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Finally finish the third summary I wrote (or fourth if you count the short version of Yamineko before), Kanako route. Her route is really interesting. The flirty scenes of Kyousuke and Kanako, Kanata which was so cute, a bit of Daisuke & Yoshino personal love experience, Ayase and Kuroneko getting along, master-student relationship of Manami and Kanako, and how they handle *yet again* Kyousuke and Kirino relationship.

But since Kanako and Kanata mostly uses modern Japanese slang, it's harder for me to emulate it on my summary since from the start I'm not translator or really fluent with both Japanese and English, but I hope you can still enjoy it. And to quote Kanata, "LOLICON BANZAI!!"

“She looks young and cute, has cool talent as mangaka, and really looks after her little sister, isn’t she the best?”
“Hm? What is it?”
“So compared to Kanako, big sis is more of your type.”
“Buh. What are you saying?”
“Don’t laugh! This is an important matter!! So you like older girl better?”
“Nope. I just realized my lolicon nature was awakened.”
“It’s your fault, just so you know.”
“A….. a…..”
“Here’s the thing. I won’t say it again so you better listen. From the beginning you’re not my type, my ideal girl, or anything like that.”
“But I like you. That’s why I became your boyfriend. So can you believe this boyfriend of yours?”
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