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Mami Lives Chapter 11
Homura Romance

“Yes, I’ll be confessing to Kyousuke after school.”

That’s what Sayaka just revealed to me as we sat next to each other on the pure white rooftop of the school, eating lunch together. I had asked Sayaka if she had intended to confess to Kyousuke today or tomorrow, since I had seen her act a bit more nervously than usual while chatting with him this morning. Kamijo himself had a slightly surprised look on his face based on what Sayaka had said to him.

“I told Kyousuke that there’s something very important that I want to talk to him about after school today.” Sayaka continued in explanation.

If you chose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Very Nervous Sayaka. Otherwise, read Section Very Firm Sayaka.

Spoiler for Very Nervous Sayaka:

Spoiler for Very Firm Sayaka:

“So how about you, Madoka?” Sayaka asked, “What do you intend to do after school today?”

“If it’s Ok with you, I’d like to wait around after school to hear right away if Kamijo accepts your confession.” I answered.

Sayaka smiled at that.

“Sure, that’s fine with me.” Sayaka stated, before nervously grinning a bit, “Just make sure Kamijo can’t see you, as that might be a bit awkward!”

“Right.” I replied, as Sayaka and I both giggled a bit over the idea.

Then, much to the surprise of Sayaka and me, Homura appeared! She walked through the entrance to the roof, and she proceeded to walk towards us. Sayaka and I both rose to our feet, so we’d be standing to greet Homura.

“Miki-san.” Homura stated to Sayaka, after coming to a stop about six feet in front of Sayaka and I, “I’d like to talk to Madoka privately for a few minutes. Do you have any objections to that?”

“No, that’s fine with me.” Sayaka answered, before turning her attention back to me, “So I guess I’ll head back to class now. See you there, Madoka!”

“Right.” I replied.

After watching Sayaka as she left, Homura turned her attention back to me.

“I want to apologize for last night.” Homura stated to me, “Tomoe, Sakura, and I never should have allowed the situation to get so out of hand. Please forgive me for that mistake, Madoka.”

“There’s nothing to apologize for.” I replied with a stunned look on my face, as I was taken aback by Homura’s apology, “It was your decisive actions that were a huge help last night, Homura-chan!”

“I’m glad that you feel that way.” Homura stated, while smiling slightly towards me, “But I’d still like to make things up to you. I know that I had said it would be a couple weeks before we could truly beginning our friendship, but given what’s happened lately, I’d like it if we could start being friends now, Madoka. Would that be Ok with you?”

“Of course it would be.” I answered, as I couldn’t help but sense some sadness and longing in Homura’s voice.

“After all, I’m the one who asked you if we could be friends, remember?” I pointed out to Homura while I softly smiled at her.

I think that Homura actually blushed a bit over what I just said to her!

“I could never forget that, Madoka...” she said to me, trailing off a bit before refocusing herself, “But in any event, I’d like it we could spend some time together later today, after school.”

“Sure, that sounds like a great idea.” I said to Homura.

But then I remembered what I had told Sayaka only a couple minutes ago.

“Well, it’s a great idea as long as you don’t mind waiting a bit.” I stated to Homura, “I told Sayaka I’d wait after school to find out how her confession to Kamijo went. IT shouldn’t take too long. After I find out about that from Sayaka, I’d be glad to accompany you to your place. Is that Ok with you, Homura?”

Homura then nodded to that.

“Ok, let’s had back to class then!” I said enthusiastically to Homura.

Homura nodded to that as well, while half-smiling at me. We then walked side-by-side back to school, as we made casual chit-chat with each other.

I love how I’ve made friends with Homura. Homura has been a huge help through this entire situation with Hitomi.

Besides, Homura is very cool! She’s so confident and effective in everything that she does. That does intimidate me a bit, but it also makes me feel kinda proud to be friends with a person like that. I hope I can become more like Homura. Maybe if I can be more strong and assertive like Homura is, I’ll be able to patch things up between Hitomi, Sayaka, and myself.

As is, though, Hitomi has been silent almost all morning. Her and Sayaka have glared angrily at each other a few times during the school morning. I tried to strike up a friendly conversation with Hitomi, but she was curt in reply to me and stated in a low tone that she was too busy to talk right now.

