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Mami Lives Chapter 10
Madoka Stands Alone, Homura’s Final Gambit, Special End


Sloppy. That was a bit sloppy of me. I shouldn’t have hesitated like that.

Still, at least Madoka only managed to release a short sound of surprise before I tightly applied a rag doused in chloroform over her mouth. It’s an old method, but it’s relatively cheap and effective. After a couple moments of panicked struggle, Madoka now lies unconscious, held firmly within my arms. I won’t lie. It made me briefly hate myself to make Madoka panic like this, but it’s ultimately for the best.

This is two days before Madoka would have met with Incubator, in the most recent timeline. I myself have carefully avoided making contact with Incubator or Mami Tomoe in this timeline. It is now ideal for them to not know of my existence at all.

I lured Madoka to the same place where Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura had fought in the third timeline. It’s a place that is similar to a simple alleyway, but is much more important than that, as it contains some of the pipes and industrial mechanisms that help maintain Mitakihara Town. Ironically, I lured Madoka here by imitating Incubator, by crying out for help while garbed in a dark violet cloak. Madoka’s altruism didn’t fail me, as she came rushing to the sound of me calling for help. Thankfully, she was by herself at the time, so I didn’t need to deal with Miki or Shizuki.

Now Madoka and I will disappear without a trace. It will no doubt cause great turmoil for Miki, Shizuki, and Madoka’s family. But it has to be done. I hope that I will finally find Madoka’s salvation, in the country of Canada.

Tomorrow, I will sneak Madoka and I unto a plane flying from Tokyo to Vancouver. And from there I will bring Madoka to a room in a largely abandoned apartment complex in one of the less busier sections of the city of Vancouver.

That apartment complex is somewhat spartan, as it was designed to provide affordable housing back in 2020 due to the extremely high cost of housing in Vancouver. But when housing costs went down drastically in the 2050s, many people abandoned these apartments for more spacious and now affordable homes. These apartments are still standing, but not likely for much longer. But they will work perfectly well for my purposes.

Uuuunnnhhh… my head…

It hurts so much… It feels like I’m been asleep forever! In a deep, dark sleep… I’m very disoriented. My vision is still blurred, and I’m trying to make out my unusual surroundings.

I think I’m in a small living room. I can make out a white couch about two meters directly in front of me, a blue carpeted floor, and an assortment of nice plants and flowers.

I’m sitting on something. Thankfully, it’s soft and comfortable. But I feel my legs shackled in leg cuffs, and I think those in turn are somehow connected to where I‘m sitting.

“Good morning.” I hear a curt, yet oddly sweet voice, as the source of it walks into my field of vision, and sits down in the white couch I mentioned before.

This voice comes from a girl, around my age, a bit taller than myself and with long, dark hair. I’m briefly mesmerized and stunned by how beautiful and elegant she appears. Her attire is very feminine, dark violet, and somewhat unusual. She’s a complete stranger… yet oddly familiar. Why?

“…Where am I?” I ask weakly, “Who are you? What are we doing here?”

“I’m afraid that I won’t be able to answer all of those questions.” she replies, while running one hand through her hair to push it to the side, “But I will give you my name and share some basic information with you. My name is… Senjougahara Homura.”

Senjougahara Homura…” I repeat breathlessly, “… What a pretty name! Cool and unusual too!”

I think Senjougahara-san blushed slightly over my compliment.

“You have been kidnapped.” she then stated calmly to me, “By me. I have kidnapped you and brought you here for your own protection. I will be keeping you here for at least two weeks, possibly longer. Don’t worry about food, drink, comfort, safety, or entertainment. All of those I will provide to you… within reason, of course.”

My eyes went wide in shock over what she just said.

“W-why did you kidnap me?” I ask softly, but with a sense of dread and panic starting to well up within my chest.

“I already explained that.” she answered, “It’s for your own protection.”

“…What are you protecting me from?” I asked, dumbfounded by what’s going on here!

Senjougahara-san’s eyes shift back and forth, as I think she’s carefully considering how to answer that.

“…You probably wouldn’t believe me even if I told you.” she answered.

“…This is pretty hard to believe as it is!” I shout at her, starting to panic a bit.

