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Okay guys stop everything! This is serious stuff!

I'm not taking credit for this, this is something that chronotrig spotted. A mystery that everyone overlooked so far, but that reveals without a doubt the criminal mind of one of the characters!


First off let me show you what I'm talking about because many of you surely don't even remember the particular event I'm referring to, but I'd like to point out how this doesn't happen in just one episode but TWO, EP1 and EP2, and in the exact same fashion:

Spoiler for image:

As you can see it's the exact sentence. Hideyoshi was supposed to have a candy in his pocket, and he was supposed to give it to Maria, but for some unexplicable reason, he couldn't find it! It was not there!

Now the question is, how Hideyoshi acquired the missing candy in the first place. The answer is easy. Hideyoshi was supposed to have received a candy from Eva. In fact he later asks for more (EP1):

Spoiler for image:

Of course now you might say... but who knows when Eva got those candies. She might have had them for a while, and Hideyoshi might have lost his in a lot places...
Well... WRONG!
From EP1 we know exactly when Eva bought those candies:

Spoiler for image:

As you can see... the famous receipt we all know about was actually the receipt she got by buying the infamous candies... from the airport!!!
In other words Hideyoshi must have got a candy from Eva as soon as she bought them, and that candy was meant to be given to Maria.
However that candy vanished... how is it possible?

To answer that question we need to think... who knew that Eva bought candies and that she gave a candy to Hideyoshi?

Spoiler for image:

Oookay... he knew... obviously. But that doesn't mean anything!
Can we actually prove that George acquired a candy? Can we actually prove that he ate one?

Well the shocking revelation is from a sentence that inexplicably has always been translated wrongly. Here for the first time, you can see the truth!

Spoiler for image:

He had eaten it in the plane!!! And he still had the wrapping with himself!

And with this we can conclude that...


He's clearly the culprit!

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