In addition to this, Kamijo’s eyes have frequently drifted towards Hitomi during the day. Sayaka had noticed this, and Hitomi had noticed that Sayaka had noticed. Hitomi made a proud grin to Sayaka based on this, which caused Sayaka to frown. It was a tense morning to say the least…

I truly do hope that Kamijo accepts Sayaka’s confession. While I will feel sorry for Hitomi if she’s denied the man that she loves, it’s also true that Hitomi has been mean about this. She needs to learn that you shouldn’t be mean to your friends like this!

Anyway, the school day finally ended. One of our male classmates asked Kamijo if he’d like to play the new Kanon: After Story VN with him, but Kamijo politely replied to him that he was going to be busy this afternoon, so maybe some other time. Kamijo briefly glanced over to Sayaka while he said this, to make clear to Sayaka that he would be waiting to talk to her.

Sayaka looked a bit unsteady, as Kamijo walked out through the door. There was a lot of tension in her face and limbs as she rose out of her classroom seat. I decided she could use one more show of support from me.

“Good luck.” I said to her, after I took hold of one of her arms, “I’m sure it’ll all be fine.”

“Thanks.” she replied with a soft smile to me.

Sayaka then raced out the door, heading to the same spot that Kamijo was. Homura and I were now the only two students left in the room.

“So your heart is more with Miki than with Shizuki?” Homura asked me, while looking up at me as she remained sitting in her desk.

“I don’t like the idea of Hitomi getting hurt, but I think that… Sayaka deserves this more, I guess” I answered.

“I’m glad that we agree on that.” Homura stated, “When you truly love a person you don’t put your own attachment to them first, you put their well-being first.”

“Homura-chan…” I replied to that, impressed and startled by Homura’s surprisingly warm and generous sentiments.

“Please don’t misunderstand the approach I’ve taken to you over the past two weeks.” Homura said, while standing up out of her seat and looking at me, “I was harsh towards you, Tomoe, and Miki because I felt that was the best way to ensure that you and Miki didn’t become Puella Magi. In your case, at least, it thankfully worked out, and I’m very grateful for that.”

“… Is the life of a Puella Magi really such a hard and sad thing?” I asked Homura.

“It always turns out that way, even if it doesn’t start that way.” Homura answered firmly.

This caused me to frown and feel very sad, which I think moved Homura to try to ease my heart.

“…But the key for any Puella Magi is feeling satisfied with her wish.” Homura continued, “So if Kamijo accepts Miki’s confession, she’ll at least feel happy about her wish, and there is some value in that.”

“But it would also mean that Hitomi’s wish was a complete waste for her…” I replied.

“True.” Homura confirmed, “But that’s not your concern. Often in life somebody must suffer and lose in order for another to succeed and know happiness. That is especially true when it comes to romance.”

“That’s so sad…” I said.

“But it can’t be changed.” Homura stated, as she walked towards me, “So there’s no point in trying to change it. All we can do is provide comfort to the people we care about when their turn to be “the loser” arrives.”

“Right.” I conceded, “I guess that is the most practical and mature approach.”

“I’m glad that you agree.” Homura replied, while smiling at me, “Now, I’m going to get a drink while we wait for Miki-san’s return. Do you want anything?”

“I’ll just have a juice, please.” I answered Homura, as I handed her some change to pay for it.

Homura would return about a minute later with the juice. While we both drank some juice we also chit-chatted for a bit. Homura and I talked a bit about the Crafts Club that I’m a part of. Homura revealed to me that she’s a bit of an artwork aficionado, and so had thought about joining the Crafts Club. I told her that sure, I’d love it if she joined!

After Homura and I chatted for a bit, a very excited and teary-eyed Sayaka rushed into the classroom.

“He accepted my confession, Madoka, he accepted it!” Sayaka exclaimed, as she rushed over to my desk where I was sitting, and that Homura was currently leaning over.

Homura had just started looking over my artwork, when Sayaka had entered the room.

“That’s great news, Sayaka!” I exclaimed in deeply relieved response to her.

“Kyousuke told me that he’ll be busy with violin practice this evening, but that I’m welcome to come over to listen to him practice if I wanted to.” Sayaka continued, “He also said that he’d like it if we went to a movie together on Friday night!”

