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I would give some credit to the author, he has managed to keep any posible ending a mistery, so setting a "death flag" when the anime just finished a first season with good sells makes no sense, I do not think the ending is near. If anything he is gauing the readers response, if he does not get enough fan letters asking for Yozora to go into the offensive, he might as well go with a Sena ending (remember fan reaction do affect the outcome of serialized worksin Japan, Shampoo from Ranma 1/2 was supposed to be a one-shot character). I do believe there ought to be more turns ahead, i.e. Rika being "friendzoned" might be deceptive since she is smart enough to use it in her advantage closer to Kodaka than any other member of the club.
The thing is, since the ending is nowhere near at this point, Sena's confession is way too early for her to be the end girl. I remember reading a very good post in the Ichigo 100% thread about how one of the girls, A, had come very close to reaching a romantic relationship but the author had to stall her progress in order to drag the series out a bit, thereby improving the other girl's (B) position in the process. When it was time to end the series, there was no way for A to win because it would not make any more sense given the amount of development given to B.

I fear that Sena is in the position of girl A, and depending on Kodaka's response, her chances could be written off completely within the next two novels, leaving her in the position of nothing more than cousin to Kodaka.

Spoiler for Ichigo 100% analysis:
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