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Mami Lives Chapter 12
Sayaka Romance

“Will you marry me?”

Those words were paradoxically surprising, yet expected. It was now April 14, 2065. About four years had passed since Sayaka and I had become a couple.

Sayaka and I had just finished eating at a fine restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant was called “Rushing Ramen Rainbow”, or “Triple R” for short, and was widely known as an establishment dedicated to the LGBT community.

Most of the last four years had been very happy for me, and a great deal of that was due to my deep and abiding bond with Sayaka. Sayaka had hinted briefly, a few times, at the idea of us being a married couple one day, but I could tell that the idea made her a bit nervous and bashful.

So in spite of my hopes and dreams, it was both impressive and surprising to see Sayaka propose to me like this, with such impeccable grace and charm. She was kneeling before me, holding a small case in her hand. That case, of course, had inside of it a wedding ring. As I opened up the case, it shined a brilliantly breathtaking blue, reminding me of Sayaka’s hair and eyes. It was a sapphire!

As I gazed down at the wedding ring and Sayaka’s blissful yet desperately hopeful face, I found myself overcome with happiness and joy. Tears rushed to my eyes, as I felt those feelings, intermingled with love and gratitude, well up from within me.

“…Yes…” I said weakly in answer to Sayaka’s proposal, as I wiped away my tears, “Yes, of course I will!”

Sayaka then quickly rose upwards and wrapped her arms passionately around me, before we shared a soft kiss.

Other people dining at the Triple R had taken notice of this scene between Sayaka and I, and began cheering passionately over the sight of Sayaka’s proposal and my acceptance of it.

As Sayaka and I walked back to our separate hotel rooms in Tokyo, my mind overflowed with memories of the past four years. The first one to come to mind is how Sayaka had secretly rushed to my aid when I was faced by a villainous kidnapper named Emperor Jinnai. That was the night that Sayaka and I would find out so much about her father!

Kotetsu Miki, while garbed in his green and black and white armoured suit, flew Sayaka and I back to Sayaka’s home. He then dropped us off there while he flew off to meet up with Barnaby Brooks, to make sure that Barnaby, Mami, Homura, and Kyouko were all Ok!

Mom!” Sayaka shouted out to her, after Sayaka and I entered her home, “Madoka needs to use the phone!”

“Heh?” I asked, “I do?”

“Of course you do.” Sayaka answered, “Don’t you think your parents are going to be worried about you given what just happened to our school?”

“Oh. Right.” I replied with an embarrassed smile, and while scratching my head, “I guess I had a bit of a brain-cramp there.”

“It’s Ok.” Sayaka said with a slight smile, “You must have an awful lot running through your mind right now. It must be hard to keep it all straight, so I’ll help you through it!”

“Thanks.” I replied.

So I called my mama. I decided to more or less tell her the truth. I told her that an evil man had kidnapped two of my friends at school, and had held them for ransom. I told her that I rushed to the school to try to meet his ransom demands, but was then rescued by Sayaka and her dad. I told her how, in the process of that rescue, the school was blown up.

Mama naturally found this an awful lot to swallow, but due to how she knows I put a high value on the truth, she decided to accept what I told her at face value. At least for now. Barnaby Brooks would later need to explain more of the full story to mama, for reasons that should soon be clear.

Shortly after getting off the phone with my mom, I saw Kotetsu Miki arrive back home, exiting out of a taxi. I guess he had left his green and black armoured suit elsewhere.

“Dad!” Sayaka cried out to him, “Are Mami and Homura Ok?”

“Yeah, Barnaby saw to that.” he answered, “And don’t worry too much about your school. Barnaby just told me he’s going to pay for a new one to be built in its place.”

“He… what?!” Sayaka exclaimed in shock over that revelation, “I know he’s rich and all, but that will cost a lot of money!”

“It will, but Barnaby’s a good guy.” Kotetsu replied, “Plus, him and I are kind of responsible for your school getting destroyed, and I certainly can’t afford to pay for it, so…”

Kotetsu said that last line while sheepishly scratching his head and chuckling a bit.

After Sayaka and I blinked uneasily for a couple of moments, what we wanted to ask Kotetsu came back to both of us.