Homura looked genuinely surprised at Sayaka’s good news, while I simply smile at it.

“I hope that the two of you have a good time at the movies then.” I replied, “See? I knew that if you were confident in confessing to Kamijo, given how grateful he is to you, that he’d accept your confession.”

“You were right, thankfully.” Sayaka stated, before she finally calmed down, noticing at last that Homura was also in the room, “Oh, sorry Homura, I was so excited I didn’t even notice you were there!”

“That’s fine.” Homura replied, “I’m glad that it went well for you. But there’s now something I need to go talk to Tomoe-san about.”

Homura then turned her attentions to me.

“Madoka, I’d like to meet you at the fountain in the park around 6 PM.” Homura stated to me, “Does that work for you?”

“Sure.” I replied, “I look forward to seeing you then!”

Homura then bowed gracefully to Sayaka and I as she left. Sayaka looked a bit stunned by me planning to meet up with Homura later today.

“Wow, you and Homura really are friends now!” Sayaka said to me, “She’s usually all-business and pretty distant, but she definitely seems to treat you differently, Madoka.”

“Well, I’m glad that I’ve made friends with her.” I replied to Sayaka, “After all, it sounds like you’re going to have a lot of your spare time taken up with Kamijo starting soon!”

“Right!” Sayaka replied with a wide, toothy grin and hands on her hips.

After that, I finally left school for the day. Kamijo had been waiting outside the main entrance of the school for Sayak. Upon seeing him there, Sayaka raced over to him and gave him a big hug! Kamijo chuckled nervously over this, since I was also there.

I waved goodbye to Sayaka and Kamijo as they headed off to his place, while I walked home by myself.

Two thoughts dominated my mind as I walked home. My first thought was excitement over making a great new friend in Homura, and anticipation over meeting her later this evening! But my second thought was concern for Hitomi…

You think that I should be the one to break the bad news to Hitomi?” I said to Akemi-san while she addressed me with the news of Kamijo accepting Sayaka’s confession.

“Yes.” Akemi-san replied to me, “Shizuki-san left school as soon as classes ended, so she’s not aware of it yet. It’ll no doubt devastate her once she finds out that her wish was in vain…”

“You’re right.” I replied, “It’s very sad and tragic how Sayaka and Hitomi’s competitive love has torn their friendship asunder, and is about to tear at Hitomi’s heart.”

“And I believe that you’re the best person to help Shizuki mend that torn heart.” Akemi-san said to me.

Me?” I asked, a bit surprised by this, “I’ve only known her for a little over a day!”

“True, but she has nobody else her own age to turn to.” Akemi-san replied, “She’s severed her friendship, at least temporarily, with both Madoka and Miki. She has no other close friends in class. She likes you, and looks up to you as an experienced Puella Magi.”

“Those are all fair points, I have to admit.” I replied, “But I don’t even know where she lives!”

“I do.” Akemi stated, while waving her hair to the side, “I make it a point to know all key details about Puella Magi operating in the same prefecture as I do.”

“That’s impressive attention to detail.” I stated to Akemi, before raising an eyebrow, “…But it’s also invasive of another person’s privacy. I’m not sure I feel comfortable going to a person’s house without them telling me where their home is, let alone without an invitation.”

“I’m sure that Shizuki would be pleasantly surprised by you arriving at her home to pay her a visit.” Akemi stated to me, “But ultimately the decision is yours. Just ask yourself what the best way for Shizuki to learn of her failed wish is, and I think it’ll become clear to you as well, Tomoe-san, what the right decision is. In any event, I have more important matters to attend to tonight.”

Akemi then bid me adieu, and walked away. I sighed a bit over the situation, but I guess she’s right. Sayaka should be very happy now, and so Madoka will be by extension. I think that Kyouko wanted to spend today by herself after last night’s fiasco. And Homura can take care of herself.

