now dddrrraagg (drag), dont watch where you drag it to, but watch what kind of curve you make! it has to border around the character's face or whatever*

now, here's a tricky part. the extended tail when you curved the line will give you problems on your next tracing line, for example: there's a 90 degree angle, but because of the extended tail it wont allow you to make a 90 degree, instead you made a rounded curve. To fix this you will use the Convert Point Tool. here's a picture of what the scenario is like:




Now we will apply that knowledge into an actual picture (ichigo):

now once you're done to a point (i usually do it section by section, doing the entire picture all at once isn't very secure.) like the polygonal tool, go out of the picture and reconnect with your first dot.

you've probably tried and said: "wtf mate? why can't i delete it?" well that's where this comes in. you have to right click and click on Make Selection

once you've click make selection a small windows will pop up. Put in these settings:

Press Ok, as you can see now. the tracing lines will be now look like the ones you do on any of the marquee tools or polygonal tool. all you do now is press delete

here's the result (not finished of course), and i now realize that using this picture of ichigo was a bad idea because it wasn't too technicle. you probably dont want to use the pen tool ever again because of me now...BUT! you know what?!?! this tutorial took so long i dont care if you like it or not! if you dont use it i'll beat you down with a pillow! that's right! a pillow!

P.S. Yuiichi, why did you ever made this thread in the first place?? :'(

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