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Mami Lives Chapter 10
Madoka Stands Alone

“I will not lose. I can‘t lose! This is it, Hitomi!”

As I make my way up the side of this old abandoned warehouse, in order to try to put a stop to the rooftop fighting, I overhear Sayaka and Hitomi shouting at each other. It saddens me, but maybe this means that both of them are tiring from their fight. I certainly hope that’s what it means.

After reaching the rooftop, I see Sayaka and Hitomi about to race at each other from opposite sides of the rooftop. Now it’s time for me to act on the decision that I made before!

If you chose A for MSA Choice 1, read Section Arrow of Peace.
If you chose B for MSA Choice 1, read Section Weapons of Tragedy.
If you chose C for MSA Choice 1, skip over both sections and read on.

Spoiler for Arrow of Peace:

Spoiler for Weapons of Tragedy:

Sayaka is holding her sword tight to her side, and is about to thrust it diagonally upwards, I think with the intention of slicing Hitomi across her stomach.

Hitomi is holding her halberd slightly above her head, and is about to thrust it in a circular downwards motion, I think with the intention of impaling into Sayaka’s left shoulder.

I can’t let them injure each other this way.

Hence, I will shout out to them to stop!

“Sayaka! Hitomi!” I shout out at them, almost as loud as I can manage, “Please stop fighting each other!”

“Ma-Madoka?!” Sayaka shouted, in question, “What are you doing here?”

“Like you don’t know, Sayaka!” Hitomi sneered at her, “You probably called her out in the hopes that she could distract me, leading you to victory. Well, I’m not going to fall for it!”

“That’s not true, Hitomi!” I protested as strongly as I could, “I just don’t want you two to fight! Kyubey told me that you were fighting each other, so I came here to try to stop you from fighting each other!”

“You just heard how delusional Hitomi has become, Madoka.” Sayaka said to me, “Sadly, there’s no reasoning with her. I have been left with no choice but to force her to do what’s right!”

“Bravo, bravo, what a fine acting performance!” Hitomi mockingly cheered Sayaka, “Really, Sayaka, you should cast in your lot with thespians, and leave the fine violinist Kyousuke to me. But no matter how much you try to pretend to be in the right here, you‘re in the wrong for betraying our friendship!”

“I did not betray you!” Sayaka screamed at Hitomi, “If only you would start thinking straight again, Madoka’s way could… No, it’s too late. I can’t back down now.”

“It’s not too late, Sayaka, please!” I pleaded with Sayaka, “You and I can still get through to Hitomi!”

“No, enough time has been wasted on words.” Sayaka stated, “Only cold steel can settle things now!”

Sayaka and Hitomi then launched themselves at each other once more, as their battle continued unabated. The sound of sword clashing against halberd clanged nastily in my mind, causing me to tremble in fear. Sayaka and Hitomi also grunted a bit, as their stamina ran low, and their struggle grew increasingly grisly.

But then I noticed Mami, Homura, and an oddly familiar looking redheaded girl standing on the other side of the roof from where I was. Why were they just standing there, watching on?!

“Mami, Homura, Please!” I exclaimed, trying to have my voice carry above the sounds of battle to reach through to them, “Please stop this fight!”

If you chose B for MH Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Hot Heroic Homura! Otherwise, read Section The Kiss of Victory!

Spoiler for Hot Heroic Homura!:

Spoiler for The Kiss of Victory!:

The hostilities between Sayaka and Hitomi had thankfully been resolved without lost of life or limb this Wednesday night. But unfortunately, the core problem caused by their competing love for Kyousuke Kamijo still remained. It would be a problem that I hoped I would be able to help resolve in the coming days…

To Be Continued…


Ok, a few key things:

1. Thanks a lot to Deikan, Coldlight, Kogetsu, and night_sentinel to all the great recent replies. I'll try to get back to each of you privately on them.

2. Sorry, night_sentinel, but it looks like your worst fears over Choice B for MSA Choice 1 were realized. For what it's worth, I had that outcome planned from the very beginning, so it's not like I was trying to pick on you.

3. The next update will focus on the Special End extension of Choice A for MSA Choice 1. I hope that Madoka/Homura fans will enjoy it! Let's just say some Stockholm Syndrome might be involved.

4. The next update after that will feature Madoka Stands Alone break into the final two subchains/routes of Mami Lives! Those are "Mami Lives, Madoka is Alone" and "Mami Lives, Homura Romance". I will update these subchains side-by-side until they're both finished

That's all for now! I really look forward to everybody's take on this chapter! ^_^

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