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v03-04 haimura notes. i was out yesterday so i wasn't able to post the trans from js06. anyway, here:

>The cover for Volume 3. These were definitely the protagonists of this volume, so I made the daring decision to removed Kamijou and Index from the cover. Further down are some rejected roughs for the cover with explanations.
>Accelerator, Misaka Mikoto, and Shirai Kuroko.
>At the time of Volume 3, Accelerator was a complete villain, so I came up with a design that would get that across at first glance.
>His motif was based off of a mouse and Eric from The Crow. The design of his shirt is based off of this face [a dead link] used in Devilman and Berserk.
>Lately a bit of the Joker from the Dark Knight might have been added in too.
>I had changed Mikoto's design slightly, so I redrew her here. The shortening of her skirt was just for fun.
>I simply based Kuroko's design on the text and this is what I got. There was no real influence for her design.
>The Misaka Sisters. The only difference from Mikoto is in the eyes, the absence of blush on the cheeks, and the night vision goggles.
>I later decided the design of the goggles seen here was a bit lame, so I altered the design before doing the actual illustrations.
>There was no real problem with giving Mikoto and the Sisters the same base design, but since readers could easily get confused if they could not tell the characters apart when they were next to each other, I added a bit of individuality to the Sisters' eyes.
>The changes to Himegami Aisa and Tsuchimikado Maika.
>The celtic cross around Himegami's neck was the only change and I simply based it on Index's badge.
>Since the rest of the female characters had hair in the semi-long to long range, I made Maika's short which befits a maid.
>I am much more carefree in my designs of characters like her and Kuroko that are not part of the main story.
>I had some trouble with Volume 3's cover, so I'll describe the process here.
>This is my first attempt. Since this was sort of like a side story focusing on the Misaka sisters, I put Touma and Index in the background like side characters.
>I was a little unsure what I was doing at this point, so the image is pretty rough throughout.
>The color at the bottom is to remind me where the advertisement would be.
>My second attempt. Since Index was not a main character in this novel, I removed her from the cover.
>I drew the two in the background with just outlines and color to contrast with the fully drawn two in the foreground.
>This one really isn't all that bad, but I was told it did not leave enough space for the title and credits and that it lacked the simple appeal of a cover.
>With that advice, I moved on to the 3rd design.
>My third attempt. Using my 2nd attempt as a jumping off point, I cut it down to just the Misaka sisters.
>Because of Mikoto's personality, I decided it did not suit her to have her smiling, so I changed her expression.
>I felt the cover could lose its appeal if she looked too harsh, so I only made her look a bit indignant.
>This one was actually approved, but I was a bit reluctant to continue with dull straight-on shots like with Volumes 1 and 2, so I moved on to a fourth design.
>The rough for the final design. While making sure to keep the faces of the characters plainly visible, I changed it to a bird's-eye view.
>I had assumed Kamijou and Index would always be at the center of the story, so when the focus of the story completely shifted to the Misakas in Volume 3, I think I was a bit taken aback. This long string of roughs does a good job of showing how confused I was.
>As a result, I ended up removing Kamijou and Index from the cover completely, but I feel that paid off in the long run.

>The cover for Volume 4. This time it's Kanzaki-san. Her age is relatively high for the Index world, so I gave this cover a bit more "adult" flavor. I did wonder if it didn't really fit in as an Index cover, though.
>By the way, I began making changes to designs where appropriate in Volume 4. Especially in the black and white illustrations. I started doing things like making slight alterations to match the specific situation.
>Misha Kreuzhev and Hino Jinsaku. At this stage, my image of Misha had not quite come together, so a lot of her is rather arbitrary here.
>Jinsaku's design was pretty run down, so I had an easy time of drawing him. The source for his design was Gollum from Lord of the Rings.
>If you're wondering why, just read Volume 4.
>Kamijou Touya and Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Touya is nothing more than a standard portrayal of a father, so I just drew him without any real source.
>In Tsuchimikado's rough, I followed the description in the novel of him having long arms, but in the illustrations it looked a bit creepy, so I ended up not representing that part of his description...
>Misha Kreuzhev. I drew her as an alternate version of Index.
>Originally, she had a tall Russian hat, but I changed it to a hood to make her seem more like an alternate version of Index.
>A rough for the cover. She is the only one on the cover, so I first went for giving a simple impression.
>This one was rejected because the position of her sword gave it poor balance and having her face the right did not lead one to open up the book.
>I wonder if this one would have worked if she had been facing the left and drawing her sword a bit more energetically.
>Another rough for the cover. I changed it so the sword went straight down the page.
>Also, she is now facing left.
>Come to think of it, manga and illustrations are often facing to the left. I wonder if that is to draw the eye and make you open the page.
>And in American comics that are read from left to right, they often face to the right.
>The rough for the final cover. I changed her position so she is facing more straight on to give more focus to the character.
>My basic plan did not change from beginning to end here, so even with multiple roughs, there was not that much change between stages.

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