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ShKanon Theory
Now in my theory the accomplice changes
Legend Accomplices: Nanjo, Servants (minus Gohda) and Hideyoshi.

First Twilight:
Will's Truth: Illusions to illusions. The corpse that cannot return to earth returns to illusions.
Red Truths:
Regarding the unidentified corpses, all of their identities are guaranteed. Therefore, no body double tricks exist!
Shannon shot everyone in the Dining Room then Genji helped her carry them. She had attempted to sacrifice Natsuhi but the scorpion pendent was on the door so instead she painted on her door. So Shannon faked her death and Hideyoshi was recruited by Shannon using the Gold as a deal sealer.

Second Twilight:
Illusions to illusions. A chain of illusions can only hold back illusions.
Both were killed by another person!
It is not the case that, after the construction of the closed room, one of them committed suicide after committing murder!
Furthermore, the murder was carried out with both the victim and the perpetrator in the same room!
No method exists for the perpetrator to commit murder from outside the room!

This was never a closed room murder. Kanon and Genji had attempted to open the door but it failed. So Kanon and Kumasawa went to get the wire cutters and paint. Kanon commited the murders and Kumasawa painted on the door. They hid the items under the bed afterwards.

Fourth Twilight:
Illusions to illusions. Let the man of illusions go to where he belongs.
Kinzo is dead at the starting time of all games.
Natsuhi lit Kinzo's body on fire in the Boiler Room.Ok now this one sorta does have a point since whenever Natsuhi dies on the First Twilight Kinzo doesn't get burned (Ep 2) or isn't burned till the very end (Ep 4)

Fifth Twilight:
Illusions to illusions. The witch and stake of illusions can pierce naught but illusions.
All of the survivors have alibis! Let us include the dead as well!! In short, no kind of human or dead person on the island could have killed Kanon!
Kanon did not commit suicide

Kanon faked his own death and gave Nanjo the letter and snuck out the back door in the Boiler Room.

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth Twilight:
Illusions to illusions. Illusions are the blind girl’s song. Illusions of a closed room.
Maria, who was in the same room, did not kill them!
And of course, the three were killed by other people!

After everyone was kicked out of Kinzo's room Beatrice was let into the room by Maria. She shot and killed the three and told Maria to lock the door with the master key and put back then call Kinzo's room and sing.

Ninth Twilight:
No Truth
Natsuhi was killed by another person!
The bullet buried into Natsuhi's forehead was not fired from Natsuhi's gun!

Beatrice hid in the shadows until Natsuhi came out and Natsuhi's gun missed and Beatrice killed Natsuhi.

Turn of the Golden Witch
Accomplices: Servants (Minus Gohda), Nanjo, and Rosa

First Twilight:
Illusions to illusions the gold truth locks the lock of illusions
Regardless of whether they were living or dead, the six people definitely entered through the door
Only one key to the chapel exists
It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel without the chapel's key
When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit
Six people definitely entered through 'this front door'
This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag, and thereby obtained the genuine key to the chapel
The key to the chapel truly was the object inside the envelope I gave Maria
The letter that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing
Starting when Maria's key was received, and until the instant Rosa unsealed it the next day, it passed through no one's hands!!
No door with an auto-lock exists other than Kinzo's study!
The six people were already dead by the time they were discovered!
All were killed by other people!
All six were genuine victims, and did not take part in a mutual murder!
There was no simultaneous murder!!
There was no one hiding in the chapel.
By this, a shut-in murder like you say does not work!
When the six were killed in the chapel, the culprit was inside the chapel!

The chapel door was never locked in the first place. Yasu bribed Rosa with the gold and she had to be an accomplice in the murders. That night Yasu pretended to murder the 6 and after Rosa left she truly murdered them and stuffed them with candy. The reason Rosa went back to get the key was so that she could re-seal the door after discovering the crimes not to open the door

Second Twilight
Illusions to illusions. Illusions who have fulfilled their role do not leave a corpse.

there are absolutely no types of hidden doors
This door is the only way in or out
The only way to lock this door is with Jessica's single key or the master keys, only one of which is held by each servant
the window is locked from the inside
Kanon was killed in this room
When locked, entry is not possible by any means
No trick could have the effect of locking the door from the outside without using a key
There is no way to get in or out other than the door and the window
No one exists in this room except all of you. 'All of you' refers to Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda, and Shannon
When Jessica's corpse was discovered, only Battler, George, Maria, Rosa, Genji, Gohda, Shannon, Kumasawa, and Nanjo were in Jessica's room
[Whoops, the corpse of] Jessica is also included
Therefore, both in the case of Jessica's room and the case in this servants' room, no humans exist that are you were not aware of
No one is hiding
No method exists by which the door can be locked from the outside without using a key
Regarding the window, no method exists by which it could somehow be locked from the outside

After commiting the murders Yasu killed off her Kanon character "denied his existance" Shannon then slipped the key to Rosa and in turn she gave the key to Nanjo who pretended to find it in Jessica's pocket.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Twilights
Ryukishi's answer is absolute and doesn't need to be disputed.Word of God destroys all illusions.

Seventh, Eighth Twilights
Earth to earth. Illusions to illusions. No illusion can create a corpse.\
From now on I am not listing the red truths I know them so if I miss one please just tell me

Shannon murdered them herself and then threatened Gohda to make up a bogus story about what happened while Genji moved the bodies. Later on when he "discovered" them he staked them.

Banquet of the Golden Witch
Culprit: Yasu (Twilights 1-3)
Accomplices: None

First Twilight
Illusions to illusions. In a closed room ring, the end and the beginning overlap.
Shannon hid a gun behind the couch where she was for later. After being discovered she hauled ass over to the Chapel and pretended to be Kanon.

Second Twilight
Earth to earth. No falsehoods in their final moments as told.
Shannon was trying to leave the mansion after everyone was gone but then she saw Eva and Rosa fighting. Rosa then attacked Shannon since she should've been dead already. Shannon pushes Rosa and then strangles Maria.

Third Twilight
No one cares about George so he has no truth

After killing Rosa and Maria Shannon returned to the mansion to pretend to be dead. George wanted to see her and jumped out the window/or climbed down whatever. He made sure not to leave any marks on the ground. After finding Shannon she shot him.

Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Twilights
Earth to earth. No falsehoods in their final moments as told.
Eva also went to the mansion after them and in there she murdered Kyrie and Rudolf after they tried to attack and convict her of everything. After this Hideyoshi found her and tried to take the gun away from her. She accidently pulled the trigger and killed Hideyoshi. (I don't believe Eva would ever kill Hideyoshi on purpose)

Seventh, Eighth Twilights
Earth to earth. The obvious culprit wields a mutable blade.
The obvious culprit is Eva who in her anger strangled the two and moved them to the arbor. She then rebuilt the barrier in the main guesthouse room.

Ninth Twilight
No truth
Shannon went to go see Jessica but was unfortunently caught by Nanjo. She then shot him in the head and walked with Jessica till the bomb killed them.

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