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Ore no Imouto "Best Of Both Moons" Radioplay

Here's hoping this topic's general enough for this thread.

Greetings & Suggestions Wanted!

I'm contributing to a Ore no Imouto dream-fantasy mini-radioplay on the Voice Acting Club whose theme is 'the best of both worlds' where Saori and Kanako are fused in a temple into one girl whose character, appearance and talents are a middle-ground of the two (a mystic melding of the moment of their marriages with Kyousuke from different time-planes as in PC game). Though a dream-theme, we want to treat it as "real" as any Ore no Imouto chapter in terms of her character and reactions.

I can always guess the resultant personality from such a fusion (trying to avoid a simplistic "half-half" personality thing -- "Kannagi" does this very well), but I'd much appreciate your own takes on this new girl's persona that we can use as a character profile and voice attributes gauge.

We'll credit your contribution.
Thanks a trillion!
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