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I just finished watching episode 13 and I must say that I could hardly be more pleased with the end result! My head is so far in the clouds right now I can't even think of another anime that ended with the positive, uplifting, happy feeling that I feel right now. Bravo!

I was trolled, however, by the preview at the end of the last episode. The anime staff made Yuuko's ex-boyfriend look so very much like Tsubaki with a slightly different hair-style, something that the manga did not do, that I thought that the first half of the episode would be based on chapter 57 of the manga (a completely different, but very interesting chapter which could make a very good stand-alone episode). However, it turned out that it was actually based on chapter 19 of the manga. I was right about the second half of the episode being based on chapter 12 of the manga.

There were a couple of very minor differences from the manga, not that they altered or interfered with the story in any substantial way. But there is one little added bit that I just can't help wondering why they injected it into the scene.

Spoiler for episode 13 and manga chapter comparison spoilers:

The anime staff has done an extraordinary job at adapting the manga. There was so little difference in the anime compare to the manga, that there really isn't anything to complain or fault the anime staff for. Compared to the two other anime adaptations that have already ended this season (that I have watched and read the manga), this is the only one that has had a satisfactory ending, and the only one that I will watch again and buy the DVD when it's available.

One of the amazing things that the anime staff has done, is the picking and choosing of manga chapters to adapt out of order. Unlike that other famous anime that tried this with it's original broadcast, this anime is seemless in it's continuity. Like I said before, if you didn't know that the episodes (and, like this last one, even content with episodes), were taken out of order from the original source material, you'd never know as it all flows so naturally.

Originally Posted by novalysis View Post
It's a brilliant adaptation of a manga chapter that brings an excellent ending to the series, and hopefully, the first season (I am really hoping for a second).

Indeed, it manages to bring a sense of finality to the Series, while still opening the prospect for a Second Season- there's quite a few plot elements in the anime that are tantalizing foreshadowing of some material that could easily make it into a Second Season. For the ending to an adaptaton of an ongoing manga, this is really, really miles better than the likes of Kami Nomi or Boku Wa Tomodachi- conclusiveness, while still opening the prospect for a Second Season.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Although I, too, would like to see another season, if they stop now, I wouldn't mind. In some ways, I think a second season involving any of the very long arcs in the manga might not be as entertaining or satisfying as this adaptation has been. In fact, if they stopped here, I could give up reading the manga (it is still ongoing and my opinion of the current arc is not positive), and I could have very happy memories of this anime (and, of course, watch it over again and again).

I might have more comments after I view this episode again later, but for now, I'll say it again: Bravo!
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