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Originally Posted by Allium View Post

Can anyone confirm this?
It's not confirmed. Ufotable wants to animate it (according to people in Anime Expo), but it's up to Type-Moon to greenlight the project and get resources for it (since they wanted it to be even better than F/Z). They were excited and eager to do this if given the chance. They'll probably try to negotiate.

Geneon has the rights of FSN, but they could choose ufotable as the studio to animate HF (they chose Deen for Fate and UBW).

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Yeah, because if a HF anime were to be announced it would totally be in a crappy panel with JManga...
It's not that, but it's not the first time it'll happen. They announced Hellsing OVAs in a crappy panel in Europe con with a poorly photoshopped ad with manga images. Nobody thought it was anything but a joke.

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