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Originally Posted by mangamuscle View Post
Oh, but there is, Islam, out of fear some chinese islamists might become members of alqaeda and bomb tokyo just because some gay vampire was reading the coran while giving evil orders to his lackeys. Maybe we catholics should reinstate the inquisition and go against a certain magical index >_< </rant off>
Islam? There is at least one middle-eastern girl who got starred in a certain fanservice harem TV series recently.

No, Japan doesn't fear Islam, the same reason it doesn't recognise Judaism. Some things just don't exist there. Japan has their own home-grown suicidal cults to deal with, but not Islamic ones.

And Catholics already fought a war against Protestants on Japanese soil a while back. You did enough damage there as it is. Couldn't even keep your holy wars to yourself, that you had to cross the Pacific and fight in someone else's country who had nothing to do with you.
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