“Please don’t panic.” she said softly, “I’m not going to hurt you. Like I said before, I will provide you with food, drink, comfort, safety, and even entertainment. I know what sorts of books and movies you like, and they are readily available, as is a TV for playing movies. You won’t be allowed to access the internet or news programming, but anything else is at least open to discussion. I’ve also seen to it that many of your favorite plants and flowers are here.”

In fairness, Senjougahara-san wasn’t lying about that. As I looked about the room, I saw some of my favorite flowers, including gerbera flowers and tulips.

I felt myself become a bit more calm at seeing at least some of Senjougahara-san’s words verified. She was very mysterious, but she didn’t seem to mean me harm. Still, for her to kidnap me like this, and go to such lengths as to make this situation more to my liking…

“…Why do you want to protect me?” I ask a bit shyly and nervously.

Senjougahara-san hesitated a bit over that question.

“If you get hurt, so do a lot of other people.” she answered at last, “There is someone very dangerous that is trying to make contact with you. I have kidnapped and taken you out of Japan in order to prevent you from being contacted by that individual.”

“… Why didn’t you just tell me what this individual looks like, and tell me to avoid him or her?!” I asked incredulously.

“… What’s the last thing you remember before you awoke here, in this room?” Senjougahara-san asked me.

“I…” I begin, thinking back on it, although my memory was still a bit fuzzy, “I think I was responding to someone calling out for help.”

“Right” Senjougahara-san replied to that, “That is in keeping with your very caring and considerate nature. You are not someone who can turn away a person crying out for help. And that is why I can’t trust you to avoid the being that I want you to never meet.”

That effectively silenced me, as it is true that I don’t think I could turn away someone calling out to me for help. Senjougahara-san knows me well, very well. It’s a bit creepy! … but also oddly flattering.

I feel very confused and divided. Part of me is scared, so very scared, at being caught in this current situation. Is Senjougahara simply some insane stalker? It’s certainly possible! And yet… there’s a calmness and authenticity to her that makes me think that maybe everything she’s saying is completely true. After I dwelled on all of this for a few moments, the silence was finally broken by a cooking timer going off.

“It sounds like our Dinner is ready.” Senjougahara stated, “I’ll go get each of us a bowl of it and bring them back here”

“What are we having for Dinner?” I asked.

“It’s your favorite food, cream stew.” Senjougahara-san stated to me with a proud smile, “I hope you like it.”

She’s right, cream stew is my favorite food! How did Senjougahara-san manage to find out so much about me?!

Senjougahara-san then returned with two bowls of cream stew, and handed me one with a spoon already in it. She then sat back down in the couch she was sitting in before, and began eating her own bowl.

It smelled really good, and Senjougahara-san seemed to be liking hers, so I decided to eat some myself.

~Mmmm…~!” I exclaimed over the powerfully pleasing taste, “It’s really great!”

“I’m very glad that you like it.” Senjougahara-san replied with a smile, after swallowing a spoonful of her bowl of cream stew, “See? I told you that there was no need for you to worry. I will see to it that you are well-fed and looked after while you’re here under my care.”

Senjougahara-san seemed very sweet and considerate for a criminal… That was very strange…

But then I thought of something Senjougahara-san said a few minutes ago. Something very important!

“Senjougahara-san…” I began weakly, trying to get accustomed to addressing this kidnapper.

“Please, call me Homura… It’s shorter, and so more efficient to use for conversation.” she replied.

“Homura-chan…” I said, as I became fixated once more on that coolly unusual name.

“…Yes?” Homura-chan asked me.

“You said that you took me out of Japan…” I stated in reply, “Just where are we then?!”

That…” Homura began in answer, “Is one of the questions I can’t answer.”

Canada. I have yet to run into any other Puella Magi here, and I’m glad about that. But thankfully, I did manage to locate a witch this late evening, during a witch-hunt. Her barrier is located within one of the washrooms of the Rogers Arena, and there is currently a large crowd gathered here for a rock concert. So not only to cleanse my own Soul Gem, but also to protect thousands of potential victims, this is a witch that I must defeat.

After I enter into the witch’s barrier, I soon come to what looks like a hockey arena, but instead of living spectators here, there are thousands of smiling skeletons sitting in the stands. A bluish mist permeates the stands as I walk down them, and a white mist is all about the ice surface.

