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Originally Posted by KaoruAoiShiho View Post
I'm reading this thread and I'm so annoyed by your heteronormative emasculation shit.
Here's the meaning for emasculate.

"Deprive of strength and vigor, weaken".

In other words, to be made to look weak and ineffectual.

If you compare the male characters in HSI to the female characters in HSI, the male characters in it consistently come off as rather weak and ineffectual by comparison. The only real exception is Tohru.

Spoiler for HSI males:

If you were to genderbend HSI, people would be decrying it as sexist against women. So accusing it of emasculating (i.e. making weak and ineffectual) its male characters is a perfectly fair criticism.

Some of Okada's male characters are normal and/or cool people, but a helluva lot aren't.

I don't see a lot of "coolness" in those character summaries I gave above. Do you?

And yeah, your attack on Pocari Sweat was unwarranted. Pocari Sweat is a fan of Wandering Son for crying out loud.

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