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Mami Lives Chapter 11
Sayaka Romance

"Madoka, you have to get up!"

That was the voice of Kyubey I heard, I think. It was hard to know for sure as I was still groggy, having just woken up.

It was now Friday morning. I had a dream overnight. A dream about Sayaka and I. I dreamed of her and I having a family together like what my mama and papa have now. It was a very happy dream, and I felt a deep and abiding determination to make that dream a reality!

But as I awoke in bliss over such thought, this dream would soon give way to more pressing concerns.

“...Kyubey?” I asked of him, after yawning, “Why are you here? I don’t mean to be rude, but… how many times are Sayaka and I going to have to…”

“There's something urgent we need to talk about Madoka!” Kyubey exclaimed to me, interrupting me, “Mami, Homura, and Kyouko have all been kidnapped!”

“...Eeehhhh!” I uttered in horror and shock, after blinking uneasily over Kyubey's words.

Kyubey then went on to tell me how he was given a ransom note from some mysterious person who was demanding to meet with me on the rooftop of my school at 9:30 PM, Friday night. Kyubey had been told by this kidnapper to pass the ransom note unto me!

Enclosed within a sealed envelope was a short hand-written letter and... and pictures of Homura, Mami, and Kyouko all unconscious! They were all bound and tied up in a strange place that I didn't recognize! The hand-written letter was straight and to the point, stating that if I ever wanted to see these three girls alive again that I had to arrive at the assigned meeting place, and that Kyubey and I were to come there alone. The kidnapper also wrote that if I met one specific request tonight that he would release all three girls.

I desperately wanted to tell my mom, or call the police, or talk to Sayaka about this, but Kyubey went to great lengths to discourage me from doing that. He told me that we shouldn't risk getting anybody else involved given what was wrote in the letter. He had a point, and so I eventually decided that I would go along with the conditions set by the kidnapper. Sayaka would not make that easy though…

On the way to school this Friday morning, I met up with Sayaka and Hitomi at the usual spot. They both waved enthusiastically to me, and shouted good morning to me. I shouted good morning back to them, while forcing a slight smile, trying to hide what was deeply troubling me right now. I also raced over to where they were standing.

After I reached where Sayaka and Hitomi were standing, Sayaka firmly took hold of my hand while making a big, toothy grin. Hitomi blushed uneasily at the gesture, but said nothing to it.

“Sayaka, is this really OK?” I asked, referring to the idea of the two of us walking to school while we held hands.

“It’s fine.” Hitomi interjected, “I know about it now, and I wouldn’t want you two to feel like you can’t be yourselves around me.”

And so the three of us walked on to school. I felt a brief moment of relief over knowing that Hitomi was truly accepting the romantic relationship that Sayaka and I now have. I also felt some relief over the comforting grip of Sayaka herself. But there was an irony here that unsettled me. That irony is that I couldn’t tell Sayaka what was going on, and that made me feel really bad about the circumstances surrounding me right now. I wish that I could turn to Sayaka for help, and I hated the thought of hiding something so important from her, but the kidnapper had left me no choice!

So during the school day, I found it increasingly hard to hide how distracted I was. I couldn’t focus on school itself at all, as my mind would constantly drift back to Mami and Homura. Homura’s absence from class was noticed by most of my classmates but most people just assumed that she was out sick or something. As I overheard my classmates wonder aloud about where Homura might be, I couldn’t help but to allow a dejected look to wash across my face. I think that was a look that Sayaka took notice of.

Eventually Lunch break arrived. Sayaka and I headed to our usual spot on the pure white rooftop of the school. Sayaka sat with her knees pointed upwards, and her arms wrapped around them, so she was leaning forward a bit. I phased out a bit while I ate the meal I had prepared for myself. I remained very silent for awhile, as I found it hard to focus on the here and now. Sayaka kept picking up on all of these hints and questioned me about them.

“Madoka, what’s wrong?” Sayaka asked, “You’ve seemed totally out of it all morning!”