Perhaps it would be wise if I paid Hitomi a visit, and offered to team up with her on a witch-hunt. After that witch-hunt is complete, I’ll break the bad news to her. This should prove to be another interesting evening for me…

This should prove to be a very interesting evening! After finishing my dinner, I told my mama that I would be meeting up with a new friend this evening. Mama accepted that without question, only reminding me to mind my curfew. I’ll have to keep that in mind tonight. Anyway, I eagerly raced off to Homura’s assigned meeting place while still in my student uniform.

At about 5:59 PM, I would arrive at the fountain in the park. I saw Homura standing with unusually loose posture there, waiting for me, with a strangely blissful look on her face.

“Punctual as always, I see.” Homura said, as she turned herself sideways to look me in the eye.

Homura smiled a little while she said that, and I have to admit, in this moment, she looked extremely… charming! Maybe even magical, although I guess that is appropriate for pretty obvious reasons. I giggled a bit as that thought crossed my mind.

“What’s funny?” Homura asked, almost sounding hurt.

“Oh, nothing to worry about.” I said, as I smiled widely and waved one hand dismissively, “I was just thinking about how magical you looked for a moment there! And then I thought about how you would obviously look magical, which made me giggle a bit.”

“Oh. I see.” Homura stated, blushing a bit, I guess since my comment was a bit complimentary.

“Anyway, where would you like for us to hang out this evening?” I asked Homura.

“I thought I would invite you over to my place.” Homura replied, “I haven’t had a friend in… longer than I can remember, really… So I thought it might be nice to have a friend in tonight.”

What Homura revealed here really startled me! Homura made it sound like she didn’t have many friends… but how could somebody as cool and attractive as Homura is not have many friends? Even so, I couldn’t ignore the implications of her words. They made me feel a bit sad for Homura-chan, so I decided to do my part by earnestly agreeing to her suggestion.

“Sure, I’d love to visit you over your place tonight.”

After a short leisurely walk, during which we chit-chatted some more about the Crafts club, we arrived at Homura’s home.

Homura’s home was a shape similar to my own, and it was a two-story house. Compared to my home, it had fewer windows and darker colours. There was also much less greenery surrounding it, as it was a house on a crowded suburb of Mitakihara Town, on a street lined with several houses of the same basic design. Anyway, Homura's home certainly looked nice enough, and so I decided to compliment her on it.

“Thank you.” Homura replied to that, “But I know it’s nothing special. …Although some of the artwork inside might seem rather different to you.”

Homura’s words had left me very curious over what this artwork might be!

And so I walked in through the front door of Homura's home, following behind her. After doing so, I took off my shoes, and eagerly took in the interior decor. The artwork inside of Homura’s home truly was special! It showed that Homura had a really exotic taste! Homura had paintings on her home’s walls that were of such a strikingly surreal quality.

“Do you like them?” I heard Homura asked me, after I took a couple moments to look at the paintings

“Yes, they're very creative and captivating.” I replied to Homura, while my eyes remained fixated on the paintings before me.

“Initially, I didn’t think you’d like this sort of artwork.” Homura stated to me, “But after our discussion on the Crafts Club, it occurred to me that you might actually like this style of artwork.”

“What style of artwork is it?” I asked.

“It’s Post-Massurrealism artwork.” Homura answered, “That art style tends to use the aesthetic styles and themes of surrealism in order to critique modern pop culture. Given your impressively optimistic outlook on life, I once thought that such dark works wouldn’t appeal to you.”

“But as you now know, I tend to like any artwork that is different from normal.” I replied to that, “In fact, I tend to like anything that’s a bit different from usual. That's why I like SHAFT anime a lot! It's also why I think your name is totally cool, Homura-chan!”

Homura smiled at that.

“Speaking of SHAFT anime, I’m a fan of light novels.” Homura stated to me, “Some of the light novels I like have been adapted into SHAFT shows. Are you familiar with the Polygatari series?”

“Oh yeah, I’m a big fan of it!” I exclaimed.

“Then let me show you to my room!” Homura replied, a bit excitedly herself, “I’d like to show you my collection of light novels.”

Homura and I then walked up the circular staircase which leads to her bedroom. I couldn’t wait to join her there! It seemed like this was the beginning of a new and beautiful friendship for me. I was so pleasantly surprised that Homura has interests similar to my own!

In the days and weeks to come, I hope that I can become very good friends with Homura. Finally, after so many recent trials and tribulations have challenged my friends and I, things were starting to look up again. I just hope that they would stay that way.