“…How do you know Barnaby Brooks anyway?” Sayaka asked.

“Yeah!” I piped up, “I’d like to know that too!”

Kotetsu sighed at this question and my echoing it.

“It’s late, and it’s a long story.” Kotetsu began in answer, “But I guess you kids don’t have school tomorrow - even if the school wasn’t blown up it’s Saturday tomorrow - so I’ll try to give you the Reader’s Digest version.”

Kotetsu then revealed to Sayaka and I a great deal about his personal backstory, details that even his wife and daughter had previously known almost nothing about!

Spoiler for Kotetsu Miki backstory:

Wow…” Sayaka said breathlessly, after Kotetsu had taken close to a hour to explain this all in detail to her and I, “What a story!”

“And it’s all true! Every last bit of it.” Kotetsu replied.

“… I really admire you, dad.” Sayaka stated, as tears filled her eyes.

“What for?” Kotetsu asked, “I mean, I don’t regret coming back to Japan. You and your mother wouldn’t be a part of my life now if I hadn’t! But I sacrificed so much in order to go against Albert Maverick and his shady dealings… I could have made a better life for you, Sayaka.”

“But that’s why I admire you!” Sayaka shouted in defiance, “You paid a huge price to do what was right, and you even paid it twice! That’s really impressive, dad. And heroic too. …I’m sorry for being so critical of you before. I never knew how much you sacrificed for mom and me.”

Sayaka, Kotetsu, and Nanami then all shared a warm tearful hug together. I was so happy and relieved and touched to see my best friend and girlfriend’s family brought back together after the harsh divisions that they had endured in recent days, if not years.

After the Miki family finished their tearful hug, we all watched the news together, to check out the reports that would be coming in due to the destruction of Mitakihara Middle School. There, on station after station, was Barnaby Brooks addressing the media in both English and Japanese!

Mami, Homura, and Kyouko also took in this news report from Mami’s home, where Barnaby had flew them too about a hour earlier.

“Mr. Barnaby Brooks.” began veteran news reporter Ritsu Hirasawa, “You called the media out to the site of this massive disaster in order to explain what caused it. So please share with us your explanation.”

“Of course.” Barnaby replied, while still within the red ‘Bunny’ suit, “First of all, let me deeply apologize to the students and educators of Mitakihara Middle School for what has happened to their school. I was testing out this suit that I’m wearing now, as well as one other, when the other suit unexpectedly went haywire and violently exploded after crashing through the roof of this school. I’ve provided video tape footage of that explosion to each of the news outlets that I reported this sadly destructive accident to.”

“Can we see the video footage, Ritsu?” asked news anchor Ushio Okazaki.

Ah…” began Ritsu uneasily in reply, “Yes, I think our news crew has it ready to roll!”

The provided video footage then began playing.

“Impressive.” said Akemi Homura, while watching the news from the comfort of a couch in Mami Tomoe‘s home, “He’s already doctored fake footage of an armoured suit crashing through the roof of our school, causing an explosion.”

“It’s quite a relief.” Mami chimed in, “I think it’s best that the wider world doesn’t learn the truth about magical girls and witches.”

“I guess this total lie is the only way to achieve that, huh?” Kyouko asked rhetorically, “Interesting how even heroes have their feet of clay…”

“I’d call it being pragmatic, Kyouko, wouldn’t you?” Mami asked, while grinning slightly towards Kyouko, and raising one eyebrow towards her.

“It is for the best.” Homura added, implying agreement with Mami, while Homura looked sideways at Kyouko.

“Yeah, yeah, I guess you two have a point.” Kyouko replied, “It’s just a bit disappointing, is all.”

“Disappointing?” Mami asked, raising an eyebrow, “There’s no rule saying that you can’t be heroic and pragmatic, Kyouko. …Maybe you should try it some time.”

Mami’s words impacted Kyouko more than Kyouko would initially let on. And in the days and weeks to come, they did leave their mark.

Barnaby Brooks’ cover story thankfully held up, and only those who were actually there that night to witness the fight against Emperor Jinnai know everything that really happened.