“It’s nothing you need to be concerned about.” I answered.

“It’s nothing I need to be concerned about?” Sayaka repeated in question, stunned by my words, “How could I not be concerned about it?! Madoka, we’re committed girlfriends now! If there’s something that’s troubling you, I absolutely want to know about it.”

“…Please don’t question me about it more.” I said, in a soft but evasive tone, looking away from her, “I can’t stand the idea of being dishonest with you, but this is something I just can’t tell you about!”

“…Why can’t you tell me about it?” Sayaka asked, “You’re making this sound very serious!”

“It is serious.” I replied, as my eyes began to water as a sense of fear and trepidation started to overwhelm me, “And it’ll get you and people we both care about into deep trouble if I tell you about it! That’s why I can’t tell you about it.”

A look of concern as deep as the oceans penetrated my heart as Sayaka gazed into my eyes. Nonetheless, Sayaka took a moment to carefully consider what I had just said before she replied to me again.

“If that’s true, then you yourself must be in big trouble.” Sayaka said, in a low but starkly sombre tone, “How can I be expected to not try to help you through that, Madoka?”

I audibly sighed, and I felt my chest become a bit heavy due to what Sayaka had said.

“I know you want to help me, and I’m really touched by that.” I replied to Sayaka, while forcing back tears, “But please just trust me here, Sayaka. Please just trust that I can handle this! If you don’t trust me, the situation might get far worse.”

Sayaka had a defeated look on her face, even as her hands and arms trembled in irritation over her being kept in the dark about this.

After a tense pause, she nodded weakly to me, which I took to mean that she was trusting me with this. That was a blessed relief to me! While I would have loved to have had Sayaka’s help here, I loathed the thought of endangering her in a situation that she’d best be kept out of.

Lunch break finally ended.

The rest of Friday’s classes seemed to drag on forever, as my thoughts throughout the day were dominated with concerns over Mami and Homura's well-being. I also wondered what this kidnapper could possibly want with me! What was the specific request? Was it something that I would be able to meet? These questions plagued my mind throughout the rest of the day.

Part of me wanted to place unconditional trust in Madoka, but knowing her as I do, I had my doubts that she could handle alone whatever situation that she’s now in. Besides, Madoka was now my girlfriend and my lover! There was simply no way I was going to let her face this situation, whatever it might be, without my aid.

So right after I got home from school, I made an admittedly hasty and emotional decision. I flung my school bag next to the couch, and I kind of deceived my parents.

“Dad!” I shouted out to him, “I’m heading over to a classmate’s place to prepare for an upcoming test! Um… her name is Akemi Homura and she’s really good at school, so I’m getting her help in tutoring me.”

“Heh?” Dad responded, “I never heard of this Akemi Homura before! Why aren’t you going to your friend Hitomi’s instead? She’s a top student!”

“Sorry, dad!” I shouted back at him from across the room, “But I don’t have time to explain. Cya!”

“Wait, Sayaka…!” Dad shouted out to me, while reaching one hand out towards me.

“Dear, there’s someone on the phone for you.” Mom suddenly said to him, thankfully providing added distraction for me here.

The reason I went with Homura instead of Hitomi is precisely because dad doesn’t know Homura. But if he does decide to do some research about her, he’ll find out that she is a top student, so that’ll help my cover story! I couldn’t help but grin a bit over the thought of Homura being useful to me here, in spite of all the heated run-ins we’ve had. As I raced out the front door, I caught bits and pieces of the exchange between mom and dad, but I didn’t catch the name that mom would mention.

“Who is it on the phone?” dad asked, after sighing over me racing off like this, and scratching his head.

“Well, before I answer that, I guess I should apologize to you.” mom replied, “I honestly never imagined that you really were friends with this man!”

“What man?” dad asked.

“The man on the phone asking to talk to you right now!” mom excitedly replied, “The rich and famous North American industrialist named Barnaby Brooks!”