Madoka is Alone

“How could Hitomi do something so cruel and cheap?!”

That’s what Sayaka said to me last night, after she awoke from her kiss-induced slumber. Hitomi, Kyouko and Mami had already left by the time that Sayaka awoke.

If you never qualified for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Sayaka Out of the Closet. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Section Sayaka Out of the Closet:

There was now the question of how Homura, Mami, and Kyouko would react to knowing that Sayaka is attracted to girls. That was a concern of Sayaka’s, I could tell.

But more than anything, of course, Sayaka was simply heartbroken over losing her fight with Hitomi, since that meant that Kamijo was lost to her. I tried to console her through that, but I could tell that she didn’t want to talk much.

If you chose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Madoka Considers Love Rebound. Otherwise, skip over it.

Spoiler for Madoka Considers Love Rebound:

And now it’s Thursday morning, and I’m in school, and Sayaka is nowhere to be found. I guess that she didn’t feel up to going to school this morning, which really worries me.

Hitomi was chatting with Kamijo a lot before classes started, and he looks almost entranced by her. Kyubey was perched on Hitomi’s shoulder throughout the chat. Hitomi’s wish has clearly had a major effect on Kamijo and it doesn’t look like he’ll be free of that anytime soon.

Homura seems to be very lost in thought over this, or over something else, judging from the look on her face as she currently sits silently at her desk.

These troubled waters will be very difficult to navigate. There are two positives, but also many negatives.

The main positive, of course, is that Madoka is still a normal human. That alone assures me of some hope of accomplishing my main goal.

The second positive is that there is definitely more than enough Puella Magi to deal with Walpurgis Night, thus negating any sense of need on Madoka’s part to become directly involved in combating that witch. Even if it’s impossible for Miki and Shizuki to make amends, I’m confident that Tomoe, Sakura, and I will be sufficient to defeat Walpurgis Night.

That’s as long as Tomoe doesn’t first learn about the horrible truth behind witches, of course. So it would be to my benefit if Miki doesn’t turn into a witch between now and Walpurgis Night’s arrival. The fallout from that could be ruinous, taking from me useful allies for combating Walpurgis Night.

The problem is that I’ve never understood Miki well. I can’t think of a way to improve her mental state over the coming two weeks. The only additional piece of information I now have is that Miki is attracted to girls as well as men, but it’s hard to see how that knowledge could be of practical use to me.

All I can do is encourage Tomoe and Sakura to help Miki through this difficult time. I am left with no other real options.

So I must make contingency plans in case Miki does become a witch. If Miki becomes a witch, it would be ideal if I’m there the moment it occurs, so I can eliminate her witch-form immediately. But that would require me to take my eye off of Madoka and pay much more attention to Miki. It is a difficult conundrum…

‘Madoka, is Sayaka with you?’ I suddenly hear Mami communicate to me telepathically, from a different classroom, using Kyubey to send that ‘message’.

‘No, she’s not in class this morning.’ I replied to her telepathically, ‘I’m worried about her, Mami.’

‘I’m worried about her as well.’ Mami replied, ‘So there’s a bit of a personal question I’d like to ask you, relating to Sayaka, if you don’t mind.’

‘Sure, go ahead.’ I stated.

‘Do you know if Sayaka has ever approached another girl romantically?’ Mami asked me.

If you chose A for MS Opportunity Choice 1, read Section Madoka Answers ‘Yes’. Otherwise, read Section Madoka Answers ‘No’.

Spoiler for Madoka Answers 'Yes':

Spoiler for Madoka Answers 'No':

My telepathic conversation with Mami did calm my worries over Sayaka a bit. Mami seems very knowledgeable and mature, so there’s probably a lot of truth to what she conveyed to me. I’ll choose to go along with Mami’s approach, at least for now.

The school day progressed without too much incident. Homura and Hitomi seemed a bit tense towards one another, but I don’t think the rest of the class really noticed it much.

Still, I did try to make amends with Hitomi once this morning. While we were both in the girl’s washroom together.

“…Hitomi.” I said weakly to her, as we both washed our hands at sinks that were next to each other, “I… I really hope that we can still be friends with one another.”