In any event, Barnaby admirably took responsibility for the destruction of Mitakihara Middle School. With his own personal wealth, he funded the creation of a new Mitakihara Middle School, and reimbursed teachers and the city officials of Mitakihara Town for the accidental destruction. In doing so, he gained much good will throughout Japan, and kept the world of magical girls and witches hidden from the general public.

But Barnaby himself had learned of that world, due to what he had discovered from scanning the Soul Gem on Homura’s hand. The day after the destruction of Mitakihara Middle School, he confronted Homura about that, and she was essentially forced to reveal the truth to him.

Barnaby was disgusted at what he learned from her, and Homura told me that Barnaby had even demanded Kyubey to stop putting human teenage girls in danger like this! Kyubey paid no heed to the demand, but he decided to leave Mitakihara Town, finally giving up on Sayaka and I ever becoming Puella Magi.

Mami convinced Barnaby to accept how her, Homura, and Kyouko fight as Puella Magi. Mami did this by demonstrating to Barnaby the good that they do, even going so far as to bring Barnaby on a witch-hunt.

Barnaby reluctantly agreed to Mami’s request for him to not become too involved in the Puella Magi world. At the same time, though, Barnaby said that he intended to find a way to cleanse Soul Gems that didn’t involve using Grief Seeds.

Barnaby also had himself and Kotetsu fly into battle against Walpurgis Night! “Tiger and Bunny” joined Mami, Homura, and Kyouko in fighting against that monstrous witch, and the five of them together proved far too much for Walpurgis Night, keeping the destruction left in its wake down to a minimum.

After that whirlwind month in 2061, during which so very much happened, including the start of my romance with Sayaka, things finally started to settle down again. Well, in most ways, anyway.

Barnaby decided to open up a Japanese branch of his Maverick Machines company in Tokyo, and hired Kotetsu to oversee it! This way, Kotetsu was back on his feet in no time, remaining unemployed for only a brief time.

Due to Kotetsu moving to Tokyo for his new job position, and due to how it would take several weeks to rebuild a new Mitakihara Middle School, Sayaka and I both transferred to a new school in Tokyo. It helped that mama was able to get a job transfer to Tokyo as well.

Mami, Homura, and Kyouko continued to help each other fight witches, and collect Grief Seeds together. At least until Barnaby discovered a means by which new energy could be transferred into Soul Gems. However, he said that the cost of harnessing this energy and transferring it into Soul Gems was highly prohibitive, and he wasn’t sure if even he could afford it for long.

So Kotetsu then had the idea of starting a TV show called “Hero TV”! He suggested that between the technology of Maverick Machines, and the magical powers of Mami, Homura, and Kyouko, that he could create a team of heroes that would all be TV stars, as TV cameras would follow those heroes as they fought criminals.

“The ratings could be huge!” Kotetsu exclaimed, as he pitched the idea to Mami, Homura, Kyouko, Sayaka, and I, “Every kid loves robot warriors of justice, and super-sentai heroes, and magical girls! Imagine how excited they’d be to see that in real life live-action, as colourful heroes stop crooks on the street! And with the profit from “Hero TV“, we could help give Barnaby the money he needs to keep creating Soul Gem energy.”

Kyouko was pretty sceptical of the idea at first, and Homura also had her doubts. But Mami, Sayaka, and I all really liked it, although I made it clear that it sounded too dangerous for me to be one of the “heroes” in question.

But Sayaka was really excited about the idea of being a “hero“, and wanted to be a crime-fighting hero wearing a power-suit herself. So her father designed one for her, although far slimmer and more form-fitting than his much bulkier armour. At the age of 16, Sayaka took on the moniker of “Blue Rose”, and was equipped with two high-tech guns that could shoot instant freeze rays. Sayaka’s new suit looked really cool and flashy! It made me think of an ice dancer.

In this power-suit, Sayaka joined Mami, Homura, and Kyouko in fighting crime on TV. The ratings for “Hero TV!” were a hit, just as Kotetsu had hoped they would be! Thanks to the money made from the show, Barnaby was able to continue supplying Mami, Homura, and Kyouko with Soul Gem energy, thankfully freeing them from having to fight witches. At least for the most part.