There is something glowing, hanging from the rafters. I believe it is one of 14 championship banners displayed there, and it‘s the most recent of the 14. One banner says “1966-67” and the glowing one next to it says “2058-59”. It begins to dawn on me what this witch wished for in the process of becoming a Puella Magi.

I did a little bit of research on Canada in the previous timeline. The sport of ice hockey is incredibly popular here. A girl was likely a fan of one of Canada’s ten NHL teams, and wished for it to win a championship after almost a hundred years of futility. …What a thing to make a wish, and eventually become a witch, over. I may never understand the passion of pro sports fans.

But these thoughts would soon leave me as a strangely strong skeleton, wearing a highly flamboyant three-piece suit and tie, suddenly lunged at me from behind!

Thankfully, I was able to dodge it, but its actions seemed to provoke the large crowd of skeletons. Those thousands of skeletons then made a loud cheering-like sound as they rose out of their seats and began to attack me.

The next few minutes involved absolutely desperate fighting on my part, I have to admit. I have never before encountered a witch that had so many familiars or tiny subordinates at its disposal!

I used up over half of my ammo, a lot of time stops and restarts, and a lot of my own stamina, in slowly but surely blowing to smithereens each and every one of the skeletons gathered here. By the time I was done, this hockey arena of a witch’s barrier looked like it had been the epicenter of a major war. Larges pieces of the stands had been blown off by my grenades, and dismembered bones had been send flying all over the place.

It was a wretched sight, but I kept my emotional composure, even as I breathed heavily.

Then the witch itself finally made an appearance. It was positioned at center ice, wearing a bluish hockey jersey with a white maple leaf emblem on its chest. From the neck down, this witch simply looked like a female human hockey player. But the witch’s “head” was round and entirely white, with a small cut straight down the middle of it. It looked like a white full-plate facial mask without eye or mouth openings.

The witch then, in very rapid motion and while roaring, began hurling dozens of razor-edged hockey sticks at me. By using my time-stop powers, and by being as stealthy in my movements as I could, I managed to avoid getting seriously injured by this assault, although I did suffer a slight cut across my face and another across my thigh.

This witch may not be large or particular powerful, but it made up for that by the sheer numbers of subordinates and weapons at its disposal.

I then successfully tackled the witch at center ice. After bringing it down, I shot several rounds at it from point blank range during a time-stop. I then ended the time-stop, and leapt backwards. The witch screeched in pain.

Was it over? No, the witch now rose to its feet.

It then lifted its arms above its head, and a scintillatingly shiny silver trophy of sorts then appeared in its hands. It then pointed that trophy at me as though it were a cannon, and shot it off as though it were a cannon! But in place of cannon balls were shot gigantic hockey pucks, each about the size of a human head. I dodged the blasts, and threw two grenades down the neck of this trophy while I lobbed one directly beneath the witch.

Those grenades caused the trophy to explode violently, and the witch to become incinerated within flames.

The witch was finally defeated, and its barrier began to disperse.

…That was harder than it should have been. I will need to take a few days to stack up on ammo in order to replace the vast quantities that were used up tonight.

At least this Grief Seed should cleanse my Soul Gem, which had been made about a quarter darker due to this fight alone. And at least these people are safe.

Now it’s time to turn my attention back to what is most important.

I’ve been here five days now. Unfortunately, I still don’t know where “here” actually is. Homura-chan refuses to tell me that…

Still, I can’t deny that she’s been true to her word. I’ve had plenty of delicious food and refreshing drinks while I’ve been held captive by her. I’m not a heavy reader, but I’ve largely enjoyed the books that Homura has shared with me. We have watched a few movies together, and that was fun.

But the situation has also been very awkward at times. The first couple times I needed to use the toilet, and the first couple times I wanted to get a bath… those were embarrassing! Homura refused to let me enter the washroom without her there. I tried to assure her that I wouldn’t try to run away, but she didn’t seem to trust me about that. When I embarrassingly blushed and protested over the idea of her coming into the washroom with me while I use the toilet, she simply said “We’re both mature girls, aren’t we? There’s nothing for you to be embarrassed about.”