By the time mom had said that, I was already a couple blocks removed from home, and well on my way to Madoka’s home! My plan was to hide out in the foliage around Madoka’s house, and wait to see if anything would happen. If and when something did happen, I would then spring into action.

Unfortunately, hours then passed with little to no activity, and I yawned a bit from boredom. I started to tremble a bit as my stomach grumbled in hunger. I started to wonder if I was truly crazy for doing this. But the thought of Madoka getting badly hurt when I could have protected her was enough to put aside any lingering doubts that I had.

Then, finally, just as I was about to head home and call it quits, I saw Madoka emerge from her home! She was holding her hands nervously directly in front of her breasts, and I could tell that she was deeply troubled. Kyubey was noticeably perched upon her shoulder. Madoka then started to race off towards school!

…Why is she heading to school late on a Friday night? Has Madoka gotten into trouble with some bullies that are extorting her?! Well, I’m going to put an end to that, if that’s the case! So I then carefully followed behind Madoka. I made a point to stay close enough behind her so that I could make out where she was heading, but also far enough behind her so that she couldn’t tell that I was trailing her.

Thankfully, this seemed to be working. But once Madoka and I came within just a few blocks of the school, I heard a loud buzzing noise coming from nearby. Then, just as I was about to walk out from behind a building to continue to trail Madoka, I made out some sort of human-sized bug-like creature shimmering in the moonlight!

… Just what had Madoka gotten herself into?! This tumultuous thought took hold of me as I was shocked at the sight of this weird creature. Was Madoka being manipulated by a witch of some sort? A strange magical girl? Is that why Kyubey was accompanying her?

A cold sweat swept across my head, and I started to feel afraid for my own safety. But I had to protect the girl that I loved with all my heart! I simply had to, no matter what! So while being careful to escape the notice of these flying human-sized bug-like creatures, I followed behind Madoka.

To my surprise, I found that all of the doors of the school were unlocked in spite of how it was completely closed tonight. I could only assume that the kidnapper had seen to this. As I walked through dark, freaky school hallways, I felt similar darkness and fright take hold of my heart. I felt such terribly torturous trepidation over what this kidnapper might ask of me in return for Mami and Homura's release. I hope that whatever he was thinking of asking for is something that I would be able and willing to give...

I finally arrived on the school rooftop, at the spot where Sayaka and I usually go for lunch on schooldays. It felt strange and eerie to be here on a Friday night, but at least a full moon provided some illumination while crisp, cool air refreshed my lungs. With a clenched fist, I firmed myself for this meeting with the mysterious kidnapper.

But this was not enough to prevent me from being shocked and awed by what I would soon see...

I saw some air in front of me seemingly shift into a transparent mercury, which then kinda phased out to reveal something immense and powerful behind it.

There, about five meters in front of me and hovering two meters off the ground, was an immense mechanical flying platform, shaped like a gargantuan beetle! On top of that “beetle” was a makeshift balcony of sorts. Standing in that balcony was one man flanked by three androids shaped like giant bipedal insects, each about the size of a large muscular human male. One of these androids held an unconscious Homura in its arms, another one held an unconscious Mami in its arms, and another held an oddly familiar redheaded girl in its arms… that must be Kyouko! The one that held an unconscious Mami in its arms also had a large gun pointed directly at her head!

The man standing between the three androids had bright green hair and eyebrows. He wore a purple business suit with a white shirt underneath. As much as he reminded me of a certain classic fictional American villain, his facial features were notably Japanese. He also wore something over one eye and the side of his head. Was it some sort of electronic scanner?

His arms were neatly folded across his chest, and he had this disturbingly hungry grin on his face that made me cringe in fear and want to run away... Most importantly, though, he seemed to have a large, green, malleable Soul Gem in the shape of a necktie, around his neck!

“I'm pleased to see you've chosen to be cooperative.” he said to me, “My stealth reconnaissance units have informed me that you've come alone, as requested. Excellent. Then let's not waste time here, and get down to busin...”