But after reflecting on all of this, which seems like such a breathtakingly bodacious blur in my mind, I find myself jerked back into the present by Sayaka demurely calling me her “fiance” as she drops me off at my hotel room and places a passionate kiss on my lips. It looks like whirlwinds continue for me even now…

The marriage between Sayaka and I was set for June 28, 2066. We wanted to have more than a year to prepare for it, since a lot of work would have to go into it. Sayaka also wanted to book a few months off of “Hero TV” in order for her and I to have an extended Honeymoon.

Sadly, Nanami Miki had never fully accepted Sayaka and I as a couple, and I don’t know if that would ever change. In fact, Nanami had initially argued that she wouldn’t be attending the wedding, until Kotetsu helped Nanami and Sayaka reach a compromise on it.

Sayaka had wanted to play Prince to my Princess, and so she was planning to wear a groom’s outfit, a three-piece suit. But Sayaka’s mom Nanami said she’d only attend the wedding if Sayaka wore a wedding dress herself.

“That way you’ll be able to feel the absurdity of this lesbian marriage for yourself!” Nanami had shouted at her.

Sayaka had replied that it wasn’t absurd at all, but if her wearing a wedding dress is what it took to get her mother to attend her wedding, then that is what she would do.

Having learned how to conduct marriage ceremonies from watching her father perform many while he was alive, Kyouko offered to perform the wedding ceremony for Sayaka and I. We were both very thankful for the gesture, and agreed to it.

Finally, the big day arrived…

Recent technological breakthroughs at Maverick Machines, combined with the wealth of the Shizuki family and their connections to Barnaby Brooks through the Miki family, had paved the way for Kyousuke Kamijou to have his hand partially healed.

The most technologically advanced prosthetic hand available today was given to Kyousuke, as a gift of love from Hitomi. That hand wasn’t perfect, it wasn’t magic, but it was just enough to enable Kyousuke to become a violinist anew. And now he played the violin for “Here comes the bride”, as I walked down the aisle…

My little brother Tatsuya proudly took the role of ring-bearer for the ceremony. There was no “groom”, so we had two bridesmaids. Sayaka chose Hitomi to be her’s, while Mami was the bridesmaid for me. Homura had congratulated Sayaka and I for our decision to wed, but in a deeply melancholic tone. She thanked us for inviting her to the wedding ceremony, but politely declined the invitation, saying she would not be available the day of the wedding. I felt sad for Homura, as she seemed to be harbouring some sort of regret, but I soon moved on from dwelling on Homura’s sadness.

The wedding ceremony itself was truly gorgeous. Kyouko had used some of the money she had earned from working for “Hero TV” in order to rebuild her late father’s church to its initial majestic beauty. Sun shimmered in through the stained-glass windows, causing a blissful atmosphere to permeate the entire church.

I wore a long-flowing pinkish-white dress with frills. Sayaka had a shorter but very lovely bluish-white dress. After we exchanged “I dos”, I felt such incredible relief wash over me as Sayaka and I shared the most passionate kiss we ever had together.

The ring she gave me had blue sapphire in it, and the ring I gave her had pink sapphire in it. “Blue” was her color, and “Pink” had become mine, so in this way we truly cemented how we had become an unbreakable part of one another.

The crowd applauded while Sayaka and I kissed. Even Sayaka’s mom managed a polite but begrudging applause. My own mama and papa had tears in their misty eyes, while Kotetsu beamed in pride.

Four years of romance, and almost ten years of friendship, finally culminated in this one unforgettable day. The honeymoon to follow would be no less memorable.

I felt so very thankful for all that had been given me, through the important people in my life. This left me wanting to give something back to someone else…

Sayaka.” I said to her, while we walked hand-in-hand along an otherwise deserted beach in early Autumn, “There’s something I wanted to talk to you about.”

We had now been married for two years. Sayaka was wearing a blue jean-skirt and a matching blue jean-jacket over a pink shirt. I was wearing a simple, but long and elegant white dress.

“What is it?” Sayaka asked, referring to what I had wanted to talk about.

“Well… there’s something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately.” I began in uneasy answer, “There’s something I’d like to do. But it’s something that I’d definitely want your approval for.”