But even though we’re both mature girls, I get unusual vibes from Homura. Let’s just say that if she was a boy, I’d really think that “he” had a huge crush on me…

With all of that being said, I’ve slowly grown accustomed to life in captivity. The only real problem is that there are certain people and things I miss greatly. I miss the fresh air. I miss walking through forests and parks on a sunny day. I miss my friends Sayaka and Hitomi. I honestly miss going to school! Most of all, I miss my mama, my papa, and my brother Tatsuya…

But all of this loneliness and sadness temporarily rushes out of my mind due to the soothing strokes of a certain someone’s fingers…

Aaaahhh…” I release in breathless exhilaration as the sensation of Homura giving me a neck-rub while we’re in the bath together is sooo good!

“I’m glad you like it so much, Madoka.” Homura said, “It’s my hope to make your stay here a pleasant one.”

“…Thank you.” I replied shyly to her.

I was sitting on Homura’s lap while we were both naked in the bath. There was a strong sense of intimacy to this that was strangely both a bit unnerving, but also comfortingly thrilling! I felt slight thrills due to Homura carefully washing and scrubbing my back. She then washed my hair with a really reinvorgating shampoo. That shampoo also had a sweet strawberry scent, which was probably fitting given the color of my hair.

“No protests this time, I see.” Homura stated in a tone of amused satisfaction, as she continued washing my hair, “Good. It’s good that you’re slowly growing to trust me, Madoka.”

“… Then why don’t you trust me?” I asked Homura, admittedly in a hurt tone of voice.

Homura’s hands came to a stop as I posed this question to her. I could tell that my question had struck a nerve with her.

“… I have trusted you.” Homura stated, while her hands returned to washing my hair, “Two days ago I agreed to allow you to move about freely in this apartment, without any leg cuffs on, as long as I was alone and awake with you. I’ve allowed you to sleep in the same bed as I do, with us handcuffed to one another. That’s because you found it uncomfortable to sleep while restrained on the sofa. Many people in my position would not have taken the risks that I have, Madoka.”

“B-but you haven’t told me where we are!” I piped up in protest, as I pulled my head and back away from Homura’s hands, to turn to look at her face.

“And you still refuse to tell me anything about this very dangerous person that you’re protecting me from.” I continued, “I’ve chosen to trust you, so shouldn’t you trust me with that, now?”

I made steely eye contact with Homura as I voiced these complaints to her. I even frowned a little bit. I was surprised at how bold I was now being with someone that seemed so firm, resolute, and even a bit frightening to me! And yet, Homura’s resolve seemed to melt a bit under my penetrating glare.

“… I guess you have a point.” she stated, finally relenting.

“I’ll make an offer to you.” she continued, while closing her eyes and frowing a bit, “I’ll tell you where you are. If you don’t act on that by trying to escape within the next two days, I’ll tell you about the individual I’m trying to protect you from. Are we agreed?”

“…Ok.” I answered, “That sounds reasonable. …So where are we?”

And that’s when I learned that we were in the city of Vancouver in the country of Canada. We weren’t even in Asia any more! I opened my mouth wide in stunned disbelief over that!

But to demonstrate the truth of her claim, Homura handed me a newspaper, after we exited the bath, dried ourselves off, and put on some clothes. The newspaper Homura gave me had the English title of “The Globe and Mail”. It’s clearly a Canadian newspaper as all the news in it appeared to be about Canada, going by the pictures and locations mentioned at least. The English writing itself I couldn’t read.

Homura then turned on a radio that was in the apartment. I heard the Japanese language version of a station called “CBC Radio”, hosted by a woman called Ryoko Asakura.

“See?” Homura asked rhetorically, while gesturing one hand towards the radio, “We’re in Canada.”

“We really are in Canada…” I said beneath my breath.

“Now, if you refrain from trying to get away over the next two days, I’ll then tell you about the specific individual that I’m trying to protect you from.”

“Ok.” I agreed.

Since Madoka now knows where we are, I decided that it might help take her mind off of her family and friends back home if I treated her to some local Canadian delicacies. Specifically, I treated her to a famous dish called “poutine”.

Melted cheese mixed with gravy all over deep-fried french fries. …It’s no wonder these Canadians seem so much more overweight than we Japanese are. Still, I have to admit that poutine is delightfully tasty, if a bit on the greasy side. Thankfully, Madoka seemed to really like it as well, though it did leave her feeling a bit bloated afterwards.