“Wait!” I shouted at him, as I was very curious over his necktie, “Is that... is that a Soul Gem that you're wearing?”

“Yes, it is!” he exclaimed in enthusiastic answer, “Like your friend Mami Tomoe, I'm a magical human.”

“But Kyubey...” I said, as I turned my head towards him, “Didn't you tell me that only teenage girls could contract with you?”

“That was not always the case.” Kyubey began in answer, “There was a time when my people and I were willing to contract with all humans, of all ages. But for various reasons, we eventually decided to contract only with teenage girls.”

“I see.” I said.

Curiosity continued to get the best of me, as I found myself asking the strange magical man before me another question.

“...What did you wish for when you become a magical human?” I asked him.

A wide, proud smile spread across his face after I asked this question.

“I wished for what any sane man would.” he began in answer, before triumphantly gesturing one arm upwards, “I wished for unlimited power!

“Unlimited power...” I said breathlessly, overwhelmed by his answer, “But then... then why do you need to get anything from me?!”

“Kyubey and his people aren't omnipotent.” he answered, “Nor is the magical potential flowing within us humans. So when I wished for “unlimited power” it didn't grant me omnipotence, but simply an endless and vast supply of pure magical energy.”

As he said this, he stretched out one arm, and held his hand palm up with his fingers in a clawing position. Then I saw green fiery energy form all over his hand!

“I am no mere Magus, and I am more powerful than any Puella Magi.” he explained in boast, “I am a Magus battery! I once dreamed of finding ultimate weapons to achieve my greatest ambitions, but now I myself am an ultimate weapon. Also, due to my unlimited power, I never need to use Grief Seeds to cleanse my Soul Gem. My own magical energies suffice.”

Everything about this man was incredible and freakish to me. His actions, his wish, his power, his desires... I felt like I couldn't relate to them at all! I mean, I had wanted power to help others, but not for its own sake! This man represented an approach to life that seemed totally alien to me even while his facial features were Japanese.

“Since you are naturally intrigued by the great mysterious Conqueror before you, let me reveal more about myself to you.” he continued, as he proudly placed one hand over his heart, “You may call me Emperor Jinnai. As we humans measure time, I became a magical human back in the middle of the 1990s! My new powers better enabled me to create and lead a large army, which I have since used to conquer five different alien planets as I travelled the stars!”

Amazing... Horrifyingly amazing...

“But these planets all had a very low population relative to Earth, which I have to admit made them much easier to conquer.” he continued, “For me to conquer my own planet of birth by conventional means would involve a long and brutal slog, likely leaving much of Earth a ruinous mess unfit to rule. So this is where you come in, my dear!”

This 'Emperor Jinnai' then snapped his fingers, and I noticed a whirring sound and fearsomely glowing eyes come from the android holding Mami in its arms.

“I have just activated Tetsuo 11 to immediately start shooting at Mami Tomoe if you utter a single word.” he stated.

My eyes grew wide in stunned horror over what he had just said. I wanted to scream out “Why?!” but I refrained from doing so. I didn't want to take the risk that Jinnai wasn't bluffing!

“Good.” he said, noticing my silence and how I swallowed hard, “I suspected you would know how to react there. This measure is unfortunate, but necessary to ensure that you don't try to double-cross me by changing your wish in the middle of voicing it!”

My wish? What did he mean by that?

“There is one precise sequence of words that you can voice which Tetsuo 11 has been programmed to allow without firing at Mami Tomoe.” Jinnai continued in explanation, “They are 'I wish for Emperor Jinnai to become the absolute Monarch of the entire planet of Earth'.”

...Now it became clear to me. As generally incomprehensible as I found this 'Emperor' and his ambitions to be, it was now clear what his 'one specific request' was. He wanted me to wish for him to become the ruler of Earth! That was why he wanted Kyubey to come along with me, as Kyubey would be needed to grant the wish.

