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Japanese fans have a huge liking for Silvia and Apollo ship. So they were rather pissed at the dog revelation even though it does look like clues were there. They like Silvia a whole lot more than Mikono. Most of them can't imagine that Mikono is Silvia's reincarnation.

The fact that Amata and Mikono ship has stalled forever and even if the ending 2 eps make up for it, is just not well developed enough to feel that it is a good ending. Compared to how Kawamori says he focused on Silvia and Apollo pairing so left out the dog reveal cause he did develop them. But for Mikono he actually has to defend her. That's not good for main heroine.

The only way they can redeem this is if they show Apollo's VA and soul after Amagura merge and Silvia's VA and soul from Mikono. If Apollo's and Silvia's soul hug and kiss, they can make up Mikono-Amagura ending. The fans want to see Apollo and Silvia get together and if they do they would be happy even if it means that it is Amagura and Mikono representing Apollo and Silvia.

It looks like Apollo's VA and Touma's VA were mentioned to have been present in the last ep recording. So I am sure Silvia's VA was there too and Apollo's and Silvia's soul will probably come out of Amagura and Mikono's bodies. Though I am sure Apollo and Silvia's soul would be rather disgusted how their reincarnations turned out.

Not to mention it goes everything about fate and crap they wrote episodes back. No matter how many times Amata's says he like Mikono for who she is now, it doesn't change the fact that he is Apollo who promised to Silvia, wings or no wings.

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