Madoka’s first week as my captive had went as well as I could have hoped. She was steadily growing more and more accustomed to the situation, and I even felt like she was starting to consider me a friend in spite of how I’m the one that has kidnapped her and kept her in this place. Madoka’s kindhearted and forgiving nature never ceases to amaze me. It’s much of the reason why I deeply love her.

As for more practical matters, I have encounted about three witches while here, including the most fearsome one which I faced at Rogers Arena. All three I defeated, meaning I’ve gained three Grief Seeds. Two of those Grief Seeds I’ve already used, but a third I’ve kept as a backup supply.

Unfortunately, I also caught a glimpse of a couple Canadian magical girls working together. I managed to avoid their notice, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to continue that if I also continue to fight witches. So I’ve decided to cease witch-hunting for now, using my Puella Magi powers strictly to acquire food, drink, and ammo from looting local gangs.

Madoka held up to her side of the place revelation agreement, so I would later reveal the nature and existence of “Kyubey” to her. I never told her about all of the horrors of the Puella Magi world, though, as I fear that could prompt her to take self-destructive action if she ever reunites with Miki only to discover that Miki is now a Puella Magi. I have no clue if Miki is a Puella Magi or not in this timeline, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

So I simply told Madoka “If you contract with Kyubey, it will lead to inevitable widespread destruction and loss of life”, which is actually true in the likely event that Madoka turns into a witch. I’ve made a point to emphasize this to her, day after day, to sow a seed of distrust and resistance within her mind against the clever manipulations of Incubator.

Mind you, Madoka was initially highly sceptical of what I told her about Incubator and the Puella Magi world. But a simple demonstration of my own powers would prove sufficient for casting aside Madoka‘s doubts.

“H-how… how did you do that?!” asked a stunned Madoka.

Madoka was stunned due to watching me drop a glass on one side of the room, only to then have it appear instantly on top of the dining table on the other side of the room.

“I have the ability to freeze time itself.” I explained to Madoka, “It is a power I gained from becoming a Puella Magi. A power connected to the wish I made to go back in time, in order to protect you.”

It is probably fitting that Homura has the power to freeze time, for it feels like time has frozen in this place where I’ve now been for the past thirteen days. While I’ve come to really like Homura, and have even shared a few laughs and good times with her, I find myself increasingly missing my friends and family and life back in Japan.

Last night I cried to Homura. While sobbing through tears, I told her how much I missed my mama, my papa, and my brother Tatsuya. I begged her to bring me back to them, while I passionately promised her that I would not contract with this Kyubey!

While I’m not entirely sure, I think that Homura’s own eyes began to water a bit in response to my begging and my tears. Beneath her cool exterior lies a caring and loving heart. Over these past two weeks, I’ve come to learn that. Homura promising to return me to Japan within the next few days is the latest evidence of that. It calmed my heart, as did Homura snugly hugging me and patting my head to try to comfort me after I cried to her.

I… I have come to have strange feelings for Homura. Feelings that I’ve never really had to deal with before, as I‘ve never felt anything quite like this for another person! It’s not just that I’ve become very attached to Homura, although it includes that as well. I think I’m starting to love Homura, although I’m not quite sure what type of love it is…

My dearest dream, as unrealistic as I know that it is, would be for Homura and I to return safely to Japan, without anybody ever finding out that Homura had kidnapped me. That way, maybe her and I could be good friends inspite of her admittedly criminal activity.

But on my fourteenth day here in Canada, Homura would be forced to pay a price for her crimes…

While Homura and I were engaged in casual chit-chat over a couple plates of poutine, I heard an unfamiliar voice shout out “Get back!” a split-second before a loud gun-shot went off.

Homura’s face went a pale white at the sound of that voice, and she quickly leaped out of her seat. I think she was about to freeze time! But before she could use that magic, a barely perceptible bluish streak flew into the apartment through the blown open door, and proceeded to point a sharp sword directly at the nape of Homura’s neck!

“Don’t make a single move!” came an angry shout from… from Sayaka!

Sayaka was wearing some flashy blue outfit with a lovely white cape! And she was now threatening Homura with a sword!

