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Shuffle Text

I'm pretty sure some of you have seen the sigs I have done with the font that mimics the Shuffle logo. If not, here's an example:

In this tutorial, I'll be showing you how to do this!

This tutorial was made in: Photoshop.

First of all, you need the correct font. The one I use is called Fat; the problem is I don't know where I found it. To fix this problem, I'm going to host it on some webspace I have Click here to download the font. If clicking on the link doesn't prompt you to save the file, right click and select Save Link As or Save Target As, depending on your browser.

(Tip: To install the font, copy it into your C:\Windows\Fonts directory.)

After thats done, get out the image you want to place the text on. Click the Horizontal Line Type Tool and click on your canvas. Make sure you have selected the Fat font and also have an appropriate font size selected. Don't worry about the colour just yet.

Spoiler for Step 2:

Type 1 letter, click another tool, and then click the Horizontal Line Type Tool again. Then click on the canvas away from your first letter. This will type each letter on a new layer (this is crucial for steps coming up).

Spoiler for Step 3:

Once you have all of your letters down, you can start changing the colours. You can change the colours by selecting the Horizontal Line Type Tool and highlighting each letter individually, and then clicking the colour picker. The Shuffle! logo follows a specific colour pattern for the letters, and we want to mimic this. Here is the colour pattern that you should follow. To make your letters this same colour, first save this image and open it in Photoshop. Then follow the above directions to change the colours and when in the colour picker, click on the colours in the pattern.

Spoiler for Step 4:

When all of your letters are coloured, you will want to start rotating them. Rotate each individual letter by selecting the layer, and clicking Edit > Transform > Rotate. The first letter should be rotated Left, second should be rotated Right, and so on. When each letter is rotated, line them up so that they "fit together". This might involve making one letter higher than the other.

Spoiler for Step 5:

When all the letters are lined up appropriately and you are sure you're happy with it, press Shift + Ctrl + E to merge all of the layers. Then duplicate the layer once. Warning! Once you merge your layers, the text is no longer editable. Be sure to make sure you're happy with what you've done before doing this step.

Spoiler for Step 6:

Now you're almost done. Select the bottom layer and click Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Choose a Size of 5 and the colour black. Click OK. Then select the top layer and click Layer > Layer Style > Stroke. Choose a Size of 4 and the colour white. Click OK. If the layers aren't matched up properly, you'll see more black on one side than another. Choose the Move Tool and nudge (by using the arrow keys) the layer into proper position.

Spoiler for Step 7:

And there you have it! Shuffle! like text.
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