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time for haimura's comments by js06:

>The cover of Volume 2. I wanted to show off the season, the place, and who the protagonist and heroine were.
>By the way, I intentionally made Volume 2's cover be in contrast to the pair on the first page after the cover.
[That would be this: ]
>Starting from the left, this is Kamijou, Aureolus Izzard, and Himegami Aisa. Kamijou's body shape changes even more in Volume 2.
>His height to head size ratio still had not stabilized at this point, though. He looks a bit more stylish than this.
>Aureolus's real spirit is in his crocodile shoes. I never got to draw them for the actual novel, though.
>Himegami's outfit is just a basic shrine maiden outfit, so her design was incredibly easy.
>Please overlook that the illustrations sometimes have the red strings on her sleeves there and sometimes don’t…
>Starting from the left, this is Index, Stiyl, and Aleister. I think Index's body shape was a little more settled by this point than Kamijou's.
>Stiyl face has changed a bit more from Volume 1.
>I designed Aleister to be something like an alien in human skin. You know, where it looks like he could shoot beams from his eyes.
>Starting from the left, this is the glasses girl, Aogami Pierce, and the frog-faced doctor. This was my one drawing of the glasses girl, so she kind of stands out...
>Aogami-kun took a bit of inspiration from a certain major RPG's protagonist. The doctor just looks like a quack.
>I digress a bit, but while drawing the frog doctor, I was thinking that things would be less interesting if every character was a conservative moe character or good looking guy.
>That thinking is what eventually led to Sherry and Vento.
>This is Lancelot of the 13 Knights and the Aureolus Dummy. The 13 Knights' helmet is you-know-who from Kamen Rider Ryuki.
>Since there was no design difference between the dummy and the real Aureolus in a close up of the face, I decided to distinguish between the two characters with their facial expressions.
>The beheading sword, small bottle, and skewering spear were in the manuscript originally, but were never used in the final novel.
>This is Aureolus's equipment after revisions. The sword gun is simply what a real one looks like. The golden needles never showed up in the illustrations.
>Accelerator is in the Volume 2 roughs because, due to an editor's mistake, the plot of Volume 3 was sent to me along with the full text of Volume 2.
>Based on that plot, I decided to go ahead and draw him before being instructed to.
>Surprisingly, that design was approved as is.
>If that mistake had not occurred, it might be possible his design and character would have been completely different.
>And for more on Accelerator's design see the explanation with the Volume 3 roughs.
thank god for Miki's mistake. can't imagine Accelerator any other way.
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