But she wasn’t the only one threatening Homura…

“I don’t know who you are, but it doesn’t matter.” came the voice of a blonde big-breasted girl around my age, adorned in yellowish attire every bit as flashy as Sayaka’s strange clothes.

This very mature-sounding girl, who I now noticed was wearing some sort of fancy headset over her head and one eye, now had a rifle pointed directly at Homura’s face! Homura was perilously held between Sayaka’s sword pointing at the back of her neck, and this blonde girl’s rifle pointing at Homura’s face! A cold sweat sweeped across Homura’s brow, as she seemed to be as shocked by this sudden intrusion as I was.

“Say-Sayaka!” I shouted out to her, after rising out of my seat, “Wh-what is…?”

“It’s Ok now, Madoka.” Sayaka said to me, but while not taking her eyes an inch off of Homura, “I’m here to rescue you! And I’m here with my new friend, ally, and mentor Mami Tomoe!”

“Nice to meet you at last, Kaname Madoka.” Mami said warmly and politely to me, while briefly shifting her eyes from Homura to me to Homura again, “But I’m afraid that further pleasantries will have to wait.”

“Right!” said Sayaka sternly, as her gaze was so fierce you’d think it would burn a hole through Homura’s head!

Hands in the airnow!” Sayaka shouted at Homura.

“Listen to Sayaka, or we’ll have to do something we’d rather not have to do…” Mami Tomoe said more softly, but also very ominously, towards Homura.

Homura slowly, and nervously, rose her hands in the air.

“… I have to admit, I’m impressed.” Homura said, after the tense pause while she raised her hands, “How did you two manage to find out where Madoka was?”

“Hitomi’s wish saw to that!” shouted Sayaka in answer.

“Sayaka is correct.” Mami confirmed, “Sayaka, Hitomi, and I spent several days searching Mitakihara Town high and low for Kaname-san, but to no avail. Since Sayaka had already made a wish for another person‘s benefit, Hitomi decided to become a Puella Magi and made a wish to know exactly where her friend Madoka was.”

“That admirable wish caused three maps to magically appear in Hitomi’s hands.” Sayaka continued, “One was a map of Canada, with a bright red dot over Vancouver. The other two maps gave more specific locations for where Madoka was.”

“And so we are here now.” said Mami, “Hitomi is also here, and through the scanner connected to my head, she is getting a good look at you, kidnapper.”

“Unlike Mami and I, Hitomi knows some English!” Sayaka shouted at Homura, “So she’s likely calling the local authorities as we speak, and with a physical description of you!”

“… And that call has already been made.” confirmed Mami, after hearing an update from Hitomi over her headset, “Hitomi has just made contact with a Dudley DuWright of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. So even if you somehow manage to defeat Sayaka and I, you’re not going to be able to keep Kaname captive any longer, kidnapper! I strongly suggest that you surrender peacefully, and let Kaname go!”

Homura looked positively shell-shocked over all of this. I could tell that she was sweating bullets, and she swallowed hard. I felt compelled to speak up on her behalf.

“Wait, no!” I piped up, “Don’t have Homura arrested! She’s done nothing wrong!”

“Ma-Madoka?!” Sayaka exclaimed in total shock.

So shocked was Sayaka by my words that she turned her head towards me in disbelief. This gave Homura the opening she needed.

She rapidly ducked down and lunged forward to tackle Mami to the ground!

And then, the next thing I know, Homura had completely disappeared into thin air.

“Wh-where did she go?!” Sayaka asked in an exasperated tone of voice, while Sayaka’s head swivelled back and forth searching for Homura.

Mami then rose to her feet, and brushed herself off.

“Blast it, she somehow managed to get away!” Sayaka exclaimed.

“Well, that’s not the most important matter here.” Mami said, before turning to face me and smile warmly at me, “At least we’ve managed to rescue Kaname-san.”

“Right.” Sayaka said softly.

“We… we were so worried about you, Madoka!” Sayaka then cried, as she hugged me tightly and tears formed in her eyes.

“I… I missed you too, Sayaka.” I replied to her, as I embraced her in turn, and as I teared up a bit as well.

That was the last I would see of Homura.

