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Well, I tend to agree with ranran apparently stubbornness. If he watched it now probably his high expectations would lessen the enjoyment. I either dropped it at first and then resumed later. Magical girls are not my cup of tea, so I really enjoyed the concept but not so much the series.
Same issues that I had with S:G. S:G has the problem that the first half is really boring, I dropped it around the eight episode and then resumed later. Again, I really enjoyed the concept, but eleven episodes are too much for a series to be praised.

Speaking for myself, I have a similar attitude toward Clannad. I tried twice, but always after the first 15 sec, I stopped. (character designs surely didn't help). I mean, that 15 sec are so foretelling about the main story and the main leads that knowing myself I would be gonna hate that girl after half of an episode. So it's not like I really hate Clannad. I anticipated myself to hate it
Similar issue with Ga-Rei: Zero, it pissed me off so much that first episode that I dropped it. I know that I have to give it a try (skipping that episode).

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