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I disagree with you all.
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To us, the viewer. We saw what Tomoe said and Irisu's reaction. She did not tell Tomoe, but it's pretty clear from her reaction that "it's boring" was her concern.
It's why she took Hongou off the project yes. But she did it in such a roundabout way instead of just letting the class come to a consensus the script had to go because she didn't want to hurt or humiliate Hongou.

She doesn't care much about protecting Hougou or trying not to piss people off.
Then what else does she care about? Well, I think there may be something untold about her motivations. But as I said earlier, if her only concern was that the script was boring, and she didn't care about Hongou and her classmates, changing the script could have been decided in a much more direct fashion.

If not for that last part when she totally panic and defend herself by saying that she is responsible to make the project a success, I would totally agree with you and others who think Irisu is not that bad. That was my reaction too. I thought her method was nasty, but her intention was right.
She's clearly feeling guilty. As she said, she hurt Houtarou.

And the reason she started this whole mess - her dissatisfaction at the script - looks petty in the face of that. It doesn't change the fact she jumped through quite a few hoops to avoid just telling Hongou that what she'd written was bad.

As seen above, I disagree. Her panic when Tomoe found out shows that she does not try to avoid hurting Hougou, or at least that was not the primary concern.

Someone else pointed this out. The thing is Irisu was missing the point. She think they have to produce a good movie, as seen when she defended herself against Tomoe. However, the purpose of this project was not producing a good movie, but the class having fun working on it. If she had realized that, she would've asked the class to write the rest of the (new) script together, or picked one of those three "detectives" idea.
None of them had an idea that could get the whole class enthused about. It would have been satisfactory for the author and maybe a few others, that's all. Even with Houtarou's idea, the prop guy was unhappy.

She is a very responsible person. It's just that this time she got her priority wrong.
It looked like there was more than "responsibility" to me. She was afraid that something bad would happen to her if it failed.

She put "a good movie" above Hougou's, the classes', and Houtarou's feeling.
Actually, most of their feelings were protected. Houtarou was only hurt because he figured it out, but that wasn't part of the plan.

If she'd let Hongou show her boring script, then feelings would absolutely have been hurt.

That make her a complete antagonist this time. Of course, outside of this situation, she can be a good person. I personally want to see when she's the good guy(girl), but to me she's entirely in the wrong this time.
Wrong, maybe. Probably. But her motives may not be that bad.
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