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I'm confused. Which one is Yukirin? Can someone kindly post me a picture?

As for the Japanese recap



Plans were started about a year and a half ago.
- Otsuki (I might have the name wrong) went to Kawamori asking him if he would make an anime with AKB as a part of it.
- About 2 weeks later the plans for the premise were completed.
- Otsuki said to the staff he would take responsibility for changing what everyone knows as AKB this much as he took the plan to Akimoto.
- Akimoto said two things. "I like the idea of succession, LET'S DO IT!"
- Akimoto also said. "This script by Okada is fantastic. I've worked with plenty of great script writers in my line of work, but this is clearly on a different level."
- They wanted to keep some aspects of the current AKB in the anime.
- There are many girls who say in their internal group auditions that they want to be a voice actor.
- There are members of AKB who joined specifically because they wanted to become a voice actor.
- There were no backroom deals to pick on the most popular members for roles in the anime.

Akimoto interview:
- The plan was completed thanks to the marvelous efforts of Okada Mari.
- When I (Akimoto) first read this plot, and from the very first draft, I was confident that I could leave this person in charge of everything.
- Okada is a genius
- I've read many many scripts on the job, but I've never seen something as great as this.
- I have no doubts leaving Okada and Kawamori in charge of this project.
- I'm handing AKB over to the anime world. I hope that more people will come to like AKB. (*sorry kind of confused by this line)
- It didn't take long for me to realize that Kawamori and Okada were very serious about this project.
- After accepting the job for this anime, Kawamori and Okada were deep in discussion from the first meeting.
- I heard that they played AKB songs for the whole day at the production work place.
- Kawamori and Okada showed up for the HKT48 debut day in Fukuoka. I was moved by their sincerity and I decided then to entrust this project to them.
I hope this meets the requirements...

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