This Dudley DuWright, along with four other RCMP Officers, would soon show up at the apartment I was now in. Sayaka and Mami had both magically changed back into normal attire before those officers arrived, meaning they wouldn’t need to explain their Puella Magi outfits at least. Still, the RCMP Officers did have some tough questions for Hitomi, Sayaka, Mami, and myself. A translator proved helpful there, but I could tell that the RCMP Officers were a bit suspicious about everything, as all four of us were questioned at length. At least they believed that I really had been kidnapped, and fully accepted that part of the report that Hitomi had made to them.

After a day and a half of police questioning and investigation, we were given clearance by Canadian authorities to fly back to Japan. Hitomi had used her family’s private jet in order to fly Mami, Sayaka, and herself to Vancouver. Thankfully there was enough room on that private jet for me to accompany the three of them on the return trip back to Japan.

This had been my first trip outside of Asia, and it certainly was a memorable one! Due to it, I did develop a love for poutine, and would later ask my papa to try making it sometime. Sayaka ended up liking poutine as well due to my papa‘s attempts at it, but Mami and Hitomi both found it a bit too filling for their liking.

But all of that was very much secondary to what happened on our flight back to Japan. During that flight, some inexplicable natural disaster had completely levelled much of Mitakihara Town!

That disaster would result in Hitomi, Sayaka, and I all having to transfer to three different schools in the city of Tokyo, while Mami would decide to stay behind in Mitakihara Town, leaving school at an early age to try to find work. I tried to keep in regular contact with Hitomi, Sayaka, and Mami after we all went to different places, but after a couple of years I stopped hearing back from them. I guess they were all busy with their new lives in new schools or places of work.

But back during my return flight from Canada, I would learn that Hitomi and Sayaka both had a crush on Kyousuke Kamijo. Hitomi had graciously agreed to let Sayaka confess to Kamijo first, after the top priority of rescuing me had been accomplished. Kamijo rejected Sayaka’s confession, which I think hurt her badly. I tried to comfort her through that, but I don’t know if she ever got over it completely. Kamijo would end up accepting Hitomi’s confession, which made Hitomi happy, and I felt happy for her. But it did greatly strain the friendship between Hitomi and Sayaka. Perhaps that has something to do with them not keeping in contact with me after a couple years had passed.

Another factor in them not keeping in contact with me might be how I reacted to Kyubey after finally meeting him after arriving back in Japan. Thanks to Homura’s strenuous and consistent warnings, I politely but firmly rejected Kyubey’s attempts to persuade me to become a Puella Magi. I think that Kyubey, and even Mami, Sayaka, and Hitomi, were all a bit disappointed by that, but I just couldn’t help but to put complete faith in what Homura had told me. So I never became a Puella Magi, as fascinating as I found the Puella Magi world to be.

But due to not having seen or heard from Mami, Sayaka, or Hitomi in a while now, that world is starting to seem increasingly far off. I’m largely enjoying life in my high school of North High. I’ve made a couple new friends here, including a girl that interestingly has the same family name as Homura has. She even looks a lot like Homura!

But in any event, life goes on. I’ve recently determined that I like girls the way that most girls like guys. I haven’t yet acted on that, but I suspect I one day will. I hope I will one day find a girlfriend that will move me like Homura-chan did… Perhaps one day I will meet Homura-chan again. I really liked her, and I hope she’s not locked up in a prison somewhere in Canada. If she’s not, I’m sure I’ll meet her again someday!

The End (Mami Lives, Great White North end)


And there's the extended Special End resulting from choosing A for MSA Choice 1. For all my readers, but especially for those who actually made that choice, I hope you found it rewarding.

Even though this is not an actual settled Madoka/Homura romance end, I hope that fans of that canon pairing found this Special End rewarding, as it focused a lot on that pairing in a way that I've always wanted to explore in fanfiction.

Truthfully, I've always thought it might have been a good idea for Homura to just kidnap Madoka and get her out of Japan, and so here's a fanfic bit that shows Homura doing exactly that.

Any and all comments on this Special End are most welcomed, and I hope to get back to the main Madoka Stands Alone sub-branches soon!

Big thanks to Kogetsu, night_sentinel, and Kirito for their recent replies pertaining to the update previous to this one.

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