“…Why? So you can try to manipulate me to give up on Kyousuke for Sayaka’s sake?” Hitomi asked me, in a cynical tone.

“N-no!” I exclaimed at that, “It’s just that I don’t want to lose you as a friend.”

“I wish I could believe that, Madoka, but you obviously haven’t been very trustworthy lately.” Hitomi replied in a curt, low tone.

“I’m sorry.” I said, as I felt very sad, “I’m sorry for hiding a lot from you. I just thought you’d be better off not knowing. I really did!”

Hitomi sighed over that.

“… Madoka, I don’t bear you any ill-will.” Hitomi said, “But you must realize that friendship between you, Sayaka, and I is no longer possible. Obviously you’re closer to Sayaka than you are to me, so I hope the two of you have a good friendship together.”

“B-but what about the plans we made yesterday?” I asked, “The plans for you, Sayaka, and I to all have a sleepover at Mami’s place together!”

Hitomi became visibly irritated at my question here.

“Madoka, you can’t possibly be this na´ve.” Hitomi stated, “Do you really think that Sayaka would want that now?”

“I… well, I…” I began stammering in response.

“I’m sorry.” Hitomi said in a soft tone to me, “You’ve never been in love with a person before, so I guess it’s only natural that you wouldn’t understand. I’m sure that in a week or two I’ll be fine with us renewing our friendship if you feel the same way then as you do now. But for the rest of this week, my time will be taken up getting adjusted to life as a Puella Magi. That… and starting a new relationship with Kyousuke.”

Hitomi made a wide open smile, accentuated by blissful eyes, when she mentioned her starting a new relationship with Kyousuke.

After that, Hitomi quickly left the washroom, and I was left without anything else to say. I guess if nothing else Hitomi had forgiven me. But it looked like hard feelings would persist between Hitomi and Sayaka…

After classes ended for the day, I saw Hitomi quickly stand out of her seat to go talk to Kamijo again. I wish I could be happy for Hitomi, but given the circumstances surrounding her budding relationship with Kamijo, it’s hard to be.

So while keeping in mind what Mami had suggested to me, I left classes for the day and started to walk home. After walking for a few minutes, I was surprised to see Kyubey following behind me!

‘Kyubey!’ I said to him telepathically, ‘Shouldn’t you be with Hitomi right now? Or Mami?’

‘Hitomi is too caught up with Kyousuke Kamijo to do much Puella Magi work at the moment.’ Kybuey said, almost sounding annoyed with Hitomi, ‘And Mami already has other plans involving Kyouko that doesn’t really call for my involvement. So the person I’m mostly concerned with is you, Madoka!’

‘Why’s that?’ I asked.

‘Because you’re deeply concerned about Sayaka.’ Kyubey answered, ‘If you were to…’

‘No.’ I interjected, knowing what Kyubey would say next, ‘I’m going to trust Mami about this. I won’t be doing anything drastic. I’ve made enough mistakes already.’

‘Very well.’ Kyubey replied, ‘But keep in mind that Sayaka might not recover from her current situation without your help. I’m sure there’s many different conceivable wishes that could be of great help to her now. Hopefully, you’ll soon think of one. Goodbye until then.’

Kyubey then began walking away from me, but his words did leave an impact on me. Should I try to think of a wish to help Sayaka?

Maybe… maybe I should wish for Sayaka, Hitomi, and I to all be friends again!

…But then there’s all the warnings that Homura has given me. This is something I need to think about. I can only hope that Mami is right in what she stated to me this morning. With that thought first and foremost on my mind, I finished walking home. I hope that Sayaka will feel better tomorrow…


And the branching into 'Homura Romance' and 'Madoka is Alone' begins. 'Homura Romance' branches off of Section 'Hot Heroic Homura!', whereas 'Madoka is Alone' branches off of Section 'The Kiss of Victory!' (you can find both sections in the previous chapter linked to in the Mami Lives Chapter 11 title at the start of this update).

I hope that's clear enough for my readers. If not, I'll explain in more details.

Madoka/Homura romance is finally here! I hope that my readers enjoy its admittedly mild beginnings.

Any and all comments are welcomed, as always.

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