“Ok.” Sayaka began, “Shoot. What is it? It sounds like it’s awfully important to you, so I really want to know what it is!”

“Well…” I replied, uneasily at first, “I… I want to have a baby. As soon as possible. As you know, I’ve always liked the idea of one day having a family like what my mama and papa have.”

“Right.” Sayaka replied, before flashing a reassuring smile towards me, “Well… I’m fine with it.”

“…You don’t mind?” I asked, wanting to make completely sure.

“I won’t lie, it is a bit awkward.” Sayaka replied, “I mean, your child won’t be my child, biologically I mean. But I’ll certainly treat that child as my son or daughter any way! I just kinda wish that the child could really come from both of us, you know?”

“… Our child can.” I interjected with a knowing and admittedly slightly proud smile.

“…Heh?!” Sayaka exclaimed in stunned disbelief, “How can that be, Madoka? You and I are both of the same sex!”

“Have you heard of Dr. Jail Scaglietti?” I asked Sayaka.

“Dr. Jail Scaglietti?” Sayaka asked in turn, making it clear she wasn’t familiar with him.

“He works for one of the divisions of Maverick Machines.” I began in answer, “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him. He specializes in robotics and reproductive technologies.”

Reproductive technologies…” Sayaka repeated breathlessly, as what this was all pointing to became obvious to her, “Do you mean..?!”

“Yes!” I confirmed enthusiastically, “Dr. Scaglietti has discovered a way for same-sex couples to have children that are biological offspring of both parents! It involves an intricate gene-splicing and fertilization technique.”

“That’s… that’s wonderful.” Sayaka replied, finding it all almost too good to believe.

“If we have a baby through Dr. Scaglietti’s new reproductive technology…” I stated, “Then that child will be your biological child as well as mine, Sayaka.”

“… That makes me really happy, Madoka.” Sayaka said, as I could sense tears forming in her eyes, “I can’t wait for the two of us to have a child together!”

“I can’t wait either.” I said, as I felt very warm over the thought.

After I had graduated from high school, I opened up a coffee-shop that doubled as a flower-shop. This was an idea of my father’s, and I really liked it. We opened that store up in Tokyo, and it was doing decent business there. Customers would come in to drink the tea, but they’d stay to admire the flowers.

At the same time, Sayaka worked as “Blue Rose” on “Hero TV!” Her work was definitely more physically strenuous than mine.

So I offered to be the one to carry our child to term, and Sayaka agreed.

After about nine months of pregnancy, I gave birth to a beautiful blue-haired girl. She had Sayaka’s hair, but my eyes. We named our daughter Nanoha.

Nanoha Kaname-Miki.

A life borne from both Sayaka and me; a life that can truly be said to come from the shared love between Sayaka and me. Nanoha would go on to make both Sayaka and I very proud.

I felt comforted by the thought that I had followed in my parents footsteps, and I had found people that I can truly be useful to. I had found a place in the world, and a place in the hearts of my wife and daughter, that left me in supreme contentment. The magic of my youth was a nice, but fading, memory.

The main remnant of it was occasionally seeing Kyouko, Mami, and Homura in action, using their Puella Magi powers. Thankfully, I think that Kyouko and Mami had developed a really close friendship in recent years! The two of them, along with Homura and “Blue Rose”, enjoyed something of a celebrity life, with Homura being the most popular of them all. Homura really took to attending children’s events, as she seemed to have a passion for caring for children. But Sayaka preferred to keep her true identity hidden, as she wanted privacy and family time away from the camera.

So for the most part, the literal magic of my youth was pleasantly replaced by the magic of family and love. A love shared between Sayaka and I, and now a love also shared with our child Nanoha. A love that would last forever…

The End (Mami Lives, Sayaka Romance, Good End)


And one major route finished. Thanks a bunch to Deikan, Kogetsu Shirogane, Coldlight, and Dr. Casey for their recent respective replies. The one clickable link in the update above links to music that I think goes well with the final bit of story that comes after that.

Other than that, I'm going to let this finale speak for itself. Any questions people have about this final I *will* answer. And any all feedback is definitely welcomed.

I feel pretty pleased that I actually finished a major route. Finally.

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