“I can tell by the look on your face that you've already figured out what my specific request of you is.” he said, “Grant that request, and these three girls will be returned to you unharmed. You have two minutes to decide if you will grant my request or not. My request for you to make the wish of “I wish for Emperor Jinnai to become the absolute Monarch of the entire planet of Earth”. If you decide to grant that request, nod approvingly. Otherwise, I'm afraid that Mami Tomoe’s hair will soon resemble Swiss cheese more than cheesy curls.”

This Jinnai was unflinchingly ruthless. I could tell that now, as beads of nervous sweat formed on the side of my head. Every fibre of my being was telling me that this was an evil man, if ever there was one. Should I actually trust him with ruling Earth?!

Still, I couldn't let him kill Mami. I just couldn't! The thought was too horrible to think of. And so, with many worries plaguing my mind, I nonetheless nodded approvingly of his request. A haughty open smile washed across Jinnai's face, as his eyes also lit up.

“Then do it!” he exclaimed excitedly, “Make the wish!”

Don’t do it, Madoka!” I suddenly heard the shout of Sayaka!

My eyes went wide in total shock over Sayaka somehow being here! I almost instinctively shouted out Sayaka’s name at the sight of her, until I instantly remembered how my voice saying the wrong words could cause Mami’s death! As such, I bit my lip to keep myself from shouting out what I wanted to.

Sayaka raced towards me from seemingly out of nowhere. She then stood in front of me, throwing one arm in front of me while she glared at Emperor Jinnai.

“How the hell did my stealth reconnaissance units miss a normal teenage girl?!” Jinnai fumed at the sight of Sayaka.

“I listened to your sick little spiel to Madoka!” Sayaka sneered at Jinnai, “I don’t know how much of what you said is actually true, but it doesn’t matter. I’m not going to let you force Madoka into making a wish that she doesn’t want to make!”

“Big talk from a normal human!” Jinnai sneered in reply, while scowling downwards at Sayaka, “Just what do you think…”

“I’m going to make a wish to stop you!” Sayaka exclaimed, pumping one fist and interrupting Jinnai, “I wish for you to leave Earth for…”

But before Sayaka could finish her wish, Jinnai had seemingly teleported over to where she was, and had clasped his open palm over her mouth! So the last words of Sayaka’s wish were hence muffled badly. But just to be on the safe side, I guess, Jinnai simultaneously shot an intensely hot green flame at Kyubey from out of his free hand. Kyubey screamed in pain as he was incinerated by the blast!

All I could do while this was all going on was pay close attention to Jinnai and Sayaka. Jinnai started to slowly rise into the air, with one hand clasped firmly around Sayaka’s mouth, and another hand holding her neck tightly in its grip! Sayaka’s eyes started to water from the pressure and pain inflicted upon her by Jinnai's hands. She pulled hard at his hands with her own hands, while her legs flailed about in the air, in futile struggle to break free.

“You’ve ruined everything!” Jinnai angrily sneered at her, with a fearsome frown on his face, “I’m going to make you pay for that, you bumbling blue-haired bitch!”

Oh no! It looked like Sayaka was in grave danger! And there was nothing that I could do to help her.

But then…

Get away from my daughter!” I heard a shout from… Kotetsu Miki!

Just as that shout was made, I saw a man in highly advanced, green and black and white full-body armour, land a devastating descending dropkick on Emperor Jinnai’s face! Jinnai was knocked off of Sayaka by this attack, and the armoured man quickly took hold of Sayaka to fly her safely down to the school ceiling below.

“…D-dad?!” Sayaka stated breathlessly, while looking at the facial portion of the armoured man, “Is that actually you in there?!”

“Yes, but I don’t have time to explain all the details.” Kotetsu replied, as he lowered Sayaka right next to me, “You and Madoka go take cover! I’ll deal with this insane criminal!”

“Oh will you now?” came the mocking voice of Emperor Jinnai, as he was already back on his feet and glaring menacingly towards Kotetsu.

Sayaka instinctively wrapped her arms around me, and held her back tight against the armoured back of her father.

“Kidnapping and extorting a bunch of kids.” Kotetsu said in a low but starkly serious tone to Jinnai, “That’s definitely not cool. Not cool at all.”

“You’re right.” Jinnai replied with a malevolent smirk, “I’m not cool. I BURN!”

Jinnai then threw one straight arm and open palm outwards, emitting an immense blast of intensely hot greenish flame from it! But that flame struck up against an energy shield emission coming from Kotetsu’s suit.

“A NFM shield*?” Jinnai asked Kotetsu, while raising an eyebrow, “Not bad. But all the tech in this entire world won’t be enough to enable one man alone to defeat me!”

“He’s not alone!” I heard a new and completely unfamiliar voice.

Jinnai was then roughly shoulder-tackled by the person who made that statement. Like Sayaka’s father, this person was wearing a high-tech armoured suit! But his suit was red and black and white.

“Kotetsu has the aid of his friend, Barnaby Brooks!” this new voice said, continuing his statement to Jinnai.

Barnaby Brooks…” Sayaka said in breathless shock, “H-he’s the famous industrialist from America! So dad really is friends with him!”

“Mami! Homura!” I shouted over to them, as I noticed that they were now on their feet.

“We’re both fine now, as is Kyouko.” Mami said a bit weakly, “This Barnaby Brooks used some sort of technology to help awaken and heal us!”

“He also destroyed these disgusting-looking robots!” Kyouko added

“It looks like he’s now attending to our kidnapper as well.” Homura stated.

The night sky was adorned by reddish, greenish, and purplish streaks, as well as the sound of cacophonous clangs, as Kotetsu and Barnaby struck against Jinnai! The three were embroiled in a fierce combat. Their fighting spilled over to the parking lot just behind the school!

“Kotetsu!” Barnaby shouted at him, “My scanner indicates that his neck tie is somehow his power supply! So that’s what we must focus on.”

“Right!” Kotetsu exclaimed in reply, while Barnaby delivered a kick to the back of Jinnai’s head to distract him.

“Now!” Barnaby shouted.

“Got it!” Kotetsu replied.

Good Luck Mode… Kotetsu’s armoured arm suddenly grew larger, with the sound of pistons pumping!

Good Luck Mode… Barnaby’s armoured foot suddenly grew larger, with scintillating sparks flying off of it!

“GggeeaAaaAAAhhh!!!” Kotetsu grunted.

“KkkKeeeaaAAAHH!!” Barnaby grunted.

3... 2... 1!

~Tiger and Bunny~… ~Over and Out!~

A blindingly brilliant collection of lights converged together, as did Kotetsu’s punch and Barnaby’s kick! They struck against Jinnai’s greenish Soul Gem neck tie, causing it to crack open.

Gggaaahhh!!!” Jinnai grunted in pain as he was flung violently backwards.

“We did it!” exclaimed Kotetsu, making a fist pump.

My, what dashing heroics!” Mami said.

“Not bad…” Kyouko said, finding herself oddly moved by just those same heroics, “Not bad at all.”

“Sayaka, is that man in the green armoured suit really your father?” Homura asked her.

“Yes…” Sayaka said, scantly believing it herself, but while also beaming with pride, “Yes, he is!”

“Is he down for the count?” Kotetsu asked Barnaby, referring to Jinnai.

“His power supply is leaking energy fast.” Barnaby answered, “This energy is strange. It’s off the charts, and I’ve seen nothing like it before!"

Jinnai then rose to his feet, with his hair and clothes dishevelled. His nose was also bleeding, and misty greenish energy poured out of his partially shattered neck-tie.

Damn you all!” he loudly exclaimed while his mouth contorted in rage, “I assure you, this is not the en… AAAAGGGGHHH!!!”

But Jinnai then collapsed back down to the ground, writhing in pain, as his magical energies leaked out of his broken Soul Gem, covering his entire body in them!

“His energy supply is going to blow!” Barnaby shouted in desperation, “We have to get out of here now!”

“I’ll get my daughter and Madoka!” Kotetsu replied to him, “You take care of the three cosplayers!”

“Right!” Barnaby shouted.

Kotetsu then soared rapidly towards Sayaka and I, quickly gathering us both up into his two armoured arms! Sayaka and I were left a bit disoriented, and out of breath, by just how fast everything was happening!

But after we were well-clear of the school, Kotetsu thankfully slowed down, letting Sayaka and I both catch our breaths.

But then… what we saw behind us was very sad.

A greenish mushroom-cloud explosion! It had left a humongous crater in its wake, and it had obliterated almost all of Mitakihara Middle School!

“I-I guess we might not be going to school for awhile.” Sayaka said nervously, at the sight of our school getting destroyed along with Jinnai himself.

“True, but at least we’re all now safe.” I replied, “Thanks a lot for coming to help me, Sayaka!”

Sayaka lovingly smiled at me over me thanking her.

“I’ll always be there to help you, Madoka.” Sayaka said to me, “So please don’t keep me in the dark like this again! But anyway, the person both of us have to thank… is you, dad.”

Kotetsu remained silent at his daughter’s sweetly-toned words here, but he wouldn’t be silent for long. Sayaka wrapped her arms appreciatively around the armoured neck of her father.

“It might not make up for everything…” Sayaka continued, while addressing her father, “But you were really cool tonight, dad! You… you’re actually a hero! You’re a hero to both Madoka and me.”

“That… that means more to me than anything else ever could.” Kotetsu replied, amidst sobs of joy.

But as Kotetsu Miki sobbed during this touching moment, Sayaka and I couldn’t help but to laugh a bit over his endearingly soft-hearted response. It was good to see how Sayaka’s dad was willing to let his softer side show.

Today Emperor Jinnai was soundly defeated, once and for all! Also, the bond between Sayaka and her father has been strengthened greatly, which hopefully should help Sayaka get her parents to accept the relationship that her and I both share now.

But many questions still remain. Most of them posed by Sayaka’s dad apparently being old friends with the famous American Barnaby Brooks! Barnaby Brooks is amongst the richest men in the entire world, and owns his own large robotics and computer engineering company! If he finds out about the world of magical girls and witches, then…

But I try not to worry about this, or about what will become of Sayaka and I in the wake of our school being destroyed. Hopefully it’ll all work out. Most hopefully, Sayaka and I will enjoy the lasting romance that we both so dearly desire…

To Be Concluded!

*Nanomist Freezing Molecular

__________________________________________________ _

And this fanfic is finally getting updated again!

However, due to how I lost all my 'game data' for this, I have to recalculate a lot of things.

That's why I'm focusing on Mami Lives, Sayaka Romance for now, and taking it to the end before I get back into other routes. No game choices are relevant for this chapter. It's all straightforward here on out for ML, SR!

Now then, this first update in weeks might be controversial, lol, but I hope people enjoy it all the same. If nothing else, I think that Tiger and Bunny fans might get a kick out of it During some of the final few episodes of Tiger and Bunny, it struck me how the male lead Kotetsu was a fair bit like Sayaka, so I figured it might be neat to base Sayaka's father heavily on Kotetsu Kaburagi. And so, here you go, Tiger and Bunny to the rescue! This also, of course, helped to add some action-packed spice to a romance route that was otherwise largely lacking it.

A lot of this is admittedly taken straight out of a similar scenario in the Homura/Sayaka Alliance chain. I didn't really see the point in re-writing certain sections here that would work, I think, just as well by simply borrowing chunks from that HSA chain section.

All of the clickable lines in this update links to songs that I think go well with the section that comes after it. Please listen to them as you read the associated sections to get more of that full VN effect!

Any and all feedback on this update is very welcomed, especially given the long layoff.

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