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jsbro, started translating the comments on haimura's site. xD he said he'll translate one volume a day. this guy's a fucking hero, i swear.

>The cover of Volume 1. I made the cover simple to show off Index, the core character.
>The original version of Index had wavy hair rather than straight hair, but that was just me drawing according to my own tastes...
>The original design of Kamijou had him looking more of an adult than now.
>The change to a more deformed style continued in order to match the story, and it is not limited to just him.
>His height to head-size ratio here was too great to fit his entire body into light novel-sized illustrations and still have his expression easily visible.
>There has not been much change in Stiyl's design from the very beginning. From top down, he wears a cape, a robe, a black shirt, and black pants.
>By the way, ever since their introduction in Volume 1, the gap between age and appearance in the magic side characters has been much greater than in the science side characters. There is a reason for this. See Kanzaki's rough for more.
>I felt going almost too far would be perfect for Komoe-sensei, so she ended up like this.
>Her clothes are nothing more than kids clothes.
>Kanzaki's design had a lot too it, so hers gave me the most trouble. At this stage, the cut of her jeans was only partway.
>(Continued from Stiyl's rough) When I read the first draft of Volume 1, I came away with the impression that it was the story of children rebelling against the reasoning of adults.
>That is why I thought Kamijou would have seen Stiyl and Kanzaki as adults that used reasonings and principles that a child would refuse to accept.
>At the time, I never thought Index would continue this long, so I went with my impression of the two and gave them designs that did not really match their ages...and by about Volume 7 I was starting to regret it.
>I designed Mikoto as something of a wannabe kogyaru (<-Dated term, I know).
>Just like the term kogyaru, the loose socks of her design were already dated at the time Volume 1 came out, but I still used them to show that the trends of Academy City are a bit off from those outside.
>At this point, hidden signs of the coming deformed style are already visible.
>Kanzaki's jeans are completely cut here.
>These are Komoe-sensei's beloved pajamas, but Index is wearing them at this point.
>This image of the people clearing field card was used for the back cover.
>To this day, I wish I had done a dramatic double page color illustration for Innocentius.
>I altered Stiyl's eyes just a bit.
>I added the breast pocket to match the description in the text.
>The strap was never described in the text, so I made it a skull to match the rest of his design.
>The illustration on the left is the original design of Index's gilding, but I changed it because I thought it looked too Incan.
>The illustrations here make it look like a thin embroidery, but it is actually an uneven relief.
>By the way, in the beginning of Volume 1, Index was not wearing any underwear. Most likely, she got some from Komoe-sensei partway through the novel.
>At this point, I realized the wavy hair I had given Index did not match the description, so I frantically redid it.
>Her robe is bound at her waist, but she does not wear a belt. It is not shown in the roughs, but it has a U-shaped device (a bit like a pannier maybe?) that is sewn in between layers of cloth around the waist to prevent it from getting askew.
>Before getting to work on the actual illustrations, I redrew Kamijou and Index one last time.
>I must not have been used to the more deformed style yet because his height to head-size ratio had yet to stabilize...
Index confirmed for not wearing underwear before Komoe-sensei came along.
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