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Originally Posted by ganbaru View Post
Obama spares many young illegal immigrants deportation

when this news broke out (I posted it on FB) some dude that I know on FB friend could barely contain himself.

As a legal Resident Alien on the verge of Citizenship, all I can say is I'm fucking pissed off. Like so pissed off I'm having a hard time putting words to paper (keyboard... whatever).

The path I took to get here entailed working my ass off in high school (to speak and read/write English to a level that you'd never know it wasn't my first language), then working my ass off to get through College/University. Military led to Civil Service, which led to a jump to Private Sector.

Another decade working my ass off in my field, to the point of being considered a top resource... When a job transfer opening for the US came around, I was ready for it, and I made the big jump.

When you do it legal, you come alone. There's no dragging your friends/family with you - you give up everything you had, and start a new life.

Another decade followed of working on Visas - which means you take less money for the same work that your coworkers do, because it's the price you pay to make it worthwhile for your company. They also know you can't leave and go elsewhere, so they can take advantage. It's all part of paying your dues for Citizenship. Your pay those dues for a good 10 years.

The next step involves getting a Green Card - at which point you get paid the same just like any other citizen, but the legal fees involved are +/- 20 grand. Again, you sign contracts with your sponsoring company so that if you jump ship, you're liable to pay back everything. Once again, you're on the hook because you're essentially in debt to them.

So throughout a decade+ of all this, you're comparatively underpaid, paying for legal fees etc., and you're also paying full income tax to the US Government the whole time.

So decades of hard work, and 10s of thousands of dollars to grease the wheels, then paying several hundred grand in income taxes... add it all up, and it's a monumental amount of many years of long hard work and massive amounts of money - but you finally get Legal Citizenship.

Then you have the illegal shitbags who:
- don't do a fucking thing or sacrifice anything to get here
- mooch off the system at every corner, get everything handed to them on a silver platter
- live off the grid via criminal activity (they all live a criminal lifestyle, some worse than others, but they all do it, to the point that they have no concept of being lawful)

...and now you have Barrack Hussein Kardashian, just giving them what so many of us have worked so hard to get honestly, on a fucking silver platter - just to pander votes for the Marxist Criminal Front Group known as the Democratic Cartel.

Again, I'm so fucking pissed off about this that I can't even write coherently about it.

I'm not crying about what I had to do to get here - I'm 100% ok with how my life went and the choices I made. I'd do it all over again... I'd actually work harder at it the 2nd time around because it's given me so much satisfaction... but the way I see it, that No Good Marxist Shitbag owes me at least 10 years of worth of Income Tax. If those Criminal Fucking Parasites didn't have to pay it, then I should get mine back. Fair is Fair.

Mission Accomplished 0bama.

you've now pitted not only real Americans, but also honest & law-abiding legals vs trespassing, line cutting & overstayed illegals
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