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night_sentinel - What I probably found the most interesting in this episode was those humanizing moments for Teru. Her reaction to Kuro discarding a dora, her saying "good game" at the end of the game, and of course her showing even a modicum of concern for Toki. These all made Teru seem a bit more like, well, a normal human being shall we say, lol.

Oh, Teru has very impressive professionalism. She usually has a total poker-face (her show of surprise over Kuro discarding a dora being the only time that poker-face broke). She never says more than what is absolutely necessary. She's obviously very good at PR (as we saw several episodes ago). Truly the consummate professional.

But she no longer seems like an ice queen, or a sadist, or anything even remotely villainous to me. Koromo was more of a 'bad girl', really, given how she trash-talked the competition, lol.

... Meanwhile, Saki is out there scared to death to even watch Teru play a match.

Something doesn't quite add up here, does it? You'd think by Saki's level of trepidation that Teru is a monster away from the mahjong table as well as at it. But Teru seems like, well, at least a decent human being.

So maybe what you, night_sentinel, hinted at half-jokingly a long time ago is actually correct - maybe Saki is the one most responsible for the sister estrangement. Saki wasn't surprised when she heard in Season 1 that Teru proclaimed that she had no sister. Saki looked hurt, of course, but she didn't look angry or resentful really.

So based on this latest episode of Achiga-hen, I'm going to alter my previous theory on why Saki and Teru are estranged from each other. I hope people find it interesting.

Spoiler for Updated Miyanaga Separation Theory:

Well, there you have it